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Help your audience have more sales conversations using the LeadFuze platform. LeadFuze automates all sales prospecting and outreach tasks helping your audience turn cold leads into warm prospects.


LeadFuze's software allows users to find contact information for their target market, and then automatically do email outreach and follow-ups to reach them! Your network will love you for alleviating the massive problem of lead generation for them!

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How the LeadFuze Affiliate Program Works


Grab Your Affiliate Link

If your application is approved, you will be given access to your dashboard which contains several banner designs for you to use as well as your affiliate link.


Share with Your Audience

Once someone clicks your affiliate link (through your newsletter, your blog, etc), their clicks are tracked. You will get credit for them the moment they click the link.


Easiest Sale You Ever Made

The LeadFuze platform is unlike any other solution on the market, making this an incredibly easy sale for you. You'll get 20% commission for every sale that comes from your affiliate link!

Affiliate Program Benifits


Your referrals will be able to use the LeadFuze platform to reach their ideal customers. The software automatically does the dirty work of sales prospecting by finding companies in their target market, the right contacts at those companies, and verifies the contact information.

Then the system will drip their email sequence to those ideal potential customers until they respond.


Offer more lead credits to your potential affiliates.

If you have an email list and an established blog, you will be given an additional coupon code that will grant your referrals ADDITIONAL 20% more lead credits in their account.

This means, instead of 500 lead credits on a plan, your referrals will get 600 lead credits per month because they come from you!

This is exclusive to qualified affiliates!


Your referrals will grow their business using our lead generation platform, and you get rewarded for it. We offer 20% commission per sale. The payouts are made monthly to your PayPal account.

What We're Looking For


Provide Complimentary Services or Information

If you have a blog discussing sports news, we are probably not going to be a good fit.

The information you provide or the services you offer should ideally be complimentary to the LeadFuze platform. For example, marketing service providers are good partners. Sales coaches/consultants, bloggers that discuss sales/marketing topics, etc.

If our solution isn't complimentary to what you already are doing, then your application will most likely not be approved.


Have an Existing Website or Blog

You should have an existing website or blog in order to promote the affiliate program.

We will verify this information and look at various statistical resources like Fresh Web Explorer, Alexa, etc.

If you do not have a website, your application will most likely not be approved.


Have a B2B Focused Network or Audience

Our software does not find consumer email addresses (such as yahoo or gmail). It finds contacts at companies, and finds their work email addresses.

Therefore, your audience should primarily consist of people in the B2B space. Without this, your application will most likely not be approved.



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