Sales tracking spreadsheets are the perfect way to keep track of your sales pipeline and activity. As a business owner, i’ve used them to close more deals and grow my business. In this ultimate guide, I’ll show you how to use sales tracking spreadsheets effectively so that you can do the same.

Sales Tracking Spreadsheet

<pclass=’ai-generated-after’>A sales tracking spreadsheet is a document that salespeople use to track their sales activities and results. The spreadsheet typically contains columns for the date, customer name, product name, sales price, and sales commission. Salespeople use the spreadsheet to track their progress towards their sales goals and to identify any patterns in their sales results.

What are sales tracking and activities?

There are many different ways to approach sales, but the main goal is to track all the activities and procedures that can influence them. This includes everything from maintaining good customer relationships to tracking sales goals and objectives.

The analysis of sales activities over a certain period of time can help to identify trends and compare actual performance against desired outcomes. This allows for more accurate forecasting and budgeting in the future.

Top Sales Activity Tracking Spreadsheets

When it comes to sales data, it can be difficult to determine which information is most important to track and display in a spreadsheet. However, it’s crucial that you focus on the key metrics when creating or working with Excel sales spreadsheets. By doing so, you’ll save time and ensure that you’re tracking the right information.

If you want to focus on the most important sales activity and save time on your Excel spreadsheets, then you should use pre-made sales tracker templates. This way, you can enter data more quickly and easily, without having to worry about creating the spreadsheet from scratch. Plus, many of these sales tracking templates are free, so you can get started right away.

Below are some of the most useful and common options you can use for a sales activities tracker.

Sales Activity Tracking Spreadsheet

The software is best for understanding which activities are working well in your sales process and where there may be room for improvement with things like cadences.

Tracking your sales activities is one of the most important things you can do to improve your overall process. If you aren’t keeping track of what you and your reps are doing, you won’t be able to identify areas that need improvement.

A sales activity tracking spreadsheet can help your reps stay organized and on track with their daily and weekly sales goals. By tracking the number of calls, emails, meetings, and deals closed, your reps can get a better understanding of what works best for them and make necessary adjustments to their sales process.

Your reps can use activity spreadsheets to pre-plan their daily attack and what calls need to be made. This will help them stay organized and focused throughout the day.

As a manager, you should be tracking your team’s activities and performance on a regular basis. By measuring your reps’ results, you can better manage their workload and motivate them to hit their goals.

This means that if you track your sales activities, you can make changes to the sales process as needed, with confidence.

Here are a few examples for how you can track your sales activities.

Sales Activity Tracker Excel Template By Week

A spreadsheet like this one from SmartSheet is a good place to begin when creating a sheet for keeping track of your sales activities and goals. This data worksheet, divided by weeks, allows you to track both your and your sales teams’ progress.


With a tool like Call Logic, you can measure each part of the sales process individually to see how each is affecting the overall picture.

The templates on are a great resource for a variety of things, like keeping track of your sales process or following up with customers.

You can try out their full library of templates for free with their trial, so you can make sure their templates are the right fit for you and your team.

Sales Commission Activity Tracking

If you’re looking to keep track of your reps’ commission totals and create healthy competition among your team, this is the tool for you.

Tracking current commissions for salespeople is beneficial to sales managers, as well as to the salesperson themselves.

This is especially true if you break out the sales activity and number of deals. This will help you see where your time is best spent.

A sales commissions tracking tool provides transparency and accuracy in the payment of sales representatives.

If you want to use the commission tracking spreadsheet to foster some more healthy competitiveness, make sure to include information that will be useful for that purpose. You can use it to track sales goals, progress towards those goals, and individual and team performance.

These sales leaderboards help motivate your sales team by allowing them to compete with each other.

In the case of tracking commissions, you could use a tracker that is shared with your entire team. The tracker would include everyone’s current commission totals and the number of deals that those totals include. This would be helpful in order to keep everyone on the same page and ensure that everyone is meeting their goals.

Not only will tracking sales commission activities drive healthy competition, but it will also allow you to identify which strategies work best for your top-selling reps. You can then encourage your entire team to adopt these same practices. By doing so, you can boost your team’s sales numbers overall.

Here are two examples of how you can track commissions for salespeople.

