As a sales manager, it’s important to understand the different types of survey questions you can ask your team in order to get useful feedback. This blog post will discuss the survey for the sales team: the four types of survey questions and how they can help you improve your sales team’s performance.

Survey for Sales Team: Collecting Customer Feedback

The sales team will employ survey software to conduct a survey, collecting valuable customer feedback on recent purchases. The survey will help the team to identify areas where they can improve the customer experience.

Additionally, the survey will provide valuable insights on customer satisfaction levels. 

This guide on survey for sales team will give you the most important questions to ask the team so that you can get useful feedback.

6 Most Important Sales Survey Questions For Your Sales Team

The success of a sales survey depends on the quality of the questions asked.

Here are the 6 questions that you should ask in your sales survey.


1. What’s The Biggest Obstacle While Adding New Customers?

This question is an easy one for any salesperson. They likely have tons of experience not converting leads into customers.

After a while, they likely noticed a repeated pattern.

Adding customers can be a complicated process, and when competitors offer a better product, it’s even more difficult.

Many sales people have trouble adding customers. These problems include everything from hesitating customers to budgeting issues. It’s important to have a channel to vent these frustrations so they can be dealt with.

This questions asks how you find out the roadblocks to closing a sale. Sometimes, these barriers are easy.

One of the biggest obstacles when adding new customers is figuring out what they want and need. The best way to find out this information is by surveying your sales representatives.


2. What Are The Most Common Questions Customers Ask?

This questions is focused more on the content marketing side of your business. Your marketing teams have implemented their campaigns.

Once the prospect has been contacted, what additional questions do salespeople have?

Is there a way for reps to address common questions that customers ask? This would save both the customer and the rep time, and generate more sales opportunities.

It’s always good to find out what your customers want most. That way, you can make sure it’s perfect before they find out how much it cost.

For good marketers, this information can be pure gold.

This marketing question gives you the information you need to create better content for your customers. Knowing what questions your sales reps get asked the most will help you create content that answers those questions.

This sales question helps you understand if your prospects are a good fit for your product.


3. What Does The Customer’s Typical Buying Process Look Like? How Long Does It Last?

Successful marketing requires that you understand your customer’s buying journey. By understanding the different stages of the customer journey, you can develop more targeted marketing campaigns that speak directly to them.

Understanding the customer’s buying journey is crucial to sales success.

How long does it take for your customers to receive their final quotes? Do most customers have to go through a purchasing process?

How easy is it to send the call to a contact’s phone? Your sales reps will have the answer, and this sales rep feedback form will let them know.

If you want to make an effective campaign, it’s important to understand the answers to these questions.


4. How Do You Define A Sales-Ready Lead?

This is a common question that many sales reps ask. Having handled a lot of clients, they notice that certain questions come up often.

There are some commonalities among good sales opportunities. If only all of them were that way!

Using their feedback, you can target your market more effectively.

This sales survey questionnaire will help you figure out who you should be selling to. Perhaps they are in leadership positions.

Use employee surveys like this to improve your sales process.


5. What is the Information You Find Yourself Looking For Quite Often? And Why?

This sales survey question tests the rep’s knowledge of the company’s current products. This question is similar to one about the most commonly asked questions by clients.

This helps us gauge how well our sales department is trained. It also helps determine if our communication between departments is effective.

Your sales team needs to be knowledgeable about your company’s products and services in order to convince potential customers to make a purchase. Having all the answers to customer questions is essential in making sales and growing your business.


6. What’s the information you’d wish you had for your clients

To best connect with customers, sales reps should know their customer profiles. What are their hobbies?

What challenges is your potential customer facing that your productservice can help solve?

Having answers to these questions can be great for a sales pitch. It can help increase your chances of closing a deal.

Your sales team may need a pre-qualification form. Having more data on a prospect can help you create a more personal approach to selling.

This sales question is designed to find out what your buyer needs most urgently.


Why Your Sales Team Needs a Sales Survey

Now that we’ve shown you how to ask great sales interview questions, let’s discuss why a sales manager needs to conduct one in the first place.

Team coordination activities are often over looked, but could be key to growing your business.

Here’s the reason.

1. Identify weaknesses in your content marketing strategy

This is probably one of the most important objectives of a sales department. However, marketers create and implement a content strategy, but that’s as far as it goes.

They don’t know the best way to handle incoming calls from customers. This is why they don’t know if the potential customer is a good fit or not.

Are you attracting the right type of customer from your marketing campaign? Are you informing your prospects about the details they need before making a purchase?

A sales survey is how you figure out what works and what doesn’t. Your sales team has the answers.

2. Keeping the team aligned with your strategy.

Nothing is more frustrating than when your sales people aren’t fully knowledgeable about the products they’re selling. This happens all the time.

Your sales team may know how to sell your product, but do they understand why it’s valuable?

Or even worse, they might think your offer isn’t worth it.

It’s important to ask your sales reps how they’re feeling about what you’re selling them. It’s an excellent way to test how successful your internal communication is.

Make Your Sales Team Feel Heard

As sales reps speak to clients over weeks and months, they build up a knowledge base of common queries. They know exactly what kinds of issues arise frequently.

They understand the main barriers to sales, but their ideas are often ignored.

Disengagement can lead to a breakdown in communication between employees and management.

If you want to keep employee satisfaction, it’s important that they feel like their voices are being heard. Listening to what they have to say can give you the insights you need to help your business succeed.


If you’re looking to get the most out of your sales team, it’s important to understand the different types of survey questions you can ask in order to collect valuable feedback. By asking the right questions, you’ll be able to gain insights into your team’s morale, motivation levels, training needs, and more. With this guide on the survey for sales team, you’ll be better equipped to make decisions that will help improve your sales performance.

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