Please note – the LeadFuze app has changed quite a bit since this post went live. However, the concept doesn’t change.

Information is POWER! If you want to use this power, you must become a master of the Boolean search. Search engines make it possible to find anyone, but only if you know how to use them!

Using a Boolean search, you are able to search for a combination of keywords, leading to more targeted results. For instance, if you want only HR directors in Texas, you could search for:

Boolean Search: “HR Director” AND “Texas”

If you type that directly into Google however, you will get a list of messy results, mostly job recruiting sites.

Messy Results:

Boolean search Messy Search

Using the LeadFuze Chrome extension, you will find much better results. It’s set to eliminate any and all of these job listing type results, and only give you the people you are trying to find.

Better Results:

Better Search using LeadFuze

If you are searching for technology founders in the Bay Area, you could search for:

(“Owner” OR “Founder” OR “Partner”) AND (“Technology” AND “San Fransisco”)

Technology Boolean Search using LeadFuze

As you can see…To become a sales prospecting pro – You Must Master the Boolean!

Here are more advanced tips on Boolean Search:

Master the Boolean Serach

Boolean Search Best Practices to Keep in Mind:

  1. Group positions together with parenthesis. For example if I want either the Marketing Manager or the VP of Marketing I could enter (“Manager” OR “VP) AND (“Marketing”)
  2. Be sure to use a capital OR for the boolean function to work
  3. Be sure to use a capital AND for the boolean function to work
  4. VP might also be spelled out Vice President, so you may want to add that into your search as well: (“VP” OR “President” OR “Director” OR “Head of” OR “Manager”) AND (“HR” OR “Human”)

Your Boolean Search Cheat Sheet

Here is a Cheat Sheet you can use when targeting a specific job title:

“Owner” OR “Partner” OR “Founder” OR “CEO” OR “Chief Executive Officer” OR “President”

“CMO” OR “VP of Marketing” OR “Chief Marketing Officer” OR “Director of Marketing” OR “Marketing Director” OR “Head of Marketing” OR “Marketing Manager”

“CFO” OR “Chief Financial Officer”

(“VP” OR “President” OR “Director” OR “Head” OR “Manager”) AND (“Human” OR “HR”)

“CTO” OR “Technology” OR “Information” OR “CIO” OR “Chief Technical Officer” OR “Chief Information Officer”

“Sales” OR “Business Development”

Locations – Always Use a Specific City

Even if you don’t directly care about the location of your lead, it’s good to add in a location for each search you perform. This will make it easy to keep track of which locations you have performed, and you will get more results this way. Otherwise, the search engines will cut you off after a certain number. If you go city by city, you will be allowed to find many more results overall.

Download for FREE our List of Top Cities in Each State (Click here to download): 

Boolean search Top City List

As you progress through each city, you can higlight the cities you complete for easy future reference:

Boolean search Top City List - In Progress

Using the LeadFuze extention, there are two ways to search by location. You can enter the city or zip code directly in the ‘Keywords or Job Titles’, such as (“Founder” AND “San Jose”). You can also choose to break them up, and use the location area of the serach (which uses LinkedIn preset city locatoins). Here is what each would look like:

Boolean search Location Search Options

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