Sales Commission Calculator Template

Keep a tally of how much each of your team members has earned. This will ensure everyone is paid accurately.

If you need a quick and easy way to calculate commissions using an Excel spreadsheet, this free template from Microsoft Office is exactly what you need. This template makes it easy to total up commission numbers by rep and keep track of the overall commission totals.

In this simple tool, you can input your sales reps’ names and their monthly commissions.

As you update the total of each individual sale, the spreadsheet will automatically calculate totals.

Fixed Revenue-Based Sales Commission Template

As we mentioned earlier, it can be useful to not only see the total amount of commissions earned but the individual sales broken down.

This free fixed revenue-based commission spreadsheet from Sales Cookie is an essential tool for any sales manager. With it, you’ll have a birds-eye view of both the overall commission totals for your team and individual reps as well as the deals that are included in those totals. This way, you can ensure that everyone is being fairly compensated for their efforts.

This template is designed to help you calculate sales commissions quickly and easily. Simply enter the relevant information into the fields provided, and the template will do the rest.

The Excel spreadsheet will automate the commission calculations, subtracting any fees, and calculating the payout. It will also have a Pivot Table that will show total commissions earned for each sales rep.

Sales Cookie offers a variety of free commission tracking spreadsheets, including for variable sales commission structures. Choose the one that best fits your needs and get started today!

Sales Forecasting

Helps you visualize expected sales and helps you and your teammates stay on track to meet your monthly, quarterly, and yearly quotas.

An accurate sales forecast can empower your company to make informed, strategic decisions that reinforce and align with the overall sales plan. Sales forecasting is an essential tool for predicting future sales and ensuring your company meets its sales goals. By analyzing past data, you can develop a clear picture of what to expect in the future and make informed decisions that will help your business succeed.

By creating sales forecasts, you and your team can better understand what steps need to be taken in order to meet specific sales goals. Additionally, monitoring the forecast on a regular basis will help ensure that you stay on track.

Monthly Sales Forecast Excel Spreadsheet

Most sales forecasts will break down projections for an entire year, but some will break it down by quarter or even month. This spreadsheet by SmartSheet breaks it down by 12 separate monthly columns.

If you are looking for a monthly sales projection template, you can find one online. Just search for “monthly sales projection template” in your favorite search engine. Some templates also allow you to customize it for shorter or longer periods.

This template is designed to help you input your total projected sales goals for new business and reorders (or subscription renewals, etc.) for each month, as well as actual sales numbers for comparison. Simply enter your data into the white cells and the charts will update automatically. This template can be a helpful tool in tracking your progress towards your sales goals.

The built-in formulas in this Excel spreadsheet will automatically calculate the variance for you, so you can measure the accuracy of your forecasted numbers.

Detailed Sales Forecast Template

This spreadsheet template gives you a quick starting point for putting together your sales forecast and also includes some sample charts. If you need a more comprehensive sales forecasting template that will allow you to analyze projected growth rates, profit margins, and other data, the Vertex42 template is perfect for companies with multiple products. This spreadsheet provides a great starting point for creating your sales forecast, complete with example charts.

You can analyze and compare several products by inputting their monthly sales, prices, and the cost of producing them.

The spreadsheet will then calculate your revenue, growth, margins, and profit.

Sales forecasting spreadsheet templates can help you estimate future sales performance and set achievable goals for your team. By inputting data on past performance and current trends, you can get a better idea of what to expect in the future and plan accordingly. These templates can also help identify any potential roadblocks or opportunities that may impact your sales.

What is sales tracking and why is it important?

Sales tracking is a crucial process for any business that wants to improve its sales performance. By understanding which parts of the sales process are working well and which could be improved, businesses can make changes that leads to more sales and higher profits.

Sales tracking software provides several key benefits, such as accurate sales forecasting, sales team management, and streamlined sales processes. By tracking the right sales metrics, you can take a closer look at your current sales processes and make data-driven decisions for the future. Sales tracking can also show you how well your reps are doing and what the successful reps are doing differently. Additionally, regularly keeping a check on all the different parts of your sales process makes it easier to catch issues before they turn into bigger problems.


If you’re looking for a way to keep track of your sales channel and activity, then look no further than the sales tracking spreadsheet. This ultimate guide will show you how to use them effectively so that you can close more deals and grow your business.

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