LeadFuze Announces Unlimited Lead Data

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unlimited lead data

Data for leads in your target market — it’s what we’re known for.

It’s how we started.

We’re going back to our roots to focus on lead data, specifically for small business sales and marketing efforts. 

The first wave of this transition, is being announced today!

LeadFuze Releases UNLIMITED Lead Data

It’s official, LeadFuze has just released an Unlimited plan.

Our already unprecedented automated lead generation tool (with the help of Fuzebot) eliminates the need to manually prospect for contacts. Quality leads are automatically gathered and list building is on autopilot.

Now — for the first time in the data industry — you can automatically prospect in an unlimited fashion. Month after month. Year after year. Never run out of leads again.

unlimited lead data

How Can We Offer Unlimited?

Other data providers shy away from offering an Unlimited plan simply because of cost control. 

It can be very expensive. You have server costs, which can quickly balloon. You also have third data provider costs which are limited based on number of queries. 

With LeadFuze, we have perfected the data acquisition model where we can offer this without the massive risks. 

The Unlimited plan is for annual customers, which ensures there’s enough customer lifetime value to be able to offer the solution while still maintaining profits. 

However, even though it’s “annual” — we do something relatively unheard of and still allow you to pay in monthly installments.

You not only get the benefit of unlimited leads, you also get the benefit of the traditional annual savings built into your monthly payment. This way, you don’t have to pay a premium on the Unlimited plan — you actually still save money! 

We believe in being easy.

What’s Next

We want to be the best at providing lead data.

We’ll soon be offering more search filters like hiring intent, technologies being used (finally, I know), trigger events, ad budget and more.

This will give you more searchable profiles and more insight into your target market. You should have a complete view of your ideal leads.

We’re adding tons of data partners to give you access to even more enriched data. We’ll be sharing all of our data providers, sources, and more in the coming months.

LeadFuze will aggregate the world’s professional data and then merge and verify all data against all our sources and provide that to you in one seamless, easy-to-use system. This process is already happening behind the scenes and will change the data landscape.

We Have Two Core Beliefs:

  • Data should be accurate.
  • Data should be actionable.

Using all the world’s professional data across all the top data suppliers and websites allows us to collect and compile a complete picture of your target accounts and buyers.

More updates on what intel will be available will be made in the coming weeks. So stay tuned.

What’s Changing?

The Biggest Change: We’re no longer offering email sending.

We’ve decided to go all in on having the best data. To do this, it needs all of our focus and we’ve decided to sunset our email sending features.

Here’s why.

We realize there are multiple ways for you to reach leads. From email to direct mail, social media to the phone — the sales process is complex.

And we don’t want to build all of those mechanisms into the LeadFuze platform. Instead, we want to integrate with the tools you are already using. So you can have a best in breed solution for every step of your workflow.

Secondly, it will eliminate nearly 90% of our support burden. From people not being able to connect, forgetting their email password and asking us for login help, to purchasing the right email subscription, to reaching send limits, to asking for help with their cold email sequences… it’s a massive support burden.

Lastly, it helps us better clarify our message and who we appeal to. From a brand positioning standpoint, this move was necessary. 

It all starts with accurate, actionable data and we are committed to making it easy to access in an unlimited fashion.

Stay Tuned…

We’ll be announcing the first major partnership for your email outreach efforts shortly. This integration will allow you to easily automate lead capture and seamlessly move into your email workflow just as LeadFuze allowed you to do previously.

However, by integrating with best of breed tools — you’ll have more success and a better overall experience!

We’re incredibly excited about this shift and hope you keep on the lookout for more details coming soon.

Justin McGill
About Author: Justin McGill
Justin McGill is the Founder of LeadFuze - a lead generation platform that discovers and contacts new leads for you automatically.

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Atticus Brind

Since you will be doing away with the email sending, will you be offering API’s or integrations with CRM’s. We use Zoho and would be interested in this integration.


Hi Justin, what about integration with Hubspot ? Regards, Marc.


Will you be integrating with SendGrid?

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