As a manager, your job is to help shape the company culture. You can do that by leading in a positive way and setting an example for others.

I get asked a lot about how I know if Im doing the right things as head of sales and senior leader to make my companys culture an asset rather than liability.

Lets take a look at how we can create our own company culture and transform the results of our sales team by making them better.

What is Sales Culture: It Is About More Than Office Perks

One of the best things about working in tech is that there are a lot of perks: beer fridge, casual dress so long as Im not visiting clients, catered lunches and happy hours. The whole team gets together for events.

But when a candidate brings up diversity during an interview, it seems like theyre not interested in the job.

It seems like weve taken the culture of our office for granted. We are so focused on things that dont matter, such as free beer or social activities, that weve lost sight of what really matters an environment where people can be themselves and feel safe.

Its time to take a look at the culture of your workplace and what it means for employees.

Sales culture is the values and behaviors that your company has, which affect how people behave.

Creating a Sales Culture Starts at The Top

Culture is best when set from the top, but it can be influenced at any time by anybody. It needs to be monitored and managed constantly.

As the leader, you need to ensure that what messages are sent and experiences created is shaping the cultural outcomes. If not, you will find yourself living in a world where it wasnt intended or designed.

One way to do this is by making sure you lead by example and ask yourself if you are doing so.

One way to create a diverse workplace is by providing positive feedback when your employees are acting in ways that reinforce the companys values.

What should you do if someone starts acting in a way that is not desired?

It may seem like a lot of responsibility, but its necessary for those who want to be leaders.

Culture Needs Direction and Integrity

It can be hard to get culture right.

Have you ever had someone work outside of the lines on a deal, but still be praised by senior leadership?

Im not talking about anything illegal. Im just referring to things like promising more resources than we can provide or working outside of ones territory.

When this happens, it can have a negative effect on the general mood of an organization. It may make other members feel taken advantage of or like they didnt get a fair chance.

Maybe you told your team one goal, but then did things that made it seem like the opposite.

For example, in a company that values high activity levels and profit margins, they would award the Rep of the Quarter to someone who has done well at both. However if you were to reward them for only working leads or discounting below what is acceptable level just to take a deal this would not be fair.

Both of these scenarios are well-intentioned, but theyll cause you to lose the trust of your employees and likely arent worth it.

If you want to have a certain culture, its important to know what the goal is and be consistent in how those values are enforced.

Create a Roadmap for Your Team CUlture Definition

This is a question that many people are asking themselves.

It comes down to understanding the organizations values and setting clearly defined objectives for members within it.

You need to figure out what you want in your sales team, and how will recognize the positives and fix the negatives.

Basically, its important to know what you want and how to fix when things go wrong.

What is Successful Sales Culture? 

When you dont take the time to understand a teams history and makeup, it will be hard for them to succeed.

Culture is more than just the values and beliefs of senior leadership. Its also made up of everyone in the company, including managers.

Culture change doesnt happen overnight. You need to convince your company that this is what they want, not just what youre forcing on them.

It is important to be aware of the dynamics at play before making a decision.

Be the Example

Leadership and actions go hand in hand. If you want a dynamic sales culture, first make sure your leadership is what it claims to be.

Its not always easy to deal with difficult situations and give bad news, but those hard times are an opportunity for you to create trust. Once there is trust, then you can work on true transformation that will take your team and results into the next level.

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