Effective Sales Call Voicemail Scripts for Callbacks; Plus 11 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

  • Voicemail scripts are still an important part of the sales process.
  • Voicemails are a vital component of sales that need to be left on time and without fail.
  • Call Voicemail is an important part of sales, but there are a few mistakes that people often make when they leave one. Call Voicemails can be really effective in helping with sales because you have the opportunity to connect and build rapport before reaching out again. However, voicemails also open up room for some common errors which may cause problems or create negative impressions on potential customers if left unchecked This article will go over 11 of these most common mistakes as well as how to avoid them so your message comes across more positively.
  • 10 sales call voicemail script that will increase callbacks and success
  • 1. Greet the customer with a “Hi, it’s _____” and be sure to mention your name so they know who is calling them2. Introduce yourself if you have not done so already by saying something like “This is James from ABC Company.” Then ask for their first name or how may I help?3. If you are leaving a voicemail message in response to an inquiry that was sent through email, then say what company you’re calling about at this point.4a) Example: This is Jane Doe of 123 Services LLC just following up on our initial correspondence (name). We would love to hear more about your needs today!5 Remember why people call! So focus on asking questions instead of giving long-winded speeches; talk less than 60 seconds total per phone conversation while staying polite and professional all the way until end time
  • Voicemail is a great way to ensure that customers get in touch with you.

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Why Sales Call Voicemail Scripts Are Still Important

call voicemail

Higher Chances of Getting a Callback

Leaving voicemail message script that is personalized and succinct will increase the chances of getting called back. Click To Tweet

Once you have identified a prospect, the next step is to establish a connection. Each touchpoint in your conversation with them will build up their comfort level and make it easier for them to buy from you.

The statistics for this are actually really bad. I can’t believe that only 11% of the calls you make get responses on the first attempt and 22% after two attempts. That means it’s important to be persistent in your efforts.

Leaving Voicemail Message Scriptsis a Standard Practice

A voicemail message script is the bare minimum that salespeople should do for their prospects.

It is important to leave messages for your prospects. This way, you can make the first step in establishing a connection with them.

Voicemails are a great way to get in touch with people. You can record them ahead of time and have all the information you need so that when they call back, it will be much easier for both parties.

Four Reasons Salespeople Absolutely Must Leave Great Sales Call Voicemail:

call voicemail

1. Because It Is Your Responsibility

I’m surprised that more than 80% of sellers don’t leave a message when given the chance.

You are going to call your prospect five times before giving up. Even worse, the average is two phone calls. So at least leave a message and log the touch.

On the other hand, when you do get a callback it is usually worth your time.

2. Because It Demonstrates That You Are Concerned

When you dont leave a bdc voicemail scripts, it makes the prospect feel unimportant. If you never do so on any calls then they may not be important to