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I love listening to podcasts. These are the best sales podcasts I’ve found so far!

The ability to listen to an almost inexhaustible supply of training, case studies, and applicable tips via sales podcasts shouldn’t be taken for granted. From individual sales reps to Founders, there are so many great “shows” to help you become better at your job. The biggest concern for hardworking folks is the time it takes to search out quality programs. That’s why we’ve put together a massive list with dozens of sales podcasts (ones that are still active) along with over 100 quality episodes ready to download and follow you to the gym, car, or anywhere else.


The Gist:   Sales Success Stories focuses on the people who are still picking up the phone and calling leads—not those who’ve since left the ranks of SDR and BDR. The people interviewed are actively in a sales role and offer up tips to those who are still “pounding the pavement”. Best 3 Episodes:  
  1. Episode 12: Interview with the top BDR of Vidyard
  2. Episode 7: Interview with SalesLoft’s top SDR
  3. Episode 3: The number one regional sales director from Influitive
Podcaster Blurb: The host, Scott Ingram, started the podcast on self-described “selfish” terms to find those who are successful in the world of sales and learn their best practices and tips. A salesperson himself, he publishes the bi-weekly podcast in hopes to help others who want to improve their skills while improving his own. Connect with the Host: LinkedIn: Scott Ingram The Gist:   Predictable Prospecting brings in some of the top minds in lead gen, social selling, and sales process. The big hitters share some of the best tips that can boost an individual rep’s performance or even transform an entire team and organization for the better. Best 3 Episodes:
  1. Episode 38: Gabriel Padva – Role of the Sales Development Rep (SDR)
  2. Episode 16: Growth Marketing Funnel – Samuel Woods
  3. Episode 5: Understanding Buyer Personas – Adele Revella
Podcaster Blurb: Marylou Tyler is a top-of-funnel mastermind. Filling the pipeline with quality leads is a concept that so many neglect. You’ll be sure to hear the importance of prospecting as well as dynamite for the rest of your sales process, even if you listen to a few episodes. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @maryloutyler The Gist:   The podcast with something for everyone. Internet marketers, inbound fanatics, individual sales reps, team leads, founders and just about anyone else who is “sales facing” will enjoy so many of the episodes. Leading experts from the entire spectrum of sales in one place. Best 3 Episodes:
  1. Prospect Profitably and Predictably with Marylou Tyler
  2. Sell More by Email with Copywriter, Entrepreneur, Rebel Ben Settle
  3. Build Strong Sales Teams Fast with Justin Welsh
Podcaster Blurb: Wes Schaeffer calls himself “The Sales Whisperer” and it could be said that he also whispers to anyone who is good at sales. In his own words, he’s also a “Ruthlessly Pragmatic sales trainer, marketing consultant, keynote speaker, copy writer, InfusionSoft expert, Doer. Nothing happens until a sale is made. A sale cannot be made until a prospect has been identified. A prospect cannot be identified until a business owner informs the marketplace that they are in business with a valuable offering. Each step must be carefully crafted and integrated and then automated in order to create a business that sustains you vs. a service that drains you. I help you build all of that.” Connect with the Host: Twitter: @saleswhisperer The Gist:   Linking into Sales deals strictly with strategy, lead generation, and sales tactics using everyone’s favorite networking site; LinkedIn. There are other topics (typically social media related), and guests that provide a wealth of tips and other data to give you an edge when you’re rubbing virtual elbows with your prospects. Best 3 Episodes:   
  1. Episode 077: Three Skills a Sales Coach Focuses On
  2. Episode 099: Social Selling Vs. Social Commerce: How They are Not the Same Thing
  3. Episode 088: Why Social Selling is About Opening, Not Closing
Podcaster Blurb: The podcast is co-hosted by Martin Brossman, Greg Hyer, and Elyse Archer. The group has decades of sales experience in companies like IBM and has extensive experience in social media and sales training. The wealth of knowledge and training available on the site and the podcast is incredible. Connect with the Hosts: Twitter: @martinbrossman, @greghyer, and @elysearcher. The Gist:   A refreshing mix of interviews with successful individual reps, sales giants, entrepreneurs and tech tools of the trade. There is a lot to like about this modern take and relatively new podcast. The big tips and circuit-traveling experts are well interviewed and the pragmatic tips are well laid out. Best 3 Episodes:
  1. Trish Bertuzzi: The Account Based Approach to Sales and Marketing
  2. Kristin Zhivago: How to Sell the Way Buyers Buy Now—in the Digital Age
  3. TechTalk 14: Hashtagger and HootSuite   
(Links to their iTunes and Stitcher) Podcaster Blurb: A weekly show offering both audio and video, led by Sean Mitchell and Phill Keene. The show started out as a “for sales practitioners by sales practitioners” kind of experience, but has since morphed into up-to-date content in a very humble, yet helpful style that is listened to by reps and teams across the globe. Connect with the Hosts: Twitter: @seanmmitchell and @philkeene The Gist:   A vast amount of podcasts (soon to be over 400). The site is well-organized with an alphabetical topics list with dozens of tags from B2B sales to time management. The episodes are chocked full of advice that is beneficial for reps, leads, and founders alike. There aren’t many episodes that should be skipped, it’s a fantastic program. Best 3 Episodes:  
  1. Plan, Prepare and Travel for Business. With Briget Gleason
  2. Build a High Performance Sales Culture. With Ron Karr
  3. Boost Conversions with “Email-First” Cold Calls. With Connor Lee
Podcaster Blurb: Andy Paul brings over 30 years of experience to the table as a sales leader, author, speaker and consultant. While he now pumps out podcasts like it’s his job, he’s helped startups and Fortune 1000 companies (and virtually all types of businesses) boost performance with their sales processes. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @ZeroTimeSelling The Gist:   Definitely one of the younger podcasts on our list, but it serves as a training-style program for newer reps and founders looking to understand the sales process better. If you’re a hardcore sales vet, there may be one or two episodes of value. However, if you’re a new recruit or rep that is struggling—listen up. Best 3 Episodes:  
  1. Episode 20: Finding Your Next Sales Job
  2. Episode 27: Sales Enablement
  3. Episode 25: Planning Your Sales Call
Podcaster Blurb: Mike Connor and Mike Simmons have almost 50 years of combined sales experience. They now help founders and businesses build sales teams quickly by avoiding the typical pitfalls and mountains of faulty information on the subject. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @catalystsale
The Gist:   You can tell by the name of the program that it is designed to help to get a hold of and have conversations with qualified prospects. Most of the episodes deal with some variation of this (and there are a ton of them). Some are mindset-driven, others are interviews, and then there are some with direct sales tips. Best 3 Episodes:
  1. Episode #236: How Not to Get in the Door
  2. Episode #051: How do you “Target” Your Target Market
  3. Episode#091 Daily Disciplines to Become a Better Salesperson
Podcaster Blurb: Steve Kloyda is the founder of The Prospecting Expert and has been refining the process of finding and engaging in selling experiences for over 30 years. He’s made over 250,000 sales and prospecting calls while analyzing over 25,000 more. It’s safe to say, he knows how to engage. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @stevekloyda

