It’s no secret that sales can be a tough business. You’re constantly hustling to hit your quotas and keep up with the competition. But what if I told you that there was a way to make sales quota attainment easier? Here are tips that can help your reps to attain their sales quotas:

Sales Quota Attainment

The quota attainment is the percentage of the sales quota that was achieved. It is a metric used to measure the performance of salespeople.

Quota attainment is an important measure of a sales rep’s success. It tells you how many deals they closed in the period. If they have met theirsales targets, they have achieved their quotas. This measure is important to understand how your sales representatives are performing and to identify areas where they need to improve.

If your team’s 50% Quota Attainment, then 50% of your sales representatives have met their goals.

If sales representatives don’t meet their quotas, you will miss out on achieving your company objectives.

Only 69% of companies meet their revenue targets, and 57% of sales reps will miss their sales quotas. Maintaining a high sales success rate is a major challenge for many sales teams.

Missing your quota doesn’t just affect you, but your team members. And, if your team’s performance decreases, it can result in higher turnover rates, which can be costly to your organization.

Sales Quota Attainment Tips and Best Practices

1: Build a winning sales process

A solid, repeatable process is the key to any successful sales team.

If you want your sales reps to win more deals, you need a strong, effective, and consistent process in place. This will guide your reps through the appropriate steps in the sales funnel, ensuring that they’re always on track.

An effective sales process involves being customer-focused, having a clear process, being repeatable, being data-driven, being focused on goals, being trackable, and being flexible.

2: Designate sales territories to the right reps

Territory Management is the practice of dividing up sales territories in a way that maximizes a company’s resources and efforts.

Territory alignment helps businesses better utilize their salesforce by matching them with customers who are most likely to be interested in their products or services. By ensuring that each salesperson is focusing on the right type of customer, companies are able to save both time and money.

3: Set realistic sales quotas

Sales reps’ compensation plans, commissions, and bonus structures are usually based on meeting or exceeding a pre-determined goal. Because of this, it’s important to have a realistic and achievable goal for your team.

It’s important to set realistic goals for your sales team. This helps you develop a top-down approach to your sales process and leverages data to show you what the team can achieve.

4: Store all your information In CRM

A high-performing sales teams use a system to track each activity needed to reach a deal. This covers everything from conversations with customers and prospective customers to administrative details like scheduling meetings.

Your CRM system should be your salespeople’s best friend. It should have all of the info they need to close deals. The mobile CRM app offers your reps a mobile interface for all of their data.

CRM software gives sales reps easy access to the information they need to close deals while giving leaders insight into what’s happening out on the field. This allows them to make more informed decisions and empowers them to help their reps succeed.

5. Focus on quality rather than quantity

Salespeople waste a lot of time on bad sales opportunities. To maximize their time, they should focus on selling to good customers rather than bad ones.

When talking to potential customers, it is important to talk to them on a personal level. This will help you get to know them and their needs, so you can better serve them.

Showing your prospect that you understand their problem and that you can help will make them feel much more comfortable about moving forward. This will result in a much better result for both of you.

6. Use social media to warm up your leads

In 2017, 67% of consumers said that they used social media to help make purchasing decisions.

Before you pick up the phone or walk through the door, using social media can give you a great idea of what your potential customer or client cares about.

It lets you understand your prospects on a more personal level. It gives you the ability to relate to them and be more conversational.

When you stay active on social media platforms, you’re able to keep your brand and name in front of the people who follow you. 

7. Re-Engage your old prospects

When you’re trying to hit your sales goals, reactivating old clients is a fantastic way to do so.

When reaching out to past clients, try to find out what’s new since you last talked. Has a new product or service been launched?

Was there a merger recently? Do you have some updated information that can help them be even more successful?

If your contact has recently changed jobs or been promoted, take the time to reconnect and find out more about their new position. Find out what you can do to help them succeed in their new job.

8. Sales training

Research from CSO Insight suggests that well-implemented training initiatives can positively impact the performance of sales representatives.

According to research from CSO Insight, a well-developed and properly executed training regimen can help more sales reps hit their quotas.

Investing in top-notch sales training can have a major impact on your company’s bottom line. 

9. Use sales incentives to motivate your sales team

Sales incentives are a great way to give yourself a motivational boost. While some people don’t need any extra motivation, others are more driven by incentives.

Not all salespeople have the exact same goal, so it’s important that you tailor the incentive programs to suit different individuals.

The best salespeople respond to incentives like trips to exotic locations, cash prizes, and being recognized at company meetings.

If you want your top sales performers to keep bringing in the big bucks, then using an incentive program is the best way to do it. By giving your sales team trips to exotic locations, cash prizes, or awards at the yearly meeting, you can incentivize your salespeople to keep up the good work.

Mid-level employees tend to do well with a 3 tiered program, which rewards them for reaching milestones.


If you’re looking to improve your sales skills and reach your quotas, training your sales team is a great way to do it. By training your team, they can pick up new techniques and strategies that will help them close more deals and achieve sales success. So if you’re serious about your sales quota attainment, start training your sales team today!

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