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Zapier Integration

Want to use the Zapier integration? Go here for a special invite! 

Want to connect LeadFuze to other CRM’s? How about to task management applications, calendars, email marketing tools, or 600+ any other tools? Our Zapier integration allows you to accomplish this!

Get Started with the Zapier Integration

  1. Visit
  2. Copy the API key found on the top of the page.

  3. Hit the green “Connect” button on the Zapier card.

  4. Choose the “Lead Added” trigger and hit the “Save+Continue” button. This event will be triggered whenever leads will be added to a LeadFuze list.

  5. Hit the button “Connect an Account” – this will allow you to add a LeadFuze account on Zapier. 
  6.  Copy and paste the API token from Step 2. It can also be found here Hit “Yes, Continue”.
  7. After LeadFuze is connected, you can hit “test” to ensure the connection was successful. If the connection was successful, the test button will turn green. After testing, hit “Save+Continue” to choose an action.

  8. You will now see two sample leads, “Lead A” and “Lead B”. Each of them will show the lead properties LeadFuze will return on the Lead Added trigger. Hit the”continue” button.

  9. You will now choose an Action App(s). For example, you would choose Gmail and it’s action create draft, if you want to create a draft in gmail every time a lead is added to LeadFuze.
  10. Once you have set up an action for the “Lead Added” trigger, please make sure the zap is turned on.

Some Zapier Ideas

Once you’ve connected LeadFuze to Zapier, you can send that data to a number of tools like the following:

  • Send leads to your CRM
  • Send alerts to your Slack when leads get added for salespeople to vet / qualify
  • Send leads to your outreach tool of choice to fire off cold email campaigns
  • Send leads to dialing systems to start calling them
  • Send data to create new tasks in your task management system to start researching them
  • Send to Gmail to create a draft emails to manually personalize

We want to show case how you use the Zapier integration within our training material, in blog posts, and onboarding emails. So reach out and let us know the creative ways you use LeadFuze + Zapier!

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