Meet Fuzebot

Your new A.I. powered sales assistant that does the dirty work of building your list of leads for you!

"In the beginning there was work. Then came LeadFuze and now there isn't. I am now >100x more efficient at prospecting!"

Phil Newton

The Zulu Project

Learns About Your Target Market

Once you share some of the traits of your favorite customers (industry, employee size, title, revenue, etc), Fuzebot will go to work to find the leads that match your criteria.

Fuzebot saves these traits of your ideal customer persona so that he can continue to build your list of leads for you that match this criteria. You can even use our Blacklist feature to avoid prospecting current customers, competitors, etc.

Every day he’ll pull in new leads that match this criteria until you run out of leads!

New lead data packages ensure you won’t ever run out of leads.

Finds and Verifies Emails

Once he finds your ideal leads, he goes to work to pull in incredibly accurate email addresses.

We add an additional layer of verification in real-time to ensure the highest deliverability in the industry.

In addition, he’ll pull in more information about the lead like their social media profiles, company information, bio, and more.

Stop wasting time prospecting, it’s all done for you!

Take Your Leads With You

You own the data so export your LeadFuze list at any time!

Send leads directly into your CRM quickly and easily.

Use it for building your social contacts by saving them as contacts in Gmail and importing those into sites like LinkedIn.

Or use the csv and upload into Facebook and use it to build Lookalike audiences for your paid campaigns!

Complete Automation

Fuzebot works in the background without ANY work from you.

You can literally have Fuzebot continue to build your list of leads for you day after day, month after month without ever even needing to log in to the software!

Users spent on average up to 6 hours per month building their list using LeadFuze BEFORE we introduced Fuzebot.You don’t have to spend any time at all now!

The real power of LeadFuze is all of the automation it comes with out of the box.

Learn how the system automatically sends personalized emails to these leads.

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Your Secret Weapon for Scalable Prospecting.

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