The Gist:   The Outside Sales Talk podcast interviews sales experts, thought leaders, authors, speakers, and trainers. Listeners receive actionable advice on how they can become more successful in outside sales and how to develop their sales skills. Best 3 Episodes:
  1. Episode 34: How Ultra-High Performers Use Time Management – with Jeb Blount
  2. Episode 42: Anatomy of a Lousy Pitch: Worst Presentation Habits & How to Avoid Them – with Tim Wackel
  3. Episode 50: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It: How to Apply FBI Tactics in Sales – with Chris Voss
Podcaster Blurb: Steve Benson is a passionate life and career coach whose expertise lies in sales, startups, company culture, entrepreneurship, SaaS, and leadership. By sharing his experience, Steve’s goal is to help outside salespeople perform at their best. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @SteveBenson

The Gist: This podcast comes to the list as a reader recommended choice! The Conquer Local podcast is a great mix of interviews and educational content. You’ll find interviews from experts like Rand Fishkin and Colleen Francis right alongside valuable lessons about things like elevator pitches and prospecting.

Best 3 Episodes:

The Gist:   Before you think this is only a podcast for execs, we urge you to take a look at the benefits for leads and reps. The somewhat deceitful title means to tell you that your personal revenue (as an SDR) can increase by using their tips in the program. There are founder-esque tips, but most are for the sales crew. Best 3 Episodes:
  1. How to Properly Use Sales Scripts and Active Listening
  2. Jill Rowley: The Keys to Social Selling
  3. Using Content Marketing as a Follow Up Tool
Podcaster Blurb: Ian Altman works with some of the biggest companies in the world to help them modernize their sales processes for the digital age. He’s fast becoming a well-known keynote speaker at live events, as well as podcaster, to help share tips and lessons he’s learned helping companies grow beyond the billion dollar mark. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @ianaltman The Gist:   In The Arena is an interview-style podcast with some of the best salespeople who are making it happen. The show is full of value and the show notes are meaty (if you don’t have time to listen). There are also great time stamps to skip ahead to the information that interests you most. Best 3 Episodes:
  1. Episode 78: Tell and Sell: Why Stories Build Trust and Sell Things More
  2. Episode 71: Mark Hunter on How to Target and Win High Profit Prospects
  3. Episode 48: Stu Heinecke on How to Get a Meeting with Anyone
Podcaster Blurb:

Anthony Iannarino is an international speaker, bestselling author, sales leader, and entrepreneur. In addition to the weekly podcast, he updates his blog regularly to include daily sales tips to boost your confidence and skill level.

Connect with the Host:

