However, cold email outreach is still a very efficient way to acquire customers and grow revenue.

The fact that so many people are sending mass emails without any personalization whatsoever represents a huge opportunity to stand out from spammers and get more replies.

Why being different is so important?

Well… it’s pretty straightforward. Most generic emails we receive look something like this:

“Hi {{firstName}},

Did you know that MY COMPANY can help you get more customers thanks to bla bla bla…”

Boring, delete!


Differentiating yourself from such emails and crafting a more human approach is your go-to strategy here. When your email is different and it’s oriented towards building a relationship, people are going to notice it immediately.

What is the ultimate goal of a cold sales email?

Before explaining how to get more replies using personalized images, I wanted to start with an important reminder.

Most people fail at getting great results with cold emails because they are setting wrong expectations.

Cold sales emails aren't made to make people buy from you on day one, but to create interaction and foster genuine connections. Share on X

Cold sales emails are not made to make people buy from you on day one.

They are there to create interaction and foster genuine connections. In the end of almost every cold sales email, the call to action should be an invitation for a call, video conference or live meeting.

Please keep in mind that trying to push for sales or free trial signups will bring nothing more than poor results.

How to get more replies to your emails?

The first step to get noticed is to make an impact. One of the best tactics to do that is to leverage personalized images.


I know what you’re thinking! Personalizing every single image is one time-consuming behemoth of a task…

Luckily, that’s precisely the reason why we’ve created lemlist … the first email automation platform that allows you to automatically generate personalized images inside your emails.

Basically, all you have to do is insert first names, company logos, website screenshots or anything you wish, and lemlist will do the rest for you.

Once you’ve have the attention of the person you’re reaching out to, the goal then is to build a relationship. The number one way to accomplish this is to make the email about them and not about you.

Who wouldn’t want to receive a genuine compliment? No one, right? Okay, so why not use the exact same strategy in your emails.

You always have to end with a clear call to action. Share on X

Finally, you always have to end with a clear call to action. As I mentioned above, it could be a call, a lunch date, a video conference etc…

Let’s now have a look at some successful templates:

1 The Website brainstorm

image template 4

As you can see, the person will receive an email with a screenshot of their website. That’s a pretty good way to make an impact.

Here, the first sentence and the subject line are clearly about the company they’re reaching out to. Another great part is the end. As you can see, it says that they have many more ideas to help the company grow and they’d love to share all of them during a chat.

Who would want to say no to someone who brainstormed growth ideas with his team? I guess no one…

2 The Starbucks coffee cup for relationship building

image template 2

This template is purely for relationship building. The reasons why it’s working are the following:

– the email is pretty funny

– It’s very human because you can see the person who’s reaching out to you

– It’s super personal because you see a cup of coffee with your name on it

Who would refuse a cup of coffee from Starbucks, delivered while still hot?

3 The partnership email template

image template 6

The third and final template is ideal for partnerships. A meaningful partnership is an excellent way to build relationships with people and create win-win situations.

The template itself is funny as it’s using a very popular dating app (you know the name 🙂 as a reference. The fact that every person would receive an email with their logo is a good way to grab attention.


If you want to start getting more replies to your cold sales emails, you can directly integrate lemlist with LeadFuze. Feel free to also have a look at all our email templates. Every week, we’re releasing a new one by the way!

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Guillaume Moubeche
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Guillaume Moubeche is the CEO and co-founder of lemlist, a cold sales email automation platform that allows to get more replies to your cold emails thanks to ultra personalization. He grew his company from 0 to 8000+ customers in less than a year.