005: Dan Waldschmidt, Outbound Prospecting Creative Genius

Dan Waldschmidt is a prospecting legend. His creative philosophy of “Unpredictable and Delightful” is both effective and enjoyable for everyone involved in the process. Prospects love hearing from him, and they eventually turn into customers at an alarmingly high rate.

In this episode, we dig into some of the specific creative outbound strategies that Dan uses to get the attention of very successful executives.

He describes his 1-2-1 approach formula, which breaks down like this:

1: One sentence opening – I’m writing you because… 

2: Two sentences on why you should care about what we are talking about

1: One final question – Make it easy for them to respond and continue the conversation. 

They key, as Dan describes, is to understand the environment of your prospect. What types of messages will he respond to, and how many of the typical “can you tell me who at your company handles buying xyz” type messages he gets every day.

Dan also presents ideas how you can integrate a full outbound strategy to supplement your email campaign. Things including:

  • Email
  • Call
  • Handwritten note
  • Package/gift
  • Other social media

To see more of Dan’s creative ideas, visit www.danwaldschmidt.com