Case Study: Lobster Digital Marketing


How Lobster Digital Marketing Generates 1.8 New Opportunities PER DAY Using LeadFuze.


Founder of Lobster Digital Marketing

We’ve done everything to generate leads from Facebook ads, Google ads, a ton of social media outreach and content until it’s coming out of our ears… I’ve been in the agency business for 12 years and I’ve had nothing like the sort of responses that I’ve gotten with LeadFuze

The Challenge

Lobster is a dynamic digital marketing agency located in the UK and was founded by owner Russell Davies in 2004.

They provide a wide range of digital marketing services and products to their clients.

In order to generate more leads, they’ve spent a ton of money on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. They’ve spent countless hours posting to social media. They’ve invested resources into creating content and distributing content.

However, Russell and his team knew they needed an easier and more scalable way of generating leads on a consistent basis.

The Solution

Enter LeadFuze’s automated contact gathering and outreach system. He was able to save countless hours of contact research and mindless follow-ups by quickly taking advantage of what LeadFuze has to offer.

After starting his campaign, he knew immediately this was going to be a long term growth channel for Lobster.

I’ve never had that level of responses with anything else. For a small business that is a big deal, especially because I don’t have to do anything other than just reply to emails,” Russell says.

He schedules his outbound email campaigns to go out at 7:30 in the morning because he wants their email to be the first thing his prospects see at the start of the business day. He gets to the office around 9 and says he usually has a positive inquiry waiting in his inbox for his response!

The Result

1,000 new leads added that were sent a total of 1,852 emails sent. 36% opened their emails with a 9% response rate, which generated…

1.8 new opportunities per day!

Despite prospecting and outbound sales being a new lead generation strategy for the team at Lobster, Russell explained it was easy to get started and see results within a quarter.

“The feedback and advice from the team at LeadFuze was very helpful in the beginning and we used what we learned to make improvements over time.

Russell explained that because of their lead generation success with LeadFuze internally he’s also offering lead generation services to his clients through LeadFuze.

I appreciate that with lead generation services, I am talking about something my prospects are interested in because everyone always needs leads.

Many of the clients they target sell high-value B2B products and services,  have a longer lifetime value with their customers, and an existing marketing team or budget. Russell shared that many of his prospects send hundreds of thousands of emails per month and still aren’t satisfied with their results.

He shares with them the strategies learned with LeadFuze such as sending fewer, personalized emails to a more targeted list and the goal being to start a conversation instead of an online conversion.

Lead generation is what businesses want across the board. It’s the one thing everyone struggles with,” he says.

The team at Lobster had so much success throughout the month of August despite many of their prospects being out on holiday that they plan to keep doing the exact same process throughout September.

LeadFuze will be a big part of what we do for a long time,” says Russell.

Below are a few tips from the team at Lobster:

  • Always reach back out to friendly prospects that say they’re not interested so that you can learn more and keep the conversation going.
  • When prospects ask to be removed send them an email acknowledging their request and say thank you – you’ll be surprised how a friendly response acknowledging them can turn into a conversation!
  • Be proactive about making improvements to your campaign, but make small changes so you can test each change over time.

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