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Why is Lead Generation So Difficult?

Closing deals isn't the issue. You know what you sell better than anyone. There's no problem having conversations with qualified prospects and converting them into customers.

Yet it has become painfully obvious that you're not having enough of those conversations. You know you need more qualified prospects to talk to.

So, what's the hold up?

lead generation software

Ohhh... lets count the ways shall we?

  • You don't have time for cold calling.
  • Or maybe you've said, "Cold calling doesn't work!"
  • You don't know what your lead generation options are.
  • You don't have time to hunt down leads on social media sites.
  • "Direct mail doesn't work any more."
  • You don't have time for experimenting with new lead generation strategies.
  • You don't know which lead generation channels will work for your business.
  • Digital marketing takes time and know-how
  • You don't have anyone on your team focused on lead generation.
  • You tried cold emailing, but people weren't responding.

And the list goes on... but that's exactly the frustration... the list DOES go on.

So Where Do You Start?

You start with a lead generation strategy that can be scaled quickly and easily.

It doesn't have to mean you use LeadFuze's lead generation software, but once you realize how easy and how powerful this lead generation channel can be - you'll realize it should be towards the top of the priority list.

Why? Because it is the only outbound marketing tactic that can be 100% automated!

What if... leads came to you and you didn't have to spend several hours a day cold calling or trying to find some clever way of making contact with your target market?

Imagine... every day you are given a list of leads that match your ideal customer persona. That without ever lifting a finger, you are able to reach those new prospective customers on a consistent basis and have it appear as if you personally sent them those emails.

You HAVE to be making contact with your prospective customers some way, somehow - so why not do it in a way that's completely automated, yet to them feels completely personal?

LeadFuze's Cold Email Lead Generation Software

Lead generation is about consistency... our lead generation software automates that consistency. This is true outbound sales automation that drives inbound sales opportunities.

lead generation software

LeadFuze's lead generation software does all the grunt work for you.

Just input the traits of people (title, industry, location, size, revenue, etc) that make good customers for you and the tool will track down those people, find their email address and more.

There are over 50 million records in our system and this number is growing every day due to the machine learning of our sales automation software.

It doesn't stop there.

A LeadFuze team member will actually review your email copy and provide personalized tips to help you have success.

This is unheard of from any software company, but we know that we need you to have success in order for you to stick around and so we actually do something about it.

That's right, you get to leverage our insights from sending millions of cold emails to learn what works and what doesn't.

You Might Be Thinking

Who is this for?

This is a U.S. focused, B2B lead generation software platform. So if you sell to consumers, this is not going to be a good fit.

If the lifetime value of a customer to you is worth less than $500, we are also probably not a good fit.

For example, a $10/mo software company will probably not generate an ROI. If this describes you, unfortunately, you are going to have to continue searching for a lead generation strategy that will work for you.

Outside of that - Founders, Marketing Managers, or Sales Managers at digital agencies, technology companies, software companies, consultants, IT companies and business service providers all love us.

Am I bothering people when they get my emails?

Would you rather be cold-called while you were in the middle of doing something, or get an email about it that you can read whenever you get to it?

Listen, there are always going to be people that get bothered... so you just ignore them and move on with your day. The system automatically detects those replies and stops sending any follow-ups.

Just worry about the people who are interested and focus your energy there!

What results can I expect?

This always varies. The good news is you control that variance! It boils down to how well you can make your offer. What's your hook?

Sure, there's also who you are targeting, price point, website, industry, timing and more that factor into it as well.

We've seen an agency get 1 interested lead in a month, and we've seen another agency get over 70 leads interested in that same time span. They both offered the same service, but their "lead-in" offer was different.

The good news? We know what works and put this to use while we help you write your cold email campaign!

Are the emails coming from you or me?

Emails actually come from your personal account. You connect the email account you want to send from, and then the software automatically queues everything up and sends out the emails.

You don't want to use email marketing software for this. For starters, it is against their terms of service. Second, it isn't personal.

Since it's obvious that it came from an email marketing tool, you lose the ability of making it personal and therefore you'd have lower responses and opens. Not to mention, there would be no reply detection to stop future follow-ups!

What does it cost?


Just kidding. But seriously, if it made you $200,000 dollars would it matter?

Don't worry... we're nowhere near this price point, but should be charging a lot more. :) You can see pricing here.

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