Twitter: @iannarino

The Gist: The title of this program pretty much is the gist. Its episodes are geared towards those in sales leadership roles and take a look at how to grow revenue, land big positions, and otherwise rock an entire sales department. Anyone in the inside sales camp should find something of value. Best 3 Episodes:
  1. Episode 36: How to Drive Incremental Revenue via Sales Enablement
  2. Episode 31: Mastering Account Management as a Sales Professional
  3. Episode 11: How to Increase Inside Sales Appointment Setting 300%
Podcaster Blurb: This valuable show seems to be made by some successful founders with a new idea to offer conversation analytics. The company isn’t officially launched (at the time of this post), but you can go ahead and enjoy the valuable content now. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @Chris_Orlob The Gist:   Not nearly as much as a topical, tip-based show (there are a few of those episodes). More of a conversational “fireside chat” environment with a more fluid conversation. If you prefer a talk radio style environment, or just enjoy hearing people talk about your line of work—it’s worth a shot. Best 3 Episodes:  
  1. Episode 55: How to Keep Your Clients Engaged and Motivated
  2. The Right Mindset to Attract Clients       
  3. Episode 57: The Authentic Approach to Selling
Podcaster Blurb: If you get the attitude of the host, you’ll get the format of the show. Chris Spurvey is a best-selling author as well as a media resource on the subject of sales. “I believe that feeling good about sales is the foundation for success in business. I will help you feel good about sales.”—Chris Spurvey Connect with the Host: Twitter: @chrisspurvey The Gist:   Path to Mastery is an interview-based show with a broad mix of individual sales reps, team leads, and even entrepreneurs who share their value via the program. You’ll find industry-specific help (typically real estate) as well as great tips for building a well-run sales team. Best 3 Episodes:  
  1. Episode 48: Why You Should Never Fly Solo
  2. Episode 31: Expansion! What to Know About Attracting Talent and Building a Big Business!
  3. Episode 10: Phone Prospecting 101
Podcaster Blurb: With about 30,000 hours of on-the-phone prospecting, David Hill has put in the time to getting those meaningful conversations. When others were switching to email and social, he kept calling, in the real estate industry no less. His dedication sold 42 homes in his first year, all via phone prospecting. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @davidhill771 The Gist:   Sales Babble really focuses on reps with tips, mindset help, and best practices to help you better yourself as a sales person. Each episode is in an interview style with big names in the sales world and the show notes are filled with useful links and bonus resources. Best 3 Episodes:  
  1. Staying Motivated While Selling Technology #128
  2. How to Sell a Software App #149
  3. Top 10 Tools Sales and Marketing for 2017 #144
Podcaster Blurb: Pat Helmers wants to train ethical sales reps who genuinely seek the best for their potential customers and the businesses they represent. It’s not necessarily a novel concept in the current world of software, but it was when he started in the sales world. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @pathelmers The Gist:   Sales Funnel Mastery is the perfect podcast for inbound sales reps (and marketing folks) looking to improve their funnel conversion rate. There are shows for anyone in sales, but it’s definitely geared towards the funnel. The episodes are short and to the point, which is a plus for many. Best 3 Episodes:
  1. 3 Crucial Questions to Help Focus Your Growth Efforts
  2. How to Sell More with Stories
  3. How to Sell More to Prospects on the Fence
Podcaster Blurb: Jeremy Reeves is a hard-working direct response copywriter with some impressive credentials. He helps companies and individual entrepreneurs build sales funnels that convert and bring in higher revenue. There is a lot of value to be gained from his sales writing ability and overall attitude towards email marketing. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @JeremyReeves The Gist:   Another podcast (mostly) devoted to sales funnel building. This one is definitely more focused on providing tips to improve your funnel performance. The episodes have tips for any sales environment, but its vast theme is to build a sequence that motivates and sells. Best 3 Episodes:  
  1. Episode 23: The Four Essentials to Get Fast at Click Funnels
  2. HeySteve Show 2: How I Got 53,000 People to an Internet Sales Funnel in 2 Days
  3. Episode 37: The Power of Perception
