Reality Check: If You Possess Any Of These 11 Qualities, You Are Probably A Bad Salesman

“Is it your fault if youre a bad salesman?” It depends. If you’re knowingly in the wrong business and just want to make money, then that’s on you – but there are other reasons why someone might be struggling as well. If management doesn’t understand what makes for good customer service or how to nurture talent properly, they may end up with people who don’t know their own skillset. That person would also need more help from leadership before changing careers altogether because of personal skill limitations rather than lack of effort.

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Several Alarming Statistics That Should Convince You

There is a clear and obvious discrepancy between the numbers in this industry. With high turnover rates, especially at VP level positions, it’s no wonder that sales targets are not being met. Gong has called for an investigation into closing the gap between what we’re doing to get results and how well those actions actually work.

Most companies don’t see their salespeople meet or exceed the revenue targets they set. Only about 30% of them do.

Staff turnover rates in sales are notoriously high and many factors contribute to this, including a range of positives such as ambition or other positive attributes that make them want to find another job. However, there is also likely dissatisfaction with the work environment which contributes heavily toward staff turnover rates.

What I have learned is that sales can be tough, and not everyone has the right personality to work in it as a career.

There are many books, articles and seminars that detail the skills, habits and personality traits of successful salespeople. But what is a good measure for being a top-notch seller?

However, there are also other bad habits of salespeople that could be a red flag. Some people do not have the right personality to work in sales because they cannot handle rejection or can’t focus on detail.

Have you considered the possibility that your employees are not motivated by these things? Here the the bad qualities to have as an evil salesman or lazy salesperson.

11 Qualities of a Bad Salesman

  • You dont like sales.
  • You are too sensitive to criticism and can’t be flexible.
  • You may not know as much about the product you are selling than your customer does.
  • You’re so busy talking that you forgot to listen.
  • When you ask the wrong questions, you will get a meaningless answer.
  • You are not satisfied with your current pay, which you believe is too low.
  • Everyone is a prospect.
  • You don’t really know how to relate socially.
  • If youre pushed to the limit, then you push back.
  • You rely on your intuition, as you have a distrust of science and dont understand technology.
  • Product focus is a mistake. You should be focusing on the people who are buying your products instead.

1. You’re not particularly interested in sales. You’re only doing it as a job.

Its easy to question whether your sales role was a stroke of luck or pure misfortune. You find yourself telling others that you weren’t any better alternatives at the time, in order to justify why you became an entrepreneur.

Wake up. To be successful in sales, you have to love selling and be proud of your role. Without a passion for the job, it will never work out because there is no way that someone can give 100% without being passionate about what they do.

If you are the type of person who hates sales, then this job is not for you.

2. You are afraid of rejection and are incapable of rolling with the punches.

Do sales reps make a lot of money? I often thought that people would be motivated by money, but it turns out there are other factors involved. For example, rejection is a part of the job and those who don’t have what it takes will lose motivation after one bad pitch.

Why sales is tough? Selling is not easy. It takes time, strategy and patience to get a customer to buy what you’re selling. If you don’t have the grit or persistence it will be hard for them to see your value in anything.

Don’t work in sales if you don’t like pressure.

3. You find yourself as naive about your product as the customer.

I’m not sure what’s worse: the fact that I was asked a question about my product and had no idea how to answer it, or the fact that this person is in charge of something so important.

I learned that it is crucial to be willing and able to learn new things, prepare for your sales engagements, and practice. If you are not prepared or willing to do these three tasks then the likelihood of failure will increase.

You can’t rely on charm or glibness to close a deal. You need lifelong learning and motivation if you want to be an excellent sales professional in the B2B market.

A lack of self-improvement is a surefire way to lose your sales job.

4. You are so caught up in conversation that you forgot to listen.

Selling is a communicative process. You need to be able to articulate the value of what you are selling, and it helps if you can do this in an interesting way.

It’s a conversation. And it should be mostly one-sided, because customers are the ones with the needs and you’re there to provide solutions.

I used to think that I could force-feed my prospects with all the specifications of our product line. However, they don’t appreciate it and are less likely to buy from you.

The coach from Sales Ops can’t be the only voice you hear. You should see a shrink if your own voice is getting to you.

5. You cannot ask the right questions.

You think that asking for directions will make you seem intrusive, so instead of getting lost in a place you dont know, it is better to use the map even if its illegible.

Selling is not a road trip, but asking the right questions will help you find your destination and even more sweet spots waiting to be revealed.

The art of asking the right questions is a time-consuming one. I am not surprised that many bad salespeople are unwilling to spend both their efforts and time on it.

6. You have a sense of entitlement as a result of your skill.

The success of a business relies on the sale to make an impact.

But if you think that just meeting your goals entitles you to be a showboat and remind people how much they owe, then it’s time for some tough love.

Confidence is a good thing, but being overconfident will lead to failure in sales as well as life.

