011: Chad Dyar, Communication Commando

Chad Dyar wrote the book How to Talk to Humans, and has an extensive background in sales and managing sales teams. I had a few specific questions for him, digging deeper into the topic of GOOD communication.

In his book, he outlines how to know yourself and your communication style, how to leverage your friends and family for tips, and how to take that info into your workplace to improve your business communication.

1). How do you think about business communication in general?

Chad talks about how he frames business communication, especially in relation to sales and managing a sales team.

2). What is the key to good communication?

Learn what are the key aspects of good communication are, and how you can improve these skills.

3). Do you change your communication style, depending on who you talking to?

When interacting with different types of people, sometimes a unique style is required to get through. Chad reveals how he adjusts when interacting with various types of people.

4). What advice would you give to someone that is trying to improve their communication?

Chad outlines a few specific recommendations how you can improve your communication in business as well as day-to-day activity.  He also provides actionable tips from his book and talks about how personality tests such as Myers-Briggs can be a useful asset in your communication toolbox.

Chad closes with some ideas how you can improve your LinkedIn profile to tell an interesting story about your past experience as well as future goals and plans.

You can connect with Chad Dyar here on LinkedIn.