Simple “How To Write A Sales Proposal” Checklist

  • Is it organized?
  • Is it readable?
  • What is the problem this product or service solves?
  • What about the price and timeline?

How To Write A Sales Proposal #1: Is it organized?

When we spend weeks working on a proposal, it’s often hard for us to step back and see the document with fresh eyes. We know our way around just as well as home, but is it organized in such a way that someone else could easily search through the document? Is your organization logical?

How To Write A Sales Proposal #2: Is it readable?

Your proposal should be written in a way that is easy to understand. You want your proposal to seem as though it’s straightforward and not complex.

How To Write A Sales Proposal #3: Does it address the prospects pain?

You should address the pain point of your prospect in a clear way. Explain what is wrong and why it’s hurting their business, but don’t focus on how you will solve this problem.

How To Write A Sales Proposal #4: Does your written sales proposal address pricing and timeline?

Its not that we have a problem with BANT, but prospects are looking for more clarity when it comes to how much they need to pay and what you can do in the time allotted. Be upfront about your estimates.

Todays salespeople are expected to provide a highly personalized, attentive buying experience. It isn’t easy for them with all the other tasks they have.

What does tricky sales proposals look like?

To make the buying process as easy for your prospect, you need to be very responsive and provide them with relevant information.

A sales proposal can be tricky, because it’s a tool to convince a prospect. Ultimately the goal is to get them on board with your solution.

The goal is to create a proposal that will impress your prospect and make the sale as soon as they enter the decision-making phase of their purchase process. 

5 steps for writing a winning yet tricky proposal:

  • It is addressed to the specific company.
  • It focuses on the why.
  • It also includes comments from customers.
  • It creates a lot of value for the clients. They can get what they need, and do business with you.
  • Its accessible via mobile.

1. Put a personalized cover letter.

When it comes on how to write a sales proposal, a good cover letter is important, because it will be the page that gets seen the most. It needs to create an emotional connection with your prospect.

Placement of your company and solution in the most valuable real estate on a page is key. This means that you need to put it “above the fold,” or before they will have to scroll.

2. Focus on the why.

In learning how to write a sales proposal, use the sales proposal as an opportunity to talk about how your solution will solve their problem. Explain what makes you different from other companies, and why they should choose you.

3. Include customer testimonials.

Buyers love to read reviews, so why not include them in your sales proposal? You can demonstrate what you have done for others by showing the buyer how it has worked out for other clients with similar needs.

You want to choose customer testimonials that are about your industry, and show what you have done in the past. This will help establish credibility with a potential client.

4. The written sales proposal makes it easy for prospects to connect with you.

A lot of people want an easy buying experience, and some businesses don’t provide that.

Include pricing details in your proposal, even if the final decision-maker isn’t on board yet. The person you are presenting to might not be making the final call but could still need buy-ins from other stakeholders or influencers.

One of the most important parts in this stage is legal terms and conditions, which lawyers or other legal individuals will review.

To close the deal or to accept a letter of intent, include an electronic signature call-to-action.

5. It’s accessible via mobile.

You want to make sure your proposal is viewable and interactive on a mobile device, because more people are doing business on-the-go.

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