(Links to iTunes and SoundCloud.) Podcaster Blurb: Steve Larson loves sales funnels. He even offers to give them away on his website. This “self-taught” expert has spend his time through door-to-door sales all the way to helping businesses finesse their email sequences to promote higher conversions. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @stephen_larsen1 The Gist:   The Sales Influence program is a younger podcast that has some unique value and a lot of promise. There are case study episodes every so often that give a detailed look into the exact process of selling specific goods and services. Not a bad morale booster for the rep looking for some motivation. Best 3 Episodes:
  1. Episode 022: 7 Ways to Avoid Discounting
  2. Episode 037: Pricing Concerns Changes Over Time
  3. Episode 007: 10 Sales Presentation Tips
(Link to the Podcast Page.) Podcaster Blurb: Victor Antonio is a giant in the sales motivation world. He’s shared the stage with the likes of Zig Ziglar and has worked with some of the biggest companies on the planet. Now he teaches people how to sell using his vast experiences via free and paid training. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @VictorAntonio The Gist:   Sales Integrity is a straightforward, informational podcast that covers some deep subjects in the art of selling. From science to psychology, each program will deliver some insights to help you better understand both yourself and your customers. Best 3 Episodes:
  1. Episode #23: The 3 Primary Business Outcomes Your Customers Seek From You
  2. Episode #16: What Does It Truly Mean to Have “Sales Integrity”
  3. Episode #7: The Six Core Competencies of Top Sales Achievers
Podcaster Blurb: The host, Sean Piket, is the CEO of the company Sales Integrity. It’s a service that coaches individuals and teams to improve sales performance. Sean’s an expert in creating, building and improving sales operations using his 23+ years of experience in sales and business development. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @seanpiket The Gist:   The Salesman Podcast is all about the B2B and is one of (if not) the most popular shows on the subject. Hundreds of episodes to help closers close better. Not only is the focus on selling better, but ensuring that your attitude and mental health stay strong with a mix of pointers and inspirational guests. Best 3 Episodes:  
  1. Episode 247: A Step by Step Guide to Implementing Account Based Selling
  2. Episode 238: How to Use Gamification to Increase Your Sales Productivity
  3. Episode 175: What is SaaS and How Do You Sell It?
Podcaster Blurb: The host, Will Barron, is a sales professional who is asking his guests the same questions that he would like answered. It’s through his genuine desire to improve his abilities that bring listeners relevant and useful conversations that will improve anyone’s game. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @salesmanpodcast The Gist:   Sales Pipeline brings you interviews with top executives in the sales world to find out what is working in the current environment. If you like to stay up-to-date in the subjects of content that sells, account based marketing, and a healthy pipeline, take a good look here. Best 3 Episodes:  
  1. Content Marketing, What’s Working?
  2. Account Based Marketing – Joys and Failures
  3. Discover Fundamental Metrics to Understand Pipeline Health
Podcaster Blurb: Matt Heinz is the President and Founder of Heinz marketing. He’s an award-winning blogger, podcaster, and a dynamic speaker that gives away raw value in every form of communication offered. With 15+ years of experience in marketing and business development, he’s a wealth of knowledge for any pipeline builder. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @HeinzMarketing The Gist:   The perception of sales hasn’t always been the best. Most who’ve never been on a cold-call have a terrible outlook on the profession. While that may never go away, the Reinvented Podcast hopes to show that you don’t have to be sleazy to be good at sales and you don’t have to be ashamed of the career path you chose. You’ll also get a lot better at it with the awesome guests. Best 3 Episodes:
  1. Episode 22: Objective Based Selling
  2. Episode 19: Create Value Before You Extract Value
  3. Episode 14: Solving People’s Problems for a Profit
Podcaster Blurb: Paul Watts is a certified sales professional with over 20 years of sales experience. He’s on the hunt for the best sales tactics and considers himself a “Student of Sales”. He’s trying to improve the image of sales by having some of the most stand-up figures in the industry as guests on the show. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @salesreinvented The Gist:   Most of the podcasts on this list are longer-form content of over 20 minutes. Sales Tip a Day is a short, impactful show that attempts to give a quick win to those in the sales community focused on using LinkedIn to generate leads. Some episodes are answered questions and others are just straight up tips and most episodes are less than 10 minutes in length. Best 3 Episodes:
