When I was first starting out in the professional world, I had no idea what a virtual handshake was. My first job interview was over Skype and I remember being so nervous that I completely blanked on how to shake hands with the interviewer. Thankfully, my dad was there to help me out and he showed me how to do a proper virtual handshake.

In today’s article, we’re going to be talking about why virtual handshakes are so important and some tips on how you can make sure your next one leaves a lasting impression.

What is a Virtual Handshake?

The virtual handshake is a way of greeting someone online instead of in person. It is often used by people who are meeting for the first time, or by people who are unable to shake hands in person.

To do a virtual handshake, you raise your hand in the air and wave, or you can type out the words “virtual handshake.”

It’s no secret that a lot of people spend a good chunk of their day communicating through fiber-optic lines.

Using the web as a platform to find jobs and generate leads, even handling sales and volunteering, makes sense.

First, create a lifetime e-mail address. Your email should be thought of as your digital self.

There are sites such as blogs, and tools like Linkedin, which allow users to connect with others who share similar interests or who are experts in the field. There are also sites like meetup, which bring people together in physical places.

There are sites like Microsoft’s Passport Network which let you maintain all of your online identities in one place.

The Virtual Handshake: Making Introductions

I regularly connect with other people. And I ask others to put me in touch with them on a daily basis.

I believe introductions can be a great way to get to know people, whether they’re clients, colleagues, or friends. It’s also great to introduce two people who can benefit from each other.

Introduction emails are a common way to introduce two contacts to one another, so you must know how to introduce yourself and respond appropriately.

How to Introduce Two People

Keep it simple. Here’s an example of introducing a business partner to a colleague.

“Hi Jesse! Meet Steve Davis. Steve is the founder of Real Company, a service that texts subscribers free drink offers at local bars in real time. He also wrote an awesome article about entrepreneurship that was published in Techcrunch.

Steve, meet Jesse Falkner. Jesse is the cofounder of Entrust, a website that allows you to transfer your digital assets to your heirs or deleted when you die. He is also active in the startup scene and writes a great entrepreneurship blog. Jesse is interested in connecting with you to see if there is a potential partnership for both your companies. I wanted to connect you guys so you could figure out how to make it happen. I’ll let you take it from here. Thanks, Nathan

How to Respond to an Introduction

Reply to an introduction email is simple. Just click “Reply All” and thank the sender for introducing you.

Once you’re connected, introduce yourself to the other party. Be sure to include the person who introduced you in the response so that they know you have responded.

After introducing two people who you think could be a good fit, you want to be sure they take the next step and reach out to each other. After they exchange emails, you can politely remove yourself from further correspondence.

Here’s an example response:

“Thanks for intro. Jesse, many people have told me that we should meet as well. As Nate said, I’m the founder of Real Company, a service that sends people texts about free drinks at local bars. Do you have some time this week to chat via phone or meet up for coffee so we can discuss a potential partnership? Thanks, Steve”

An email introduction is a great way to make professional connections without having to meet in person. By sending a well-written email, you can introduce yourself and your business in a way that will make the recipient want to learn more. So go ahead, use an email intro! It could lead to the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


A virtual handshake is a perfect way to make a great first impression in the professional world. By following these tips, you can be sure that your next virtual handshake will leave a lasting impression.

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