Email Outreach: 5 Ways to Go From Cold to Conversation

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The best thing about email outreach as a lead generation strategy, is you can target exactly who you want!

Cold email outreach can get a bad rap. This is usually from someone who doesn’t understand the full effect. If you know how to use cold email outreach for growth, you will start to see just how powerful it can be!

How to Use Cold Email Outreach for Growth

Here are five ways to use cold email outreach to grow your business:

1. Lead Generation

Obviously the whole LeadFuze business model depends on this strategy.

This is probably the most common way to use cold email outreach. If your business is needing a consistent lead generation channel, you should be considering cold email outreach.

This works especially well for B2B startups, SaaS products, early stage companies, as well as outfits that don’t have large sales teams in place. It can also be effective for individual sales reps within larger sales teams to get leads coming to you with interest.

2. Market Research

Another way to use cold email outreach is for market research. It might be to validate a startup idea, learn pain points of a target market, gather survey results, or strictly for data gathering purposes that you use for a report or whitepaper.

Be sure you follow up with them when you publish the whitepaper and thank them for contributing.

With Workado (a software project I started before LeadFuze), I used this strategy for gathering feedback on which systems marketing agencies were currently using to manage their campaigns. It was a soft intro to Workado, but at the same time it allowed me to gather data that I could use to determine which existing software solutions I might want to integrate with.

This led to customer sign-ups as well as great information that can be used for integration planning.

3. Seminar or Webinar Invitations

Using email outreach to target your ideal customers with an invitation to a seminar or webinar can be hugely effective.

Education falls right in line with consultative selling. Provided your event isn’t really just a masked attempt to show a demo, then you can build trust and credibility with your audience.

Now they are in your funnel, you’ve demonstrated expertise, and ideally provided them something of value.

4. List Building

This is more important for early stage startups. If you don’t have much of a list, you need to start somewhere.

Reaching out to people with something of value can be a great way to build up your initial list. Click To Tweet

Your efforts won’t go anywhere if you don’t truly have something of value to the person you’re emailing. Guides that help your prospective customer make money, save money, or save time should be the focus.

5. Influencer Promotion

How else can you use cold email outreach for GROWTH? One of the best ways to drive a large amount of traffic to your website is to have a key influencer in your industry share your content.

To find who your industry influencers are, head over to BuzzSumo and look up a keyword/industry. For our purposes, we might want to look for influencers in the “sales” space:

How to Use Cold Email Outreach for Growth-sales influencers

So right off the bat, I can see people like Mark Hunter, Jill Konrath, and David Brock, who might find what we are doing interesting and be able to help provide exposure if I built up a good relationship with them.

Side Note: Mentioning their names and linking to them in a blog post is a good way to start the relationship, since they get value out of that and at the same time there’s a good chance they are using brand name monitoring or Google Alerts for their name.

Now once you have some influencers, you want to start up a spreadsheet so you know who you need to maintain relationships with.

How to Use Cold Email Outreach for Growth- influencer spreadsheet

You can use tools like BuzzStream, Ninja Outreach, or InkyBee as well to help manage your influencer finding and outreach.

Tying it All Together

One approach that can work really well is to mix a combination of these strategies.

Your initial email might be to try and schedule a demo. Your follow-up might be to invite them to a webinar. Another follow-up might just be a last ditch effort to get some survey data.

Don’t fall into the trap of being all about YOU. Put yourself in your prospective customer’s shoes and think about your email from their perspective. Do the “WIFM” test, “What’s in it for me?”

How Will You Use Cold Email Outreach?

No matter which method you are trying to utilize, make sure you sent the initial outreach AND follow-up consistently.

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How else can you use cold email outreach for growth?

Want to get people to respond to your cold email outreach? Grab this guide which gives you 10 cold email tips you need to be using!

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Josh Monen

Good post Justin. When you know how to do outbound email right it can be a great tool… Yes, it’s “interruption marketing” and I know the inbound marketing purists will disagree but that’s OK.

I have a dream of world where inbound and outbound marketers can live in harmony! 🙂 But seriously, we need both folks. We need nets and spears. Attraction and promotion. You can do both with class. It just takes some thought.


Great post. What about other lead generation tips? Cold emailing is definitely a hard thing to do but people do it so it’s best to have it right.

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