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LeadFuze is like a search engine for business professionals and their contact information. Salespeople can find leads in their target market, recruiters can find new talent through passive recruiting, and marketers can build custom audience lists for ad targeting!

LeadFuze Pricing


For individual sales reps, recruiters or founders looking to start prospecting for new customers or recruit new talent.

500 Lead Credits/mo*

*You can add more later

  • Unlimited Lists
  • Account Based Search Filters
  • Market Based Search Filters
  • Fuzebot List Build Automation
  • Ignore Lists
  • Export to CSV
  • De-Duplication
  • Integrations

Starting at $132.30/mo


For individuals or teams that want to scale their lead generation and recruiting efforts or build custom audience lists for ad targeting.

2500 Lead Credits/mo*

*You can add more later

  • Unlimited Lists
  • Account Based Search Filters
  • Market Based Search Filters
  • Fuzebot List Build Automation
  • Ignore Lists
  • Export to CSV
  • De-Duplication
  • Integrations

Starting at $447.30/mo


Need more lead credits? Have 5+ users? We'll put together a custom plan for you.

We can also customize feature access, permissions, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

You bet – the “Trial” gives you 25 free lead credits to sample the product.

Sign up and get information and contact details on 25 leads in your target market!

Do you have leads that I am looking for?

With over 300 million business professionals and 14 million companies, there's a very good chance we have who you are looking for.

You can always start a free trial and test it out for yourself. 

Do lead credits roll over if I don't use them?


As long as your account remains active, you’ll have access to your lead credits.

What's the difference between the plans?

As far as features and functionality, there is no difference. The only difference is in the number of lead credits you want. Generally, the Starter plan is for individuals, while the Team plan is more for teams and those looking to scale up their efforts. 

When purchasing, you can choose one of the following payment schedule options: 

  • Month-to-month means you are free to cancel at any time. You miss out on bonus lead credits and better pricing.
  • Commitment means you are paying an annual plan, however you can still pay on a monthly basis. While you are committing to at least 12 payments, you are receiving bonus lead credits and a discounted rate.
  • Annually means you are paying for an entire year upfront. This option gives you the deepest discount biggest lead credit bonus. 

Do you help me have success with this?

Of course! We have a robust knowledge base, and offer in-app support via chat as well.

Additionally, you can book a demo with our team.


LeadFuze is a consistent quarterly winner in the Lead Intelligence category, with top ratings for ease-of-use (9.0), quality of support (9.3), and ease-of-setup (9.0).

"LeadFuze has made it easy for me to build prospecting lists to reach out to via LinkedIn, cold email, and telephone. This saves 10+ hours per week of manual list-building."

"I use it to build highly targeted lists that are automatically added to our CRM and mailing system. It is a huge time saver as the leads can be paced over time."

What Our Customers Have to Say:

Shehryar Shaukat

Computer Software - SaaS

"I don't have to hire VA's anymore for the cumbersome task of creating lists through scraping various channels. The problem with VA's can be that it's difficult to gauge the quality of their leads. Whereas with LeadFuze lead generation is now like a breeze. I especially love the ultra targeting ability where I can play around with various filters to reach a specific market segment or a company account."

Douglas Ferguson

Human Resources

"LeadFuze is a great source of leads for outbound email. Quick and easy to set up. Great tool for quickly generating a list of targets."

Jonathan Rockett

Digital Marketing Agency

"I really like the 'no nonsense' interface and simplicity of LeadFuze. As a digital marketing agency, I also really like the AdWords budget filter... This is great! I can target prospects who are already spending at least 'X' amount of money on paid ads, so I have a basic idea of their budget before I even approach them. "

Kris Asleson

Marketing & Advertising

"LeadFuze is being used by our sales department to generate new leads on autopilot. It's most useful for us as a small business to be able to "set and forget" our prospecting efforts. Everything is easy to use and the price point is great. No complaints so far with using LeadFuze!"

Dean Park

Computer Software - SaaS

"We're currently using LeadFuze to prospect leads then push them into our CRM for marketing or sales follow ups and so far the experience has been fantastic. The solution itself is very easy to use and the support for the product is unlike any other company that I have worked with. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to automate their prospecting process."

Kim Yalong

Management Consulting

"I am using LeadFuze to generate leads for the whole company. We are a B2B sales coaching and recruitment company and we are often looking for decision makers to connect with. This is incredibly hard to do manually but LeadFuze has the capabilities to reduce my daily grind."

Jessica Schwindt

Marketing & Advertising

"We are using it to gather prospects for our lead generation. It solves the problem of not having contact information for our target avatar."

Marketing & Advertising

"Doing business outreach, LeadFuze has become my go-to on almost a daily basis. Its ability to provide a wide spectrum of results and more importantly, reliable and accurate - makes it a must-have."

Scott Scales


"We are a small insurance agency and we use LeadFuze to find highly targeted for our prospects for our sales efforts. I am the primary user at this point and use it to build highly targeted lists that are automatically added to our CRM and mailing system. It is a huge time saver as the leads can be paced over time."

Nolan Bulger

Marketing & Advertising

"We use LeadFuze to build lead lists quickly and automate our lead generation process. It has helped us save a tremendous amount of time searching for potential customers' data. We use LeadFuze across the entire organization."

Paul Crosby


"Our entire organization uses this tool to locate leads. The tool helps us in locating potential new customers that are interested in our online and onsite customized training for business analysis, project management, lean six sigma, Agile, and leadership."

Elaine Jane


"We use LeadFuze to generate leads for the organization for marketing purposes (events, trade missions, trade shows). LeadFuze helps us find new targets and be able to contact them quickly and efficiently."

Scott Carson

Real Estate

"We are using it to help us not only reach out to other real estate investors on LinkedIn to help us move assets and attract funding for deals, we are also using it with our podcast to help book guest spots and speaking opportunities on other podcasts to help get the word out as well."

Doug Ellenberger

Education Management

"Getting our business in front of the right people has always been challenging and expensive. PPC worked well for many years, but it is now more expensive and not as effective. Email marketing and LeadFuze has allowed us to target our email campaigns to the proper audience. It is cost effective and we are seeing good results. LeadFuze is easy to use and to show others how to use it. LeadFuze is an important piece of our growth plan over the next three years."

And the list goes on and on... and on... 20,000+ users can't be wrong. We recommend seeing it for yourself :)

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