Case Study: Sweet Fish Media


How Sweet Fish Media Received 18 Leads and Earned $1,300 Monthly Recurring Revenue in the First Month of Using LeadFuze.

Founder of Sweet Fish Media

LeadFuze has been the best investment I’ve made in my business, hands down. In just aweek and a half, I had 9 hot leads in my inbox. If you’re selling a B2B product or service, and you’re not using LeadFuze…you’re crazy.

The Challenge

James was laid off from a tech startup in December of 2014 and didn’t want to get another “job” – so far it has paid off.

He had learned quite a bit about content marketing over the years, so he decided he would pitch some ideas to friends of his that had companies. That afternoon he was making $1,750 in recurring revenue and decided to pursue this as his business.

By February he was at $3,750 in monthly recurring revenue, but had no idea how he could grow further. James came across an article on Buffer by LeadFuze Founder Justin McGill and decided to check out LeadFuze.

The Solution

James was looking for people who were ready to invest in content.

The LeadFuze system worked to pull these visitors in and gather their email contacts while our team worked on creating an effective email sequence that would generate leads.

We reached out to 600 people the first month and sent multiple follow-up emails on James’s behalf. James didn’t have to do a thing to get the leads generated as LeadFuze’s automated lead generation handles the necessary tasks.

The Result

After 600 email contacts we generated 18 leads. 3 customers closed with the remaining 15 leads in various sales stages.

Sweet Fish Media Sales Process

Step 1

First Response

Once a lead has been sent to James – he uses the first email response to try and setup a 5 to 15 minute call to go over some blog topics/headline ideas that he writes specifically for their business before the call.

“I instantly provide value by giving them 5-7 blog topics that are specific to their industry. I’ve found that giving first (even with no promise of return) is insanely effective. It instantly sets me apart from the sea of other service providers that are trying to win their business.”

Step 2

Add Lead to CRM

James then puts the lead into Pipedrive (his CRM of choice) in the “Contact Made” stage which is his first sales stage inside the CRM.

Step 3

Research Prospect

Shortly before the call, James reviews the prospect’s website and blog to get ideas for the call.

Step 4

Have Call with Prospect

With the brief research, he is able to ask intelligent questions about their business…not just ‘so tell me about what you do.’

“This shows that I did my homework, I’m thorough, and that I know my stuff (when I offer suggestions for how they can improve).”

Step 5

Have Call with Prospect

James makes sure to record the calls and should they sign up, he sends those recorded calls to his team of writers so they are fully prepared to produce the content his customers want.

Lead Status is changed in the CRM to Committed or Nurturing depending on how the call went.

Step 6


Within 2 hours of the call, a follow up email is sent that shares pricing, three samples of writing, and the headlines that he came up with.

James uses and sets it to remind him in one week to follow up if hehasn’t heard back from them.

“I continue to follow up until they tell me that they’re not interested. This is crucial…I used to think I was bugging people, but after I heard enough people thank me for my persistence, I was sold on the idea of consistent follow up. I make sure to BCC Pipedrive & on each follow up email.”

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