  1. How to Find Sales Leads with Second Level LinkedIn Connections
  2. LinkedIn the Sandler Way
  3. 5 Ways to Generate Business on LinkedIn
Podcaster Blurb: Chris Hamilton is a 20+ year sales veteran who wants to share the information and knowledge that he has amassed over the years in his career. He’s clear to point out that the tips shared via the podcast and the posts on his site are his take on sales and marketing; giving readers full permission to disagree. Humility and sales knowledge are a powerful combination. Connect with the Host: Email: The Gist:   Sales Tuners has a knack for getting world class talent in the sales industry to give away some great knowledge that either advanced their careers, built their companies, or helped them see tangible results. A professional-feel and smooth format make for easy listening, too. Best 3 Episodes:  
  1. Episode 005: Batter Up: Setting the Ground Rules for a Sales Meeting
  2. Episode 016: Why You Need a Clearly Defined Sales Process
  3. Episode 027: The Anatomy of a Sales Slump (and How to Dig Yourself Out)
Podcaster Blurb: Jim Brown coaches tech companies and reps in the Sandler Selling System. Additionally, he hosts a weekly podcast and interviews sales leaders and high performing salespeople about all things that have led to their success. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @salestuners The Gist:   Disruptive marketing and sales tactics are perfect for B2B, tech, and especially software. This podcast is all about prospecting, marketing, and pitching in a disruptive way to gain edge over the competition and break into the mind of your potential customers. There are categories to help you sort out past episodes and a lot of packed value in every show. Best 3 Episodes:  
  1. Disrupt Sales with Marketing Automation that Feels Human
  2. The Five Critical Elements of Disruptive Marketing Science
  3. Influencer Marketing Done Right Disrupts Sales
Podcaster Blurb: Mark S. A. Smith creates systems for companies that find and convert ideal buyers. Mark has authored 13 popular books and sales guides as well as writing and contributing 400 magazine articles. He’s a disruptive and guerrilla marketer who loves leadership, team building, sales and marketing. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @marksasmith The Gist:   Obviously, the focus of the podcast is to help sales professionals and marketers move more products through social media. That said, the topics of discussion range from sales productivity to improving your close rate all the way to brand building. The majority of the content does have a social skew, but value can be found by any in the sales industry. Best 3 Episodes:  
  1. Episode 5: Increasing Your Sales Productivity
  2. Episode 9: Successful Sales Enablement and Succession Planning
  3. Episode 12: How to Achieve Sales Excellence by Focusing on the Basics
Podcaster Blurb: Mario Martinez Jr. is the CEO of M3Jr Growth Strategies. A keynote speaker, top-ranked sales expert and considered one of the top social sales experts in the world. Through the podcast, blogs, and live events, Mario teaches sales leaders and reps how to grow company revenues, develop a brand, and attract buyers using social media. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @M_3Jr The Gist:   A younger podcast, but promising. Smart Sales Pro is a mix of personal tips from the host and interviews from people who are “in the trenches” of the sales and marketing world. Small business owners, sales reps, and others come onto the program to share what they are using today to make quota. Best 3 Episodes:
  1. Episode 022: Staying Patient in a Buyers Market
  2. Episode 018: The Perfect Close
  3. Episode 007: 5 Common Traits of a Qualified Prospect
Podcaster Blurb: Michael Mason has went from inside sales to sales coach and now has a podcast to help other reps stop complaining about their lackluster performance and get to work improving their numbers through education, practice and application. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @smartsalespro The Gist:   Getting sales rolling at a startup can be nerve-racking for founders and extremely lucrative for BDRs, SDRs, and team leads. The challenges that face new organizations are unique and need specific sales strategies to tackle those situations. This program has straightforward tips for startups as well as interviews with founders and professionals that are succeeding. Best 3 Episodes:
