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Because you can generate MQL's for your sales team automatically


Outbound Marketing Automation

Inbound is great, inbound + outbound marketing is better.

We LOVE inbound marketing. We blog constantly, we post everywhere, we have great rankings and inbound drives the majority of our trials.

Simply put, inbound marketing drives traffic when done properly.

Outbound marketing is when you send your message to an audience (versus inbound, where people find your message).

Having both engines humming at the top of your funnel, is the ideal place to be.

With inbound marketing, we can’t control who's coming to the website. Outbound marketing gives you the ability to add top-of-funnel marketing qualified leads which match your exact ideal customer profile.

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Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Most forms of marketing don't allow you to target the specific individuals or types of people that make great customers for you. After all, you can’t control who is coming to your website.

With outbound marketing, you get to target EXACTLY who you want as a customer. Then feed these highly targeted leads to your sales team.

Supplement your current marketing efforts with automated outbound marketing.

Become a full stack marketer by understanding how impactful outbound marketing can be to add targeted, qualified leads to the top of your funnel.

Automatically Build a List of Emails

Over 50 million people you can search based on industry, role, size, location, and even specific keywords that they may use on social profiles.

No need to spend time prospecting. You can have Fuzebot (our A.I. powered sales assistant) continuously build your list for you that meet your criteria.

We crawl the web, social profiles, financial sites and more so you don’t have to spend time doing it yourself.


Individual Lookups for Your Influencer Marketing

Look up people using first, last, and domain and add them to a list for automated outreach and follow-ups.

People that we verify, will have a 99% deliverability as we only add them if the email is guaranteed to deliver.

No matter the methods you use to build your lists, deliverability is guaranteed. Bounces are automatically detected and credited back to you!


Avoid the "Promotion" Tab and Enjoy Open Rates > 30%

Connect your email account, and LeadFuze will reach out to people in your list automatically as if you were personally sending them emails.

Build your email sequences with as many emails as you’d like to increase the likelihood of a response (or click-through).

Built-in reply detection so follow-ups don’t keep going out to people who have responded. Then you can forward the positive responses to your sales team!



Import Your Your List and Add Custom Data

Already have a list? Import your own leads with a csv file.

Then use your own data to further personalize your outreach by using your custom data as merge tokens within emails!

Or contact your existing subscribers through a personal email to make them feel special and increase deliverability while also getting more responses!


Personalize Outreach When They're Interested

Filter your lists by opens and clicks, then feed those to your sales team. Or get them closer to “sales ready” by spending time hyper-personalizing only the follow-ups since you know they are engaged and have some level of interest in what you offer.

Customize your follow-ups to individual leads based on things you find in your research (previous jobs, other key employees, things from their website, etc).


Daily Breakdown of Key Metrics

Look at events as they happen. See responses happening more often at certain times? Maybe adjust your send times accordingly!

Get insights into individual email performance within sequences so you know which emails need to be improved.

Then split test individual emails within a sequence and measure the differences.


Take Your Data Beyond LeadFuze

Build connections on social media:

  • Export your LeadFuze list
  • Save as contacts in your email account
  • Then import those into Twitter, LinkedIn, etc to automatically send out invites!

Additionally, export your LeadFuze list and import this into Facebook or Google to use for Lookalike Audiences for your ad campaigns!


Sync Your Data Across the Tools You Already Use

Use the ignore list to avoid adding leads to lists for people you already have.

Create custom workflows using our Zapier integration. For example, create a task in your CRM for a salesperson to call anyone opens your emails or create an opportunity in your CRM whenever a lead clicks on a link. The opportunities are endless!


Your Secret Weapon for Scalable Prospecting.

Spend less time researching prospects and have more time for quality sales conversations.

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