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Monthly Revenue Report for May 2015

Justin McGill posted this in the Behind the Scenes Category
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May was a good month for our little business. We added nearly $4k/mo in MRR as I was able to put a heavy focus on sales the entire month.

June and July are going to be slower months just because I have a baby daughter on the way any day now. I haven’t been focused on sales for over two weeks and we shut our own outbound efforts off so I could focus on some other things we are working on (more on that later in this post).

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The Highlights

We had 15 customers signup over a 10 day stretch which really tested our onboarding process. This was due to our prices increasing from $300/$600/$900 to $495/$995/$1495.

This created some serious urgency and I even had to extend the deadline for some folks who I just couldn’t talk to in time.

Another highlight for me personally was finding someone to take the load off all of our lead forwarding. Up until a few weeks ago, I was the one forwarding all of the leads to our customers. Now we have Rachel Magbanua (newest team member) doing this as well as some other things to ease my workload.

Unfortunately, sales is still 100% dependent on me. Hence, why things will slow down in June and July as I’ll be busy changing diapers. 🙂

The Numbers

Our funnel got emptied out in May with the price increase pushing a lot of the “on-the-fence” deals over the edge.

Here’s the breakdown:

monthly revenue report for may 2015


We managed a 41% increase and added $3,948.00/mo in monthly revenue from where we were in April.

We maximized our own outbound system for generating leads, but since I don’t have a sales person in place now I have had to scale back our own system. I needed to get some projects off the ground which I am excited to share with you.

What We Are Working On

The summer months are going to be heavily focused on new products that we will be releasing. We are basically revising our model to not only be a completely done-for-you service, but to also have some self-service tools for the DIY’ers.

Basically, this will allow you to compile your list of targets by using social media searches. Once you click to add people to your list, our software will go and grab emails and social data for them automatically.

We are collecting early access sign-ups right now and adding some cool bonuses (free leads!) for people that share it with their networks.

Another tool is under way, but it will be a couple of months before we announce it.

Our done-for-you solution will be the natural upsell to all of our tools, but the idea is we’ll be able to work with a broad range of customers now since our tools will help those we wouldn’t normally take on with our service.


May was an exciting month and a big step towards reaching scalability. We still have a long way to go, but I’m excited to share more of the lessons we’re learning along the way!

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Justin McGill
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