7 Cold Sales Email Trust Building Tactics (Example Included!)

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Imagine your prospective customer just received an email from your competitor out of the blue. You are about to send them your email. You have to ask yourself, “How will my email stand out?”

If you don’t give any sort of trust indicators, your cold sales email will fall on deaf ears.

cold sales email
When it comes to cold sales email outreach, many people confuse this with SPAM (you can read this post which explains why it isn’t).
Your prospective customers will most likely feel this way about it, too, since they receive so much of it that is done incorrectly.
Before I get to the details, here’s an example of a cold sales email I have recently been sending:cold sales email Short and to the point. Might seem obvious, but there are a number of little factors that went into an email like that.
cold sales email

Include All Contact Information

In all your email sign-offs, you should have a signature.
Make sure this signature not only contains your name, business, and title, but also includes the address, and phone number.
This helps to show that you have a real business and are legitimate. Traditional spammers do not include any of these things.

Social Proof

Do you have a testimonial you can use?
Maybe there’s some industry award you’ve won? Reference them as a part of your email signature. Nothing lends more credibility than having social proof.
LeadFuze is still new, but this is something I plan on adding to my outreach.

Personal Photo

Use this in your email signature if possible to show you’re a real human.
Try to avoid using obvious headshots though, as spammers will use those from time to time.
Feel free to crop a photo and have some scenery in the background to make it feel authentic.


Make sure your message doesn’t contain spelling errors or grammatical mistakes.
This may seem obvious, but it is pretty incredible how often this gets overlooked.
You spent the time writing it, now spend an extra few minutes asking someone to proofread it.
You don’t need to have them fully “edit” it since they won’t be as “in-the-know” on cold email best practices; you just need them to look for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Personalize Your Cold Sales Email

Even if you’re just referencing the company name or industry, it will help you stand out from the blanket messages they receive.
At minimum, you should use the person’s name.
If you have a target list of 100 accounts, then you have no option but to be hyper personalized. You should know as much as possible about them.
If you are doing outreach at scale, then company name or even industry is a decent starting point. However, nowadays, you need to one step further.
Ideally, your prospecting solution will give you at least one more additional detail about the company that you can use to standout. 
Your goal is to make the person feel that there's no way this was sent to them in an automated fashion. Click To Tweet

Use a Business Domain

Don’t use an @gmail or @hotmail or @aol email extension.
This smells of spam.
If you do heavy cold emailing, I’d recommend purchasing an alternative domain and using that just for your cold emails.
The reason you might want a separate domain for cold emailing is so that it keeps your main domain protected in case people do flag it as spam.
Be sure the domains forward to your main domain though. That way when the prospective customer does their research, they’ll still be taken to your main website.

Pro Tip: Keep it Short

Long, rambling emails don’t get read.
This isn’t so much a way to build trust, as it is a way to make sure your email actually gets read.
By short, I mean two to four sentences (five max).
If you can’t boil your product/service benefits into that small of a space, then you need to have someone outside of your industry/organization break it down for you.


When you see a great cold sales email example, you’ll think, “Well, that’s obvious.”
The truth is, there’s quite a bit that went into that little three to four sentence email.
Have any more tips? Feel free to share them in the comments!
Justin McGill
About Author: Justin McGill
Justin McGill is the Founder of LeadFuze - a lead generation platform that discovers and contacts new leads for you automatically.

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Gary Menikoff

Hi Justin,

Hi Justin…

At what looks like a very young age you’ve taken the first step of following your dream. Something most people only think or wish about doing.
Good luck…
Gary Melnikoff
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Interesting article, I had a long discussion with my sales team on Monday about the effectiveness of cold emails and cold calling. Most of the younger sales guys prefer an email while the older generation is still picking up the phone.

I did some reading on cold calling and emails but the opinions are divided which way or how to contact a prospect is the best way.


Hi there

I signed up for Email Audit Checklist, but it hasnt arrived; can you please resend.

Many thanks

James Winsoar

Awesome tips. I will be sharing this with my clients. You’re right. Adding all those details to the signature certainly increases credibility.

Taylor Dye

Great tips, Justin.

I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now, look forward to watching your company grow.

Unfortunately I didn’t receive the Email Audit Checklist either. Would you mind sending me a copy?

Taylor Dye


Hey Justin! Great read on emailing cold contacts – another tip I would include is using a simple, easy and clear call-to-action; having conflicting CTAs can confuse your reader. Here’s a blog post about writing the best CTAs for lead generation: http://blog.clickback.com/index.php/how-to-write-engaging-emails-the-call-to-action/


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