Now Agencies Get Unlimited Leads 

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For a limited time, you can get access to UNLIMITED leads in the LeadFuze database. This means all the leads you want for cold emailing, direct mail, cold calling, social selling, or even to build custom audiences to target specific individuals (not just people who “look like” them) AND get 50% Off! 

Scale Your Agency with Automated Lead Generation

Hyper-Target Leads Using Our Market Based Search

Imagine wanting to get emails, phone numbers, and social profiles for everyone that…

Is a CEO anywhere in the world within the Computer Software vertical with 11+ employees that also spends $1k/mo on Adwords who is hiring for marketing help and who just recently announced an integration partnership.

With LeadFuze, you can run searches like this. Go as deep or as broad as you want!

Find Specific People Using Our Account Based Search

Imagine wanting to get emails, phone numbers, and social profiles for:

  • A specific person
  • Or for all Owners at a specific list of 100 companies
  • Or anyone in marketing at Hubspot.
  • Or everyone in marketing for a list of websites that have linked to a competitor

LeadFuze makes it possible to get contact information for these people.

A.I. + Automation Saves You From the Mundane Work

LeadFuze’s proprietary system does all the heavy lifting for you. No need to use a third party validation service because we already do it for you. Use the Ignore List and you won’t have to scrub your list, worry about adding existing customers or competitors.

You can put your list building on autopilot, then sit back as Fuzebot, our A.I. assistant, will automatically add new leads he finds in the future that match your criteria. He can also drip them into your CRM or workflow tools to automatically trigger outreach campaigns.

Ignore List

Avoid adding your existing contacts, competitors, or customers.


Automatically avoid adding leads you, or other team members, have already added.


Get double verified emails, performed in real-time, for 0% bounce rates. No need for your own list cleaner!

List Building

Let Fuzebot build your lists for you and add new leads he finds that match that criteria.

Lead Intelligence You Can Actually Use

Cold Email

Get double verified emails, validated in real-time for a 0% bounce rate.

Cold Calling

Scale up your cold calling efforts with phone numbers for your targeted leads.

Direct Mail

Use Fuzebot, our AI assistant, to keep building lists for you over time.

Social Selling

Get LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter profiles for multi-channel social selling.

Custom Audiences

Hyper focus ad campaigns to specific individuals (not just people who "look like" them)

Be a Reseller

Bill your clients for access, or create lists for them by providing a done-for-you service

Our First-Class Data

Going wide to support a large audience and a wide array of use cases, while going deep enough to be usable, all the while keeping data accurate is a LOT of work.


We spend six figures each year on data partnerships and our own web and social site crawling. This gives us nearly 1.8 billion people profiles! We are able to repeat this process through the entire 1.5 billion profiles every quarter, while looking for more profiles to add to our lead pool.


We match all individuals with their corresponding companies, further enrich with company related details like latest news, jobs, technologies, ad spend, and more. We trash all of the junk profiles which are not useful. This gets us down to about 950 million unique profiles.


The magic happens in our verification. Our proprietary validation system leads to the highest deliverability possible. Through this process, we cut down our usable profiles to just over 500 million records and only then are they added to our lead pool.

What Our Customers Have to Say:

Rand Fishkin

Computer Software - SaaS

"We just signed multi-year contract with LeadFuze after seeing their sample data and coverage. Honestly, it's incredible what they've been able to get. We used two other providers for similar data extraction from LinkedIn, and have done a bunch of work trying to build our own tech to get it. LeadFuze is way, way better than any of them, so it was an easy deal to do."

Stephanie Curtin

Marketing & Advertising

"Doing business outreach, Leadfuze has become my go-to on almost on a daily basis. Its ability to provide a wide spectrum of results and more importantly, reliable and accurate - makes it a must have. Working in the B2B space, clients come from a large variety of industries and each have different business needs which need fulfilling and I'm happy knowing that I have Leadfuze as the power-horse to help making it possible."

Kris Asleson

Marketing & Advertising

"Great customer service, easy onboarding, powerful software and great price. I am surprised at the price point I received in exchange for the value offered. To be able to automate the lead gen process each month is incredible."

Jonathan Rocket

Marketing & Advertising

"I really like the 'no nonsense' interface and simplicity of LeadFuze. As a digital marketing agency, I also really like the AdWords budget filter... This is great! I can target prospects who are already spending at least 'X' amount of money on paid ads, so I have a basic idea of their budget before I even approach them. This avoids the 'what's your budget' question evasiveness that prospects often give. I can tell them I already know how much they are spending on PPC and cut through the BS. I also like the 'technology used' filter. Since we work primarily with Wordpress, I can target prospects NOT using Wordpress and pitch web design in a more meaningful way. Or, conversely, I can target ONLY companies using Wordpress. Finally, I like the semi-automation feature. I can have FuzeBot pull down 100 new leads based on my criteria every Monday and, before I dump them into my automated email outreach/nurture campaign, I can glance over them and make sure the all look ok."

And the list goes on and on... and on... 20,000+ users can't be wrong. We recommend seeing it for yourself :)

Frequently Asked Questions

You bet – the “Trial” gives you 25 free lead credits to sample the product.

Sign up and get information and contact details on 25 leads in your target market!

With over 500 million business professionals, there’s a very good chance we have who you are looking for.

You can always start a free trial and test it out for yourself.

A lead credit is a contact that you add to a list. 

You get unlimited lead credits. You can create an unlimited amount of lists. So essentially, you can use the power of our entire lead pool (we call our database a lead pool as it is always being updated and not a static database).

Yes – you can export leads whenever you want. Additionally, you can integrate with tools you already use and send the data to them automatically.

Simply click the button to the right that says “Request Unlimited”. Choose your plan on the next page and agree to the terms. Once you have finished checking out, we’ll get your account set up for you.

Yep! Simply add your own clients as a user in your account for just $49/mo. Set your own pricing directly with your client (I suggest beating our own pricing). Or, simply build lists for your client and deliver them the raw CSV files as a “Done-for-you” service.

The price is determined by your commitment level. You can pay in monthly installments, but are agreeing to the full term.

For a 1 year commitment, you pay $1,750/mo. 

A 2 year commitment is $1,500/mo. 

And finally a 3 year commitment is $1,250/mo.

Unlimited is not available without at least a 1 year commitment.

BUT for a limited time, you will also be able to take 50% OFF of these prices! Click the “Grab This Offer” button to the right to get started.