You're in the right place if you're looking for new ways to generate leads at the top of your funnel.

You have something people will buy, but you know that referrals don't scale. You need to attract people in your target market to your brand.

You're looking for a scalable solution that runs in the background without you doing anything.... Something that doesn't take hours of your day.

Meet Fuzebot: Your Artificial Intelligence Powered Sales Assistant


Once you share some of the traits of your favorite customers (industry, employee size, title, revenue, etc), Fuzebot will go to work to find the leads that match your criteria.

Fuzebot saves this information as an ideal customer persona so that he can continue to build your list of leads for you.


Once he finds your ideal leads, he goes to work to pull in incredibly accurate email addresses.

In addition, he'll try to pull in more information about the lead like their social media profiles, company information, bio, work history and more.


You'll receive regular email updates from Fuzebot about your campaign. This includes insights into how your campaign is performing, tips on getting more out of LeadFuze, and as he gets smarter and smarter he'll be able to share insights about how you compare to others.


Fuzebot works in the background without ANY work from you. You can literally have Fuzebot continue to build your list of leads for you day after day, month after month without ever even needing to log in to the software!

Users spent on average up to 6 hours per month building their list using LeadFuze BEFORE we introduced Fuzebot. You don't have to spend any time at all now!

LeadFuze Pricing Plans

Packages are broken down based on how users typically use the software.

Want to just build a list of leads? Then "Generate" is the plan for you. Want to automate your outreach and follow-ups, get copywriting guidance, and put lead generation on auto pilot? Then the "Automate" plan is for you. Want to accelerate your lead generation and get the most leads each month? Then "Dominate" is what you want.

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Companies with a well-defined sales stack, that need new leads added to their pipeline monthly.


  • 500/MO Leads Per Month
  • Fuzebot List Build Automation
  • Unlimited Exporting
  • Reporting
  • Email Automation
  • Unlimited Follow-ups
  • Reply Detection
  • Import Contacts
  • Integrations
  • Copywriting Feedback
  • Knowledge Base Support Level


Companies who desire a higher volume of qualified leads every month with a strong focus on ROI.


  • 2,000/MO Leads Per Month
  • Fuzebot List Build Automation
  • Unlimited Exporting
  • Reporting
  • Unlimited Email Automation
  • Unlimited Follow-ups
  • Reply Detection
  • 10,000/MO Import Contacts
  • Integrations
  • Copywriting Feedback
  • Priority Email Support Level

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the software find emails?

    Our software uses a plethora of third party data providers, crawls the web, and also uses our own algorithm to determine the best email address. We then attempt to verify the inbox exists for the domain.

    These factors go into determining a “confidence” score. If the score reaches a certain threshold, we give it a green icon and you are charged for that lead as part of your monthly allotment. If it doesn’t reach that confidence, we still give you our best guess to their email (orange icon), but you are not charged for that email.

    In addition, as we detect bounces, we will automatically credit your account!

  • What does a sales manager role get and why is it free?

    In most pieces of software, the manager has to purchase a license as well. With LeadFuze, managers can be added at no cost and will get access to see all reports for their team. Simply assign users with “View Reports Only”. Users with this designation, are not able to find leads or send emails though.

  • How do the CRM integrations work?

    If you use one of the CRM’s we integrate with, we will send all valid leads (those with green email address icons) directly into your CRM as a contact. From there, you can easily add deals, and manage the sales process. No need to export to CSV and import into your CRM.

  • What if I just want to add leads?

    LeadFuze is an all-in-one platform, but you don’t have to do your email sending from our platform. You can use it solely for gathering leads. You can sign up on the initial tier (“Generate”) for leads only access. Contact us if you’d like to purchase additional lead credits.

  • Do you send the emails from your servers or from my account?

    Emails are sent using your own email address. This keeps your emails personalized (versus serving from a centralized server like traditional email marketing tools). You can connect a Gmail, Google Apps (now called G Suite), or Office365 email account to send your outreach emails.

  • Is this month-to-month or is there a contract?

    There is no contract. Our monthly plans are month-to-month. If you are new to cold emailing, we recommend testing things over the course of a few months in order to dial in your messaging so that you can improve response rates. Our team can help you with this at no additional cost on the Automate and Dominate plans! 🙂

  • How long is the trial?

    The trial is not timed. You get 50 verified emails as part of your trial. You can upgrade within the app at anytime.

  • How does the email sending work?

    Once you have your email sequence (commonly referred to as a drip sequence, cadence, etc), then you just need to create your sending schedule and connect your email. Emails will go out to new leads based on the schedule and follow-ups will happen automatically based on the settings of your sequence!

    Emails are then sent individually to each lead (no bulk email) and appear as though you personally sent them!

  • Can I use MailChimp (or similar) for email sending?

    This isn’t email marketing where you’re sending to people who opted-in to your emails. You want to give off a personal feel (not show your emails were sent in a mass blast to thousands of people). Sending from an email marketing tool will lead to much lower response rates.  In addition, you are more likely to end up in junk folders and in the Promotions tab of Gmail. These won’t get you responses. Finally, we detect replies automatically so that leads do not receive your automated follow-ups!

  • Is this SPAM?

    No it is not SPAM. For more on the difference, please read this blog post.

  • What if I have a list already?

    You can import your list, create your email sequences, then automate the email sending and follow-ups. Import limits are in place based on the plan you are on.

  • Do I need to use Chrome?

    Chrome is no longer a requirement since we no longer require the Chrome extension to build a list of leads. You can use any browser you’d like to leverage LeadFuze’s automated list building solution.

  • Do lead credits roll-over?

    Yes! Every month that you are a subscriber, leads will roll-over to the next month. They never expire as long as you are an active customer.

Have more questions? Chances are you'll find them in our Knowledge Base

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