Want to use the Zapier integration? Go here for a special invite! 

Want to connect LeadFuze to other CRM’s? How about to task management applications, calendars, email marketing tools, or 600+ any other tools? Our Zapier integration allows you to accomplish this.

For example, maybe you don’t want to add leads directly into your CRM until AFTER a lead has OPENED (or clicked, or responded, etc) an email you’ve sent them:

  1. Zapier Integration: To get started, click “Make A Zap!”

    Zapier Integration
  2. Search for (and select) LeadFuze

    Zapier Integration

  3. Choose the action you want to trigger the event

    Zapier Integration

  4. Connect your LeadFuze account

    Zapier Integration

  5. Enter your API key (found inside your LeadFuze account)Zapier IntegrationZapier Integration

  6. Finish Your Integration

From there you can integrate LeadFuze with any other app that Zapier integrates with.

Some ideas:

  • Send email status update alerts into your CRM or into Slack… this can be helpful for salespeople to be notified so they can hop on a call soon thereafter with a prospect.
  • Stopping an email sequence to someone that goes from cold email link to free trial sign up in Intercom.

  • Create a task in your favorite task management app whenever a lead OPENS an email so that you can follow up.
  • Moving a lead to a different list to trigger a different email sequence…