I was recently introduced to the sales bots and I have to say, I’m impressed! This amazing tool allows you to connect with clients in real-time, which is a huge advantage over traditional methods. Not only that, but it’s also incredibly user-friendly. In just a few minutes, I was able to get started and begin connecting with potential customers.

The Sales Bots

The sales bot is a chatbot that helps salespeople manage their sales pipeline. It allows sales reps to track their deals, contact prospects, and schedule follow-ups.

It also provides sales intelligence, such as product recommendations and competitor analysis.

The Role of Sales and Service Bots

Sales and service bots can be used to take care of various tasks related to sales and service. These tasks are often repetitive in nature, and as such, do not require any out-of-the-box thinking. This can free up time for businesses to focus on more important tasks.

There are some questions that have standard responses and don’t require a customer to be connected to you.

In such a situation, the chatbot will take over and interact with the customer. It will offer answers to standard queries and if it is unable to resolve the query, it will direct the customer to a human representative of the company. This way, you can be sure that every lead is followed up in a timely and professional manner.

On the other hand, a sales and support chatbot can automate the process of tracking all incoming leads to your company. This ensures that no potential client is left behind. 

This saves companies time and money by freeing up their workforce to focus on more important tasks.

Three Main Elements of a Good Bot Conversation

The consulting company, WaveStone, created a chatbot that satisfied three essential components: context, personal, and real-time interaction. 

1. Establishing the right context

As an IT consulting firm, Wavestone has three main categories of visitors to our website:

IT Technology graduates, middle management, and CIOs can find information, solutions, and career opportunities at wavestone.com.

The relevancy of the conversation and the content you present to your audience is key to engaging them. By matching the conversation to problems that your prospects are experiencing, you can increase the chances of them engaging with the chat.

Sales bots are more successful if they start the conversation by asking about a problem that is relevant to that prospect.

A bot could start a conversation with IT optimization by first asking relevant questions.

A well-crafted sales script could help spark interest in related products or services or ask probing questions to qualify a prospect.

As your prospect interacts with the bot, they are seamlessly connected to a sales rep or a consultant. This allows them to have a conversation about their pain point, solution, and any offers.

The data gathered by the chatbot is then passed on to the sales representative or sales consultant for a smooth, uninterrupted conversation about the potential customer’s pain point, solution, and offers, helping them close the sale.

When customers are searching for services on your site, it’s essential to have sales bots that ask them questions about their issues. This can help engage them and show them that you care about their pain points.

2X used the unique URL feature of Drift in email marketing campaigns to send people directly to the right conversation. This allowed them to personalize their conversations based on which group the prospect belonged to, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

By asking questions that pertained to each individual user, we gave them a more tailored customer experience. This allowed us to create better engagements with each group.

2. Add a Personal Touch 

At Drift, we believe that the small details matter when it comes to creating engaging conversations. That’s why we offer a variety of ways for you to add a personal touch to your meetings – whether it’s through customizing your bot’s responses or using real-time data to inform your conversation. By taking advantage of these features, you can ensure that every meeting is an opportunity for meaningful connection – even if you’re not in the room yourself.

At 2X, we found that using a real human’s photo and name instead of a generic avatar and name was more effective at creating more meaningful conversations.

3. Real-time connection

The ability of a chat tool like Drift to connect a potential customer to a sales representative and switch back and forth from a chatbot to a human is a huge advantage for turning a conversation into a face-to-face appointment.

By integrating a bot directly into your sales teams, you can ensure that a human is always available to step in and answer questions. This can ensure your message is conveyed effectively and in a timely manner.

Sales bots can answer simple questions, but if it’s too complicated, they hand off the calls to a live human.


If you’re looking for a way to connect with clients in real-time, the sales bot is your best friend. With this amazing tool, you’ll be able to get ahead of the competition and start building relationships that last. Give it a try today!

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