  1. Episode 21: Product Demos the Right Way, & Avoiding the “Ikea Demo”
  2. Episode 25: Content Selling vs Content Marketing
  3. Episode 28 Converting Free Trials, Soft Contracts, and Why Sales Prospects
Podcaster Blurb: Scott Sambucci is a startup veteran with nearly 20 years of experience building sales processes, developing new markets, and creating technology products. He’s also an accomplished university teacher in the art of sales with courses in Sales Management, Pricing, Marketing Economics, Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @scottsambucci The Gist:   With well over four hundred episodes, The Advanced Selling Podcast is an extensive and valuable resource for anyone who fancies themselves a salesperson. There are episodes that deal with every portion of the pipeline both close up and the 10,000 foot view. The shows could be organized a bit better (for searching), but there is so much good stuff there. Best 3 Episodes:  
  1. Episode 417: How to Not Annoy Your Prospects
  2. Episode 423: Old School Sales Language
  3. Episode 440: Getting Somebody to Do Something They Don’t Want to Do
Podcaster Blurb: Co-hosts Bryan Neale and Bill Caskey each have decades of experience helping businesses and sales team ramp up their growth and see serious gains. Keynote speakers, authors, and Brian is even an official in the NFL! These guys know how to train and grow a sales team to consistent gains. Connect with the Hosts: Twitter: @advancedselling The Gist:   One of the youngest podcasts on our list. B2B Revenue Leadership may seem like an odd name, but what’s even more peculiar is the ability of the host to attract some of the guests. This program only features B2B executives picking their brains and sharing their insights into selling products to brands. Best 3 Episodes:  
  1. How the Sales Model Has Changed
  2. How to Find Your Total Addressable Market
  3. How to Rapidly Build Out Your Inside Sales Team
(Link to iTunes.) Podcaster Blurb: Brian Burns has spent over 20 years selling enterprise software for start-ups. Since then, he’s been working with a few businesses at a time to improve their B2B sales and grow revenue. To help other companies and B2B reps, he started the podcast to interview CEOs, CMOs, CROs and just about any other chief you can dream up. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @briangburns The Gist:   The majority of sales podcasts are in an interview-style format where experts come on and say a few useful things and talk about a range of topics. The Funnel breaks that mold and offers a focused topic on each episode in an instructional format. The titles could be training modules and, if you like the style, it could be a library of value. Best 3 Episodes:  
  1. Episode 181: 6 of the Best Onboarding Practices
  2. Episode 200: 5 Sales Meetings Every Manager Needs to Master
  3. Episode 212: The Sales Managers Role in Marketing Alignment
Podcaster Blurb: John Shea is a synergy expert that has helped companies throughout the U.S. get the sales team facing the same direction. Whipping teams into shape, John assists sales departments to achieve growth, develop the sales team, on-board, enhance process, and with the hiring process. Every stage of building a successful sales force. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @sheajohnr The Gist:   Hardcore Closer is really the only name that you could give this podcast. It’s a no-nonsense look at the world of sales made to help reps sell more stuff. The well-done show is a break from the monotony of the interview and dry style of (some) other podcasts. Reps and team leads will benefit the most. A lot of solid sales tips to help you make quota. Best 3 Episodes:  
  1. Episode 013: How to Get Your Clients to Send You Everyone They Know
  2. Episode 037: How to Deliver a Superior Service for Your Clients
  3. Episode 051: 7 Free & Simple Sales Hacks that Will Help You Close More Sales
Podcaster Blurb: Ryan Stewman is an unapologetic sales type who is driven and talented. His story is unique and compelling, from starting in sales at the age of 13 to almost losing everything after one piece of legislation and a rocky past took away his mortgage sales career. The guy knows his stuff and can teach you how to sell better and close more. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @hardcorecloser The Gist:   Salesforce started a podcast. It’s still a little young, but the interview-style program shows some promise. With the extensive list of contributors and clients, there is a seeming never-ending list of guests to bring value and insight to listeners. Quotable is already showing promise and will likely become an internet favorite as it continues. Best 3 Episodes:
