CDPs are a relatively new addition to the marketing world, and you don’t hear about them very often outside of that realm. They’re becoming more popular as marketers use them for data-driven decisions.

Marketers have been using CDPs to develop a 360-degree view of their customers.

All good, right? 

Sales has been a beneficiary of everything that good customer service departments have to offer.

More and more companies create CDP account to execute on account-based selling initiatives. Your sales team can do the same with these three tips.

  • Introduce real-time alerts
  • Provide a better understanding of the topic.
  • Work on how we qualify our accounts and generate warm leads.

#1: Real-Time Alerts

Time is the number one obstacle for B2B salespeople.

One of the best ways to prioritize speed is by introducing real-time alerts that notify reps when accounts reach certain milestones.

For example, one company needed an easy way for its sales team to track product usage among prospects. They wanted reps to be able to reach out immediately once they hit a threshold signifying that the account was ready and willing to purchase.

The company used its CDP Sales to help reps know when they need more of a certain product and needed it quickly.

You can create cdp account to be alerted for any type of activity, whether it’s something memorable or not. It just depends on what you want the warning to be about.

The key to doing this well is making sure the data rolls up but also keeping it intact for each user at the same time.

Alerts can be set for the following reasons: -A customer has spent over $100 in a given month, but hasn’t made any purchases in six months. -The same person who bought something from us previously is now buying again.

  • When I first began hiring salespeople, I just assumed pay along with commissions and bonuses would be enough motivation for them.
  • When a user reaches some predetermined level of usage, they are then allowed to access more features or content that were previously unavailable
  • Starting a free trial
  • I never visit more than one website in a day.

#2: Contextualize Conversations to Make Them More Intelligent

Sales teams usually use a sales enablement tool, like Outreach or Salesforce. But marketing information about prospects is often found in the company’s marketing automation software (like EngageBay).

But why the separation?

Sales teams need to know as much about their customers as possible, and this information will help them do that.

Making sure that sales teams have all the information they need will help them be more efficient, productive and effective in the long run.

Criteria Corp used a CDP to help their salespeople better understand potential leads and convert them into meetings more quickly.

The team used to spend hours researching accounts, but now they just look at the data that’s available.

How to make it happen

Make data more accessible in the CRM and sales enablement tools used by Sales every day. Article: With a CDP, you can combine marketing automation platform data with other types of insights to help your team make better decisions.

One needs to collect the following data in order to understand what’s really happening

  • It’s easy to measure how many people are engaging with the marketing content.
  • When a customer starts an account trial.
  • Which contacts have already been contacted by an SDR or a sales rep?

#3: Enhance Account Qualification and Generate Warm Leads

A lot of organizations are struggling to figure out who they should be targeting. If these companies don’t know, it could mean the difference between thousands in revenue and hours wasted.

Recently, I spoke to one organization who realized that the people on their website were interested in them but didn’t convert. They decided to target those individuals.

The sales team used their CDP to track website visitors and tie them back to a specific domain with an IP. Once they found the company’s information, it was easy for them to find out more about that business.

They looked for companies that met their size and industry criteria, as well as who within those organizations was most likely to be visiting the website.

They used Clearbit Prospector to find contact information for those individuals and sent them a few outbound emails as an attempt to re-spark interest. Not only did the people they contacted reply more often, but these replies were also stronger than their standard email campaign.

How to make it happen

You can use a CDP to track fit and intent data in order to make sure your sales team is focusing on the right people.

  • Use an automated email campaign to get in touch with qualified website visitors from a while ago.
  • I found that by allowing qualified leads to schedule their own meetings, it helped expedite the sales process.
  • Look at what topics they follow, and try to find a common thread.
  • Use automated campaigns to remind customers of your product with relevant offers.

Avoid Allowing Marketing to Steal All the CDP Fun

CDPs are a versatile and powerful technology. Even the most sophisticated organizations still haven’t explored their full potential.

CDPs are often owned and operated by marketers, but sales teams can benefit from these platforms as well.

Account-based selling is becoming more and more important in the B2B world, so companies need to find ways to make it easier for salespeople.

Future best-in-class sales teams will know the power of a CDP, which includes using it to target customers better and build relationships that help close deals faster.


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