The trade show follow up template is a tool that sales and marketing teams can use to streamline and automate their post-event follow-up processes. Here are 5 follow-up email templates to help you stay in touch. !

5 Examples of the Best Tradeshow Follow-up Sales Emails

A trade show follow up template can save your team time and improve your post-event follow-up process.

By using a template, teams can ensure that they are consistently following up with trade show leads in a timely and effective manner and that they are doing so using the most relevant and impactful messaging possible.

Trade Show Follow Up Template: 5 Examples

Don’t want to waste your whole day following up with tradeshow attendees? Keep it simple. Follow these email workflow templates.

These email templates come with pre-written, proven, and time-tested follow-up email examples.

1. Conference Follow-Up Email Template – It Was Nice to Meet You

Hello ,

It was nice meeting you at the other day at . It was fun chatting with you about.

I know you’re probably very busy after being away, so we’ll touch base again when you’re ready.


This follow-up email to a conference allows you to recharge while subtly letting the lead know that you’re still interested in speaking with them. When you finally call them, it won’t feel like starting over from scratch.

2. Let’s Catch Up on

Let’s catch up!

It was great meeting you at , and thanks for stopping by my trade show stand.

Hi! I’d love to set up a 15-minute phone call with you to answer any questions you may have and to discuss how I can help. When would be a convenient time?


Depending on your initial conversation with the prospect, you may want to send them a follow-up email or #3 before calling them. This can help to prevent them from feeling pressured.

After attending a networking meeting, following up with an email is a great way to connect. The Meetings Tool in Hubspot makes setting up an appointment easy and avoids having to schedule over multiple emails.

3. Content Marketing to Educate and Entice

Suggested Subject Line: Check out our resources page for help with

Hi ,

It was great to chat with you at the booth, and I wanted to make sure you had some follow-up resources. Here are a few digital assets that might be helpful in answering any additional questions you have. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do!

Thank you for your interest! I would love to set up a 15-minute phone call with you to discuss further. Let me know what times work best for you.


In this follow-up email example, you’re providing some additional resources to help your prospect. If you have specific solutions that you believe can help them, now would be a good time to add links to your emails.

This content should be helpful in building trust and furthering the lead’s knowledge of what you have to offer. As a display of your expertise, this will help solidify their decision to work with you.

If you want to attract potential customers with your content, create useful resources that further their understanding of what your business has to offer. This could include blog posts, FAQs, or any other relevant content. By giving these “safe” options, you allow leads to interact with your brand without feeling like they’re being pressured into speaking with your sales reps.

4. Solve Their Pain Points

How can I help?

Hi ,

It was a pleasure speaking with you at , I hope the rest of your day went well!

I completely understand how important it is for you to fix it as soon as possible. I wanted to reach out and let you know that I can help you with this issue right away. We would love to set up a quick call with you to answer any questions and chat about the next steps.

Do you have some time this week for a 15-minute phone call?


If you were able to answer their questions at the trade show event, let them know you’re available to help!

If you have any digital resources that would help the lead understand your services better, feel free to include them here. That way, they can review the information before hopping on a call with you.

5. Don’t Miss Out!

Don’t forget!

Hi ,

It was great meeting you at !

I just wanted to remind you about , and that I don’t want you to miss your chance to take advantage of it!

If you have any questions about the or services in general, I’m happy to chat further!

Feel free to schedule a call with me over the next week right on my calendar!

Thank you,

If you extended an exclusive trade show discount, promotion, or offer for your trade show leads, this sales follow-up email template is a great way to keep the conversation going.

If you didn’t have a promotion, simply share one of your most valuable, relevant resources (i.e.

a whitepaper or checklist).

This doesn’t necessarily have to be your breakup email. But if you’re struggling to get a response, this email adds more urgency (and value) than your previous ones.

The sales process for business-to-business (B2B) companies can be long, so be patient. Don’t overdo your outreach.


If you’re looking for a trade show follow up template, look no further! These email templates will help you stay in touch with your new contacts and build relationships that last.

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