  1. Episode #31: The Sales Skills That Can’t Be Taught
  2. Episode #16: How to Get Your Sales Reps to Remember Their Sales Training
  3. Episode #12: Scheduling the Ideal Sales Day: 5 Ideas for Structuring Your Time
Podcaster Blurb: Salesforce started this podcast as a way to provide value to their clients and the sales staff who use their popular CRM to track leads. In an effort to provide a broader scope of sales resources, the company has created an entire online magazine devoted to finding the best and relaying their tips to readers and listeners. Connect with the Hosts: Twitter: @Quotable The Gist:   Sales Acceleration is a podcast put on by the folks at It’s an interview-style program that tackles issues for reps, leads, and owners in an intensely useful way. Through focused subjects, the hosts pull from industry experts to help listeners build the processes and systems that work. Best 3 Episodes:  
  1. Episode 67: Time Based Closing Strategies: The High Cost of Procrastination
  2. Episode 60: How CEO’s Break Revenue Plateaus
  3. Episode 53: Unraveling the Sales Stack: What 600 Sales Leaders Say are Must Haves    
(Links to iTunes and Stitcher.) Podcaster Blurb: Gabe Larsen and Steve Eror co-host and are, by no means, new to the sales game. Both have helped companies get past the hangups that keep their clients from seeing the type of accelerated growth that everyone wants. Their expertise helps them ask the right questions that provoke guests to give away gold. Connect with the Hosts: Twitter: @InsideSales The Gist:   You’d be hard pressed to find another sales podcast that has pumped out as much content as The Sales Evangelist. There are over 500 short episodes (typically interviews) with actionable tips, encouraging stories, or industry trends to help anyone who sells for a living. Best 3 Episodes:
  1. Episode 522: Sales People Are Not Marketers
  2. Episode 501: Sales Manager Survival Guide
  3. Episode 487: How to Become Indispensable to Prospects and Clients
Podcaster Blurb: Donald Kelly calls himself “the sales evangelist” and has devoted himself to helping anyone with the desire to succeed in the industry do just that. The podcast is a great way to start, but there is no shortage of content to be found both paid and free. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @DonaldCKelly The Gist:   A very new, but promising podcast that is almost exclusively for individual sales reps. There may not be too many insights on growing a startup, but there will be tons of value for anyone who is new to sales and looking for reliable tips from successful professionals. Best 3 Episodes:  
  1. The 7 Essential Components of a Direct Sales Conversation
  2. How Many Times Should I Follow Up?
  3. Make More Sales by Mastering The Phone Appointment
Podcaster Blurb: Tasha Smith has 15 years of experience training and leading sales teams. Now, she and her colleagues help their students communicate the value of their products, understand the sales process, and improve their results so they can achieve their goals. Connect with the Host: Twitter: @EmergeTrg The Gist:   Sales Polish is a podcast created to get past all of the tips and tricks from most other programs and to “…really uncover the beliefs, though processes, creativity and character traits that make [the show’s guests] wildly successful.” Best 3 Episodes:  
  1. Building Credibility, Unusual Negotiation Skills, and How to Get Promoted 
  2. A $2.5 Million Dollar Deal, Guiding Principles to Success, and Breaking the Internet
  3. What Makes a Great Sales Rep?
Podcaster Blurb: The show is hosted by Arlina Allen, a talented sales professional who intends on taking advantage of her location (Silicon Valley) to network with some of the greatest tech and sales professionals. Gaining insights and stories through these conversations, she’ll add value to anyone in a client-facing role. Connect with the Host:  Twitter: @ArlinaAllen1  

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Brooke Harper

This list has gotten pretty long, Justin! But it’s all been worth it. The insights you get from these podcasts are invaluable. I’d also like to share some sales podcasts. I’m not sure if some of them are already on your list but if it isn’t, I hope your readers can also take time to listen to them.

Will Barron

Thanks for the mention! There’s a tonne of great shows in here.

Victor Antonio

Thank you and great list!

David Dulany
Dani Mario
Dani Mario

This is such an expansive list. Consider Conquer Local with George Leith. It’s no-nonsense selling, and speaks really well to the SaaS experience!

Adam Springer

Hey Justin, can you take a look at “Startup Sales” podcast and see if it fits well to this list?

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