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custom email sending

Custom email sending is here!

This is one of the biggest feature requests we’ve had and we just recently rolled this out for all customers.

You can now send customized emails to leads!

What does this mean exactly?

Well, it means you can go beyond just custom data merge tokens (which we released a few months ago). You can actually do a little research on a lead, go in and take your initial templated email and customize it just for that lead.

Maybe you just want to heavily customize the very first email, then let the automated follow-ups run its course from there.

In our initial tests, we saw one positive response for every 8 opens. This is because emails were heavily personalized.

To access this feature, simply go to a list of leads and click the green “Email” icon:

custom email sending

Once you select the lead you want to email, you are prompted to select an existing sequence:


Here is where the magic happens. Here is where you’ll go next (note: this is just an example cold email and not actually a service we provide!)

custom email sending

Now you’ll notice we rolled out an entirely new email editor which unlocks all kinds of goodies!

For one, emoji’s are here!

custom email sending

Add a little personality to your outreach. You can use them in the subject line as well. Of course, you’ll want to test using them or not using them.

You can now edit the HTML!

custom email sending

This is great if you want to format your emails.

Some other things you’ll notice about the new editor:

  • More formatting options like fonts and sizes
  • Easier to tell WHAT you’ve linked to (previous editor just showed it was hyperlinked, but you had no idea to what)
  • You can save individual emails as templates for quick and easy recall without needing to make adjustments to your entire sequence

Beyond the actual editor though, you’ll find some powerful new options.

custom email sending

You can cycle through all emails of a sequence and personalize them all right there on the spot.

When you’ve done all the editing you want, you can choose when to send:

custom email sending

Remember, follow-up emails go out based on the wait time you chose when creating a sequence.

Now say, instead of customizing every initial email… you only want to spend time customizing emails AFTER a lead has engaged (opens, clicks, etc) with your first email.

Just go to your list, then filter by Opens:

You will notice the “Email” icon is now orange instead of green. This is an indicator that the lead is in the middle of a sequence. You cannot choose a new sequence to send to them while they are in the middle of a sequence.

custom email sending

When you go inside of the lead, you can see which emails they have engaged with (opens, clicks, responded, etc) and when.

You can even see if they were out of office and then reschedule those emails for a date when they return!

custom email sending

Some additional ways you might want to consider using custom email sending include:

  • Initial research on a lead to heavily personalize the very first email and let your follow-ups go out automatically
  • Alternatively, send the first email in automated fashion, then watch for engagement (opens or clicks) THEN customize the follow-ups only for those people
  • Easily change things like names, company names, etc if it has things you’d rather not include (LLC, Inc, etc)
  • Edit upcoming emails for people already in the middle of a sequence

We’ve seen 1 positive reply for ever 8 OPENS when utilizing custom email sending due to the personalization of the emails.

We’re excited to hear how you’ll be able to leverage custom email sending and the new editor for your own campaigns!

Justin McGill
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