Loved by Sales Teams

Because you can build a list of leads and automate outreach to them in a matter of minutes.


Search Over 50 Million Business Contacts

Search for leads based on industry, role, size, location, and even specific keywords that they may use on social profiles.

No need to spend time prospecting. LeadFuze’s system has over 50 million business contacts with best-in-class 95%+ deliverability.

We crawl the web, social profiles, financial sites and more so you don’t have to spend time doing it yourself.


Fully Automate Your List Building

If you don’t want to add leads to lists individually, you can choose to save your criteria and let Fuzebot (LeadFuze’s handy AI powered sales assistant) build your list for you.

You can even preview leads before Fuzebot adds them to your list so you can properly vet and curate the leads entering your lists.

The data is yours, export your leads as much as you’d like… whenever you’d like.


Lead Responses Delivered Right to Your Inbox

Add more velocity to your current sales prospecting process and have more sales conversations with interested people who respond to your automated emails.

  • Connect your email account, and LeadFuze will reach out to people in your list automatically as if you were personally sending them emails.
  • Unlimited follow-ups
  • Built-in reply detection so follow-ups don’t keep going out to people who have responded



Import Your Own List and Add Custom Data

“The power is in the list!”

Already have a list? Import your own leads with a csv file.

Then use your own data to further personalize your outreach by using your custom data as merge tokens within emails!


Personalize Outreach When They're Interested

Filter your lists by opens and clicks from your first automated email, then you can hyper-personalizing only the follow-ups since you know they are engaged and have some level of interest in what you offer.

Customize your follow-ups to individual leads based on things you find in your research (previous jobs, other key employees, things from their website, etc).



Look at events as they happen. See responses happening more often at certain times? Maybe adjust your send times accordingly!

Get insights into individual email performance within sequences so you know which emails need to be improved.

Then split test individual emails within a sequence and measure the differences.


Take Your Data Beyond LeadFuze

Filter by opens/clicks and export those for further activity like “warm” calls, social media messages, and more.

Export your LeadFuze list, save as contacts in your email provider, and then import those into your social channels to engage through your social channels


Sync Your Data Across the Tools You Already Use

Stop needless data entry.

Feed your CRM contacts, so you can easily create opportunities from them while avoiding contacts you already have.

Create custom workflows using our Zapier integration. For example, create a task in your task management app for anyone that opens your emails or create an opportunity in your CRM whenever a lead clicks on a link. The opportunities are endless!


Your Secret Weapon for Scalable Prospecting.

Spend less time researching prospects and have more time for quality sales conversations.

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