Loved by Marketing Agencies

Because you can offer outbound lead generation as a service to your clients that is COMPLETELY automated!


We Got Started as a Done-For-You Agency

LeadFuze started as a done-for-you service, before transitioning fully to software to automate the entire thing.

This was our original explainer video that explained the service to clients:


Now, we no longer offer the done-for-you service as we focus exclusively on the software.

We've made it easy for others to offer this as a service, by automating everything from list building to outreach. Your clients won't even know LeadFuze is involved!

Getting Started is a Breeze

First, you’ll need to register a domain (we recommend the .net or .co version of your client’s website) on behalf of your client.

Then setup a new email account (using G Suite or Office365) mirroring their email syntax. For example, if they use you should use their

Set up this new email account to forward to a centralized email account. This way you can manage ALL lead responses from one place and easily forward positive responses to your client so they can take over!


Automatically Build a List of Leads

Over 50 million people you can search based on industry, role, size, location, and even specific keywords that they may use on social profiles.

No need to spend time prospecting. You can have Fuzebot (our A.I. powered sales assistant) continuously build your list for you that meet your client’s criteria.

We crawl the web, social profiles, financial sites and more so you don’t have to spend time doing it yourself.


Proven Email Templates + Our Expert Feedback

Not sure what to say? Get started with our proven email sequences and just fill in the blanks.

When you’ve updated or created a new sequence, you can contact our customer success team to get personalized feedback and recommendations.

Attend our regularly scheduled master classes on creating compelling offers so you can get more positive responses for your clients!


Get More Sales Opportunities for Your Client

Connect the email account you created for your client, and LeadFuze will reach out to people in your list automatically as if they were personally sending them emails.

Build your email sequences with as many emails as you’d like to increase the likelihood of a response (or click-through).

Built-in reply detection so follow-ups don’t keep going out to people who have responded. Then you can forward the positive responses to your client to close the sale!



We'll Help You Sell More

Use LeadFuze as a stand-alone service offering to your client, or bundle it into your existing service offering to provide even more results for your clients.

We’ll give you sales strategies, let you have access to the Welcome Packet we used to give clients, and even walk you through onboarding questions we captured to help you get the campaigns started.

This is all available upon request once you are on a paid subscription!


Daily Breakdown of All Client Accounts

Go to your reporting table to track progress day-by-day across all client accounts and make improvements on the fly.

Get insights into individual email performance within sequences so you know which emails need to be improved.

Then split test individual emails within a sequence and measure the differences.


Take Your Client's Data Beyond LeadFuze

Help your clients build their social media presence:

  • Export your LeadFuze list
  • Save as contacts in the email account you registered and make sure to add this email to their social account.
  • Then import those contacts into Twitter, LinkedIn, etc to automatically send out invites!

Additionally, export your LeadFuze list and import this into Facebook or Google to use for Lookalike Audiences for ad campaigns!


Sync Your Data Across the Tools You Already Use

Use the ignore list to avoid adding leads to lists for people your clients already have as subscribers, customers, competitors, etc.

Create custom workflows using our Zapier integration. For example, create a task in their CRM for them to call anyone who opens your emails or create an opportunity in their CRM whenever a lead clicks on a link. The opportunities are endless!


Your Secret Weapon for Scalable Prospecting.

Spend less time researching prospects and have more time for quality sales conversations.

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