I can’t predict what will happen with COVID-19, but the people who are able to adjust are going to have a better chance at success in their advance sales careers this year.

All of the changes in advance sales make it difficult to keep up.

  • Around half of companies in the B2B sector have reduced their budgets.
  • The number of people who order is up 250% due to the increase in mobile app usage.
  • A lot of companies are now selling their products remotely.

When you are a salesperson at the frontline, it is important to know what trends are happening in order to change your methods accordingly.

It can feel like your sales career is at a standstill, but it’s possible to make progress. Here are eight tips that will help you succeed.

1. Don’t cut corners.

I’ve been in sales for over 20 years, and I know that no matter what happens with the economy or other factors, we need to maintain our high standards.

Pressure to close deals is always around, but your customers want you to show them that they are getting the most out of their money.

Instead of pushing for a sale, take the time to examine your tactics and ask yourself if you are cutting corners or operating in an ethical way.

2. Look for different ways to innovate

When it comes to business, sometimes the best thing you can do is take risks. When times are difficult and there’s uncertainty in your company, don’t be afraid of change.

Larry Clark, the managing director of Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning and author of “The Innovator’s DNA: Mastering Our Inner Creative Genius,” says that crises present unique conditions for innovators to think more freely and create rapid change.

When times are uncertain, companies need to take bold action in order to come out on top.

3. Stay upbeat

In his book How Customers Think, Professor Gerald Zaltman says that in times of crisis people are drawn to what makes them feel gratified.

My main takeaway from this is to be genuine and pleasant with every interaction, not just those you have face-to-face. Customers will notice how much more positive your interactions are when they don’t see it up close.

Salespeople who are successful share 10 common traits.

A positive attitude will often lead to a successful and advance sales in the short-term and a long lasting relationship.

4. Use a clear process

You need to have a structured process for advance sales. You can’t just be guessing what you should do next, because if the customer isn’t buying then it’s your fault.

If you define each stage in the advance sales process beforehand, it teaches you to anticipate what a prospect needs and how they need help. It also lets them know where their pain points are so that at least one of those can be resolved.

It’s important to always stay on task, and this helps you do that.

5. Act as a resource to advance sales career

When you interact with consumers, don’t expect to make an advance sales right away. Act like an accessible resource and provide information for your customers.

Instead of being overly promotional, think about how you can educate and empower them through your niche.

It’s important to help customers when they need it. It doesn’t always lead to an advance sales, but you’re more likely to make one in the long run.

It is important to be helpful and kind, not just when you are on the job but also in your everyday life. Customers will appreciate this more than anything else.

6. Elevate your standards.

Of course, you’re held accountable for your work. But the only one who knows how much more you can do is yourself.

Nick Hedges of Velocify said that the top 20% make high performance their default assumption.

The best way to get ahead is by challenging yourself. Always try and beat the benchmarks set, like 25% annual revenue growth for instance.

7. Invest in learning continuously

Many professionals are not open to learning new skills because they think that their current knowledge is enough.

If you want to grow and advance your business, make sure that you are constantly learning about the industry or market trends.

Debbie Allen, author of Success Is Easy points out that curious minds want to know more and are not content with the status quo. They go beyond their current knowledge

8. Understand the why

Everyone has a conviction that informs their actions. It might be helpful to reflect on your own convictions, and then ask yourself how these convicting beliefs are impacting the way you do business.

If you can find clarity on the purpose of your business, then there will be an incentive to keep going when times are tough.

First, figure out what the customer needs and why they need it. Once you know that, start conversations with prospects to show them how your product or service will help.

The bottom line

We can’t always predict what will happen in the future, but we should plan for how to continue achieving and succeeding no matter what.

Here are three things I have learned through my many years of sales experience.

-Salespeople should focus on the buyer’s perspective and be able to empathize with them

-A good salesman will study their product or service so they can know it inside out, as well as how it is different from other products in the market.

Look for opportunities to innovate and problem solve. Act ethically, even if you don’t see an immediate payoff.

Be the best you can be. Aim for more than what your company expects of you, and never settle with being average.

The most important things are motivation and attitude. Make sure you focus on the positives, which will help with your customer interactions.

Now you can begin to work on your current job and start making it better.

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