Blogging can generate massive leads, even though it might seem like an unlikely way to do so.

If youre asking yourself:

  • Im not sure if blogging is going to get me any more sales.
  • Im too busy with sales to write blog posts, he said.
  • “I don’t know how to write blogs on websites.”
  • Ive noticed that marketing is really good at writing blogs, but I dont think it should be their job. Shouldnt sales people write them?

How To Generate MASSIVE Leads by knowing How to Write Blog Posts that Sell!

Ill tell you right now that if you start writing blogs, it will increase your sales. Im going to show you how to do it and also the  best place to write blog posts.

So, what is a blog and how to write blog posts that sell?

How to Write Blogs on Website

A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Blogs are a type of writing that can be informal and share many different types of information.

Short videos are popular because theyre easy to digest and bold.

I usually read a few pages from the first chapter of a book.

Blogs have replaced newspapers and books as a way for people to stay informed.

If your prospects and customers are reading blogs, then why not use them as a way to prospect for new business? It will help you build trust with potential clients because it shows that youre an expert in the field.

Diversity is a hot topic in many workplaces, and there are initiatives to help diversify the job market.

How I “Bypassed The Gatekeeper” Through Informative Blog Posts

There was this one time when I couldnt get past the gatekeeper at a local company. He rejected all my attempts to contact them.

This is what I wish people knew about the hiring process.

I started blogging to give my perspective on the hiring process and how it can be improved.

After I published my blog, I noticed that one of the people from the company had liked it.

I wanted to thank this lady for reading my blog so I contacted her and asked what she liked about it.

I had a short conversation with her and she connected me to the right person. We booked an appointment.

I got a sale and new customer because of that meeting.

Stop the Hate On Social Selling. It Works!

Social selling is a great way to promote diversity in the workplace, and companies are using it for this purpose.

Social selling is not about replacing any part of the sales process but acts to ENHANCE it.

I kept calling on that company, even though I was getting no response.

However, by integrating social media into the process, blogging about it and leveraging that opportunity to get in contact with a buyer within my company I was able to fast track this process.

What Makes A Good Blog Writer? 

Some salespeople are better at writing articles than others, but there is a lot of talent out there.

Writing a blog is an excellent way to communicate with your customers and potential clients, as well as share information about the company.

  • I need to be able to capture peoples attention.
  • It may help people feel more comfortable talking to you.
  • I can provide unique insight into my writing. I am a great writer and have been told so many times before.

Here are my 5 tips on writing successful blog posts: 1. Keep it short and simple. People dont have time to read a long article, so keep your points concise.

1) Pick A “Must Read” Blog Title

Imagine what it would be like to read this article from your perspective.

They have too many posts on social media.

They spend a lot of time on social media to stay up-to-date with whats going on in the world.

If you want to get their attention, the only way is through really eye-catching content.

A blog title has to be something that will make people want to read it.

Here is some advice to make your headlines more engaging.

2) Choose A Superbly High-Quality, Captivating Image

A bad photo can ruin a blog post.

If you want to appear trustworthy, make sure that your quality is in line with that.

The best free platform for blog images is Canva. Its a fantastic tool to use.

3) Provide REAL Insight and Unique Value

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Its not my goal on this blog to sell you anything, but rather share helpful information with you.

I am going to try and always provide you with advice that is useful.

The true value of something is when it has a differentiating characteristic that no other product has.

  • Relevancy
  • One Of A Kind
  • Helpful
  • Differentiated Style / Voice

Rand Fishkin discusses how to make your content truly unique.

The reason why people seem to be so against diversity is because they see themselves as the majority and dont want their way of life changed, even if it would make them more successful.

4) Always Attempt to Increase Audience Interaction

You want to go viral? You have to be engaged with your audience.

To engage them, we can ask for their thoughts and opinions. We could also create a debate or set up an online vote.

5) Make a Consistent Effort, or Make No Effort At All

I recommend that you make your blog a regular thing, rather than just an occasional one.

You need to do this at least once a week, but the more often you communicate with your employees, the better.

If youve never written a blog before, I highly recommend trying it at least once.

I have seen others find success through blogging.

Guess what that means?

You can do it too.

Happy writing!


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