We’re pleased to announce a new Close.io integration. When you use LeadFuze to find a prospect’s email address, this integration will automatically send your prospects email to your Close.io account!

Close.io Integration Use Case

Let’s say you’re searching for Owners or CEO’s of software companies in Boston. Using LeadFuze, the first step is to search using the extension or on LinkedIn:

Google Chrome Extension:

extension search Boolean Webinar

LinkedIn Search:

LI search

As you find the exact type of people you are looking for, simply click “add” in the right toolbar, and the LeadFuze software will use a 5-step verification process to validate and confirm the email address for your prospect.

LI add

You can then view the results in your LeadFuze account, as the software fetches the results of your search:

app results

Now you can setup an integration with Close.io by clicking the profile settings dropdown in the top right corner, and then “Integrations” option.


Choose “Yes” to export previous prospects already in your LeadFuze account (if you want), and then enter your API key (from Close.io account under settings).

Close.io LeadFuze integration



Now you will notice all your prospects will be automatically loaded in your Close.io account, under “Leads” tab:


Happy Prospecting!

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