To overcome the issue automating your emails is one of the best ways to increase your sales. You can send emails to the right person at the right time.

It is not activated all the time, but whenever a particular event occurs, or your website indicates something, it is sent automatically to the users. It is a reaction of the action taken by any particular user on your website. You can also schedule them at particular moments, like the birthday of your user or when you are willing to announce something publically or at Ester/Christmas, etc.

Boost Up Your Sales Through Different Types of Email Triggers

Email triggers are created based on prior information and data in the database. It is sent on different occasions and can work for you as a sale booster. Let’s discuss how it can be productive to increase sales and conversion rate.

1 Welcome Email After Subscription

Most of the website visitors are not yet prepared to purchase, but they are suitable for our automated email campaign as they have shown interest by registering. Now the main objective is to set up a relationship and persuade them to purchase.

Try to make website visitors join your newsletter in order to set up a relationship and persuade them to purchase. Click To Tweet

What we could do best is to make them join our newsletter. This is a quick and primary activity, which will make them progressively slanted to make a buy. After subscribing to the website, clients will get an activated welcome email that may contain gifts with greetings (discounted coupons and offers) that rewards them for their trust and urges them to complete another activity (make a buy, give us reviews and take part in surveys, or sharing us on their social media network).

Obviously, this is not a 100% guaranteed process to convert users to buyers. However, it lets you track and screen the growth of a campaign and evaluate its effect on sales.

2 Send Greeting With Offers

Once, any user has filled the form for registration, you will have their basic information saved. Information like birth date, interests, and hobbies will work for you. If you haven’t included these slots in your registration form, include them now.

Send birthday emails to your users with personalized content and a promotional discount. Users enjoy when you wish them their special moments. It helps you to,

  • Improve your relationship with the customer
  • Build loyalty
  • Encourage them for a purchase

email triggers

It takes 5 times more investment to create a new customer than retaining a previous one. Hence, it is necessary to keep reminding your existing customers that you exist. Send them emails on different events based on their interests. Include packages and offers related to the upcoming event, which will make them purchase.

3 Reduce Cart Abandonment

About 7 out of each 10 users left your store without buying anything, even if they added products to the cart. To convert these users to buyers, you need to send them an automated email. Whenever your customer visits your store and add some items to the cart, be alert. After few days or a week, send them an email, reminding them they have left items in the cart. Make sure:

  • You have specified the items left in the cart and included product features
  • Get them a direct link so it could be easy to follow it back to purchase the item.
  • Offer discount or free shipping which will encourage the customer

4 Use FOMO Emails

FOMO is a Psychological term stands for ‘fear of missing out’. It could be utilized in marketing to attract more customers and make them purchase. According to a study by Strategy Online, 60% of millennials reacted to and made a purchase after experiencing FOMO.

It is a human behavior that we are more attracted to the things we think we might lose them. Similar goes with email marketing. Let suppose some of the products in your store are about to finish. What you need to do is to contact your vendor to send them more. Along with that, you should set a triggered email with each of your product or with the ones on high demand. This email will notify the users that a specific product will be out of stock soon, so you should buy it now.

email triggers

Again you need to be careful with your content, you should include details like product features and why the product is important so users could realize the importance of that item. Using phrases like ‘Only 7 Left’, ‘Don’t Miss Out’, or ‘Hurry Up’ could work for you.

FreeEssayWriter has utilized FOMO to increase their sales by 57% in June 2018. According to their co-founder Mrs. Tori Tucker,

“We were focusing on different marketing strategies to bring back our customers we lost during the past six months due to unsatisfactory customer support. Thanks to our Psychology tutor, ‘John Williams’ who advised us to utilize FOMO in our email marketing campaign, and it worked for us.”

5 Remind Your Customer About the Features You Offer

Either you are running an eCommerce store or a brick and mortar store, it is very important for your sales that your customers should know about the features you offer. Obviously, your features make you prominent among others, and if your customers are unaware about it, they will not going to buy regularly.

For the purpose, you can utilize automated emails. Send this email quarterly or every couple of months to the customers who are showing less interests in your services. Remind them how beneficial are you for them by telling them about the free services you are providing them. Highlight features like free shipping, 24/7 human support, etc. You can also target particular users by offering 20% or 30% discount code under the same email.

6 Send Reviews With Caption ‘What Others Say About Us’

Reviews are very important for newcomers. It creates a sense of authenticity about you and your services. Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they found true reviews about any particular service.

I will recommend you to send the reviews through emails to the users who have initially shown interest in your website and then moved away. Reviews could work as a magnetic attraction to bring these users back to you. It not only provides brand awareness but shows that your people are using your services.

While sending reviews through email, be careful not to send all reviews with a 5-star rating. Customers are more attracted to the brands with an overall rating of 4.2 to 4.5. Do not forget to send one or two negative reviews. It will show that you are loyal to the customers and will boost sales.

7 Send Product Recommendations

Product recommendation is one of the most used and traditional marketing strategies. It is how you make your customer feel special and promotes your different items. Online stores have observed an increase of 75% in the sales using product recommendations.

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By sharing personalized and relevant content based on customer’s browsing history and buying habits, these emails are beneficiary for the cross-sell and upsell scenarios. The best time to send the product recommendation email is right after your customer has made a purchase. Show them relevant products to the one they have just purchased. For example, your buyer has got jeans from your store, it will be best if you recommend some casual shirts and T-shirts. The best time to send the product recommendation email is right after your customer has made a purchase. Click To Tweet

Some More Tips & Tactics

Apart from the above strategies, you will need to optimize your emails to get more conversions and boosted sales. Let’s discuss some tips that will help you to increase your sales through email triggers.

a. Catchy Subject Line

Your subject line decides whether a receiver will open your email or not. A good subject line ensures a high opening rate and contact’s attraction. Try not to use long phrases. Be precise and use positive words.

b. Personalization

Have a look at the below two emails and decide which will work for you.


It is our pleasure to have you at our place. We hope that you enjoyed the meal. Kindly fill the attached review form. We will appreciate your feedback.



Hi Mrs. Carnell,

We hope you enjoyed your meal on Sunday at 10 pm with your family at table number 5 at our place. We would love to have your review about the Hamburgers and Peanut Shake.


I’m sure you will like to receive the second email as it is more personalized.

c. Well-Arranged and Compelling Content

Most of the time, users did not read the email word by word. The just go through it and find something of their interest. Your content should be so organized that it delivers your message with just a look at it. Make your content persuasive so that it could bring you more sales.

email triggers

d. Use CTA

Try to use at least one call to action button with your triggered email. It will improve your CTR and will lead your user to your desired destination easily.

e. Analyze Your Outcome

Track the performance of your triggered emails through your website’s monitoring system. It will allow you to take the necessary actions in your future campaigns.

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