Too much confidence in your charisma, experience or skills can cause you to be complacent and feel that the only thing left for you is more training.

It’s important to remember that no one is perfect, and admitting mistakes can help you become a better person.

7. Every individual is a prospect.

As a business owner, you often fall into the trap of thinking that every name on your CRM is worth talking to. This leads you to cast a wide net in hopes of catching something big eventually maybe.

Here are three memos you might have missed:

  • One of the most important tasks for a salesperson is to qualify leads.
  • When you spend too much time on unqualified prospects, it leaves no room for qualified leads to be reached.
  • When engaging with prospects, it is important to only interact with the people who have a say in your decision.

Selling is not the only way to motivate salespeople. There are other ways that can be just as effective, like focusing on a specific product or service and making sure it’s marketed effectively.

Spend as much time researching your target audience and make sure to never assume anything without doing research.

8. You are socially anxious.

Being socially anxious is one of the bad characteristics of a person. Selling is a people-centric business and if you are not good with people, then it might be best to find another line of work. People skills can make or break your career in sales.

These are some questions you should ask yourself:-What is my top priority? -How do I want to feel when it’s time for work each day? -Do I enjoy the type of work that needs to be done, or am I doing this out of necessity?

  • Do you feel like feedback is always negative?
  • Have you ever felt like your entire company is out to get you?
  • When your colleagues are constantly outperforming you, do you feel like they have more worth than yourself?
  • Would you rather work alone so that the slice of pie is bigger?
  • Do you find that most of your jobs last less than a year?

The more I talked to salespeople, the more I realized that they were not just motivated by money. If you find it difficult to establish non-sales relationships with clients then establishing an authentic connection will be even harder.

9. When the going gets tough, you’ll continue to push until the client pushes back.

We know you are a passionate and charismatic salesperson, so the first thing you do is to go for their throat with your entire arsenal of pitches and offers.

When a client declines, you need to make an effort in the following moments by trying to contact them for more information.

After a bad salesman’s first introduction, the other tactics that they have at their disposal are not as important. These include stalking social media and even attempting to bully prospects into buying your product.

If you want to close the deal, its important not just to have energy but also know when and how that energy should be used. Sometimes being pushy will turn off a client instead of convincing them your product is worth their time. Patience can help with this problem because even if they are hesitant at first, eventually people usually come around.

10. You make decisions based on intuition since you distrust science and havent embraced technology.

Ive realized that sales is both an art and a science. I used to think instinct and “street experience” would be enough, but now we’ve learned that you need metrics and methods as well.

As technology evolves, it will be far more influential in the future than we already see today. The platforms for communication and transactions as well as our understanding of consumers and markets will all change with new technologies.

In the future, there will be no place for people who are not willing to use technology in their work. Those that know how to analyze performance metrics and can leverage all of a company’s tools will have an advantage over those who don’t.

11. You concentrate on products instead of people.

In the end, prospects dont care about your product features. They want to know how those features can solve their problems and it is up to you as a bad salesman to show them.

You have spent hours studying your product and its features, probing it’s specifications, and memorizing the benefits. You’ve even role-played scenarios where you’ve built custom solutions using the modular elements of this product.

It is important to know about your customer. If you spend time developing knowledge of the product, then you should invest in learning more about the specific person that will be buying it. You may not have noticed but “customer” and “customize” share a common root word; take this as an indication that what matters most when meeting with clients are their individual needs.

Business has changed a lot over the years and many organizations now have Chief Customer Officers. As a result, companies are also changing their sales strategy to account-based selling.

The product is a critical component of the business, but if you don’t love your employees and care about them as much as or more than the product itself then you will have trouble succeeding.

To be or not to be a bad salesman

Those are the list of bad things people do in sales. It could also be considered as 11 habits of highly ineffective managers. If you have any of the qualities Ive described above, then it might be time to make a decision.

When I first began hiring salesman, I just assumed pay along with commissions and bonuses would be enough. However, people are not just motivated by their paycheck.

Change your behavior radically or you will eventually become a bad salesman.

In the end, I learned that there are many different paths in sales.

It is hard to succeed in sales, and if you are not happy with it then that’s a sign. The first step should be an overhaul of your career or else behavioral modification like training will help address the skillset or outlooks problem.

No one is perfect, but that doesnt mean you should give up. You can always improve your skills and become better at what you do.

Need Help Automating Your Sales Prospecting Process?

LeadFuze gives you all the data you need to find ideal leads, including full contact information.

Go through a variety of filters to zero in on the leads you want to reach. This is crazy specific, but you could find all the people that match the following:Ā 

  • A company in the Financial Services or Banking industry
  • Who have more than 10 employees
  • That spend money on Adwords
  • Who use Hubspot
  • Who currently have job openings for marketing help
  • With the role of HR Manager
  • That has only been in this role for less than 1 year
Just to give you an idea. šŸ˜€
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