Cold email templates can become outdated pretty quickly, but here are some that still work!

Cold emailing is a hugely effective, yet pretty underutilized contemporary marketing tactic. If you want to learn the hows and whys of the best cold email templates, you have come to the right place.

Why does cold emailing end up being such an effective tactic? Even though it really depends on whether cold emailing is executed well, there are several reasons. First, it is an interesting and impactful way to get someone’s attention. Second, it costs almost nothing aside from your free time and wits. And third, it provides a nice way to upscale a first-time contact into a deeper relationship.

Proven cold email templates

Emails can be easily brushed off and that makes them less annoying than cold calls (which are quickly getting old). But, to execute an efficient cold emailing campaign, it is wise to study some proven cold email templates and the reasons they work so well. Basically there are two such templates.

The quick, short, candid and sweet cold email template

  • Sentence 1. Introduction – your name, where you are located and what you (hope to) do;
  • Sentence 2. Explain what is so interesting about your contact’s career and why. Tell them how much you appreciate them for what they do or did, and how important their journey is to you;
  • Sentence 3. Ask questions about them and their career. Offer to meet them in the upcoming period (if they have some free time to spare);
  • Sentence 4. Provide a time frame of 1-2 weeks and offer to buy them coffee or lunch;
  • Sign off.

If you asked us what the most effective cold email template tailored for a particular person is, we would say it’s this one. It consists of only 4 sentences, yet it conveys so much interest to your contact, that they will most likely accept your offer for coffee or lunch.

cold email templates

Why does this cold email template work? It is polite, concise and to the point. It doesn’t bother the recipient, doesn’t spam them, and shows genuine interest and respect. It doesn’t force them to read long, drawn emails. If executed well, this can be the perfect way to start a conversation and develop a long-lasting relationship with your connection.

With this template, chances are you will be expecting to receive a positive answer in return. Waiting to get a response can be quite unnerving, but bold moves often pay off in the long run and save you time.

What should you do if you don’t get a response? Don’t be desperate. Wait for a week and then follow up with an email that includes the first one. Write something like this: I haven’t heard from you. I would really like to express my appreciation for your work and that lunch still counts. Please let me know if you are available in the following two weeks. Sign off with your signature.

The Appropriate Person seeker cold email template

  • Paragraph 1. You start with: I am writing in hopes/with the purpose of reaching the appropriate person that deals with/handles [your domain of interest – e.g. advertising]. I also wrote to X, Y, and Z for the same purpose. Does it make sense to talk about this? If it does, could you please let me know how your calendar looks?;
  • Paragraph 2. In this paragraph, you include the mission statement – what you (or your business) focus on, what you have achieved, what you offer, what problems the recipient probably has and how you can solve them;
  • Paragraph 3. You sum up with:Are you the appropriate person to talk to? If so, what does your calendar look like? If not, who do you suggest I address?;
  • Insert your signature and sign off.

Why does it work? It enables you to contact several people from an organization at once. The first template is tailored to one person, and although it is very effective, it still won’t get you a 100% response rate.

On the other hand, contacting 3 or more people will increase the chances of at least one giving you an answer. Of course, this doesn’t mean spamming people. You are just searching for the appropriate person for your inquiry. Even if the recipients are not the ones you seek, they are likely to forward your email to the right address. Since the email is forwarded by an inside member of the organization, it is much more likely that the right person will read it.

cold email templates

One other thing to remember, though:

Make sure you don’t overreach and contact everyone at the company, as you might be treated as a spammer. Contacting four people is enough. Don’t send carbon copies of the email to others, as it will diminish the template’s efficiency. Don’t attach anything, nor include any links. Include your signature to make the email look more professional.

What do you do if you get no response? Wait for a week. Then, follow up with a new email that includes the first email and all the people you’ve contacted. The email should say something like: I did not hear back from anyone last week. If it makes sense to talk, let me know how your calendar looks. If not, please let me know who I should get in touch with. Sign off with a signature.

If you use any of these two templates, you can be confident that you will get that much-needed response. However, we would like to share one more bonus template, just for the sake of completeness.

The Exciter template

  • Subject: Tenfold [name of the company] traction in half an hour/15 minutes;
  • Sentence 1. Hello [first name of contact], I have an idea that I can explain in 10 minutes and it can get [name of the company] lots of customers;
  • Sentence 2: We/I used this idea to help [another company/competitor] achieve [something of worth – i.e. double customer rate in a single month];
  • Sentence 3: I need only half an hour/15 minutes of your time to share it with you. How’s your calendar for the following week?;
  • Insert signature and sign off.

The same tips and advice apply as with using the first two cold email templates, as well as how to handle non-responses.