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Continuing on our path to allow you more ways to communicate with your leads, we’ve just rolled out an integration with Woodpecker

Woodpecker allows you to send emails to your leads using not only G Suite, but also accounts from various other email providers, including for instance Office365, Exchange, or Zoho!

Get Started with the Woodpecker Integration

Step 1: Authenticate and Authorize via the API Token


  • Copy paste this token into the textfield below, choose how to sync leads, “Automatically” or “Manually” (more on this below) as the lead-syncing preference and click “Authenticate”.
  • The Woodpecker integration switch will turn green after a successful connection.

Step 2: Create a Woodpecker Campaign

Step 3: Send Leads to Woodpecker

  • Don’t worry, LeadFuze does not send existing leads to Woodpecker right after authentication.
  • Choose a list from and select a Woodpecker campaign for that list.  There are two different ways to send leads to a campaign.
  • Send leads “Automatically“:
    • For this to work, make sure in Step 1 that you chose “Automatically” for the lead-syncing preference.
    • In order to send leads automatically to Woodpecker, you need to manually select a campaign for each list you want to export automatically.
      • Every time leads are added to that list, they will automatically be sent to the selected Woodpecker campaign.
      • Important: If no campaign is selected for the list, leads from that list will not be integrated automatically to Woodpecker.
    • Select List Options > Send To > Woodpecker > Settings.
    • A modal will popup. Choose a campaign and hit “Save”.
    • Leads from this list will now be automatically sent to the chosen campaign.
  • Send leads “Manually“:
    • This is useful when:
      • List has no default campaign to automatically send leads to.
      • To change the campaign for a lead that was sent to Woodpecker automatically by LeadFuze.
    • Select contact(s) and select campaign from List Options > Send To > Woodpecker.  This will send/move over the chosen leads to the selected campaign.

Step 4: Verify the data

A list of prospects will be uploaded to Campaign > Prospects 

That’s all there is to it! 

By using LeadFuze’s Fuzebot to drip a specified number of leads to your list everyday, then using the automatic sync with Woodpecker – it means you could have lists of leads being built and outreach sequences being sent without lifting a finger! 🙂

We look forward to hearing how you use the Woodpecker solution in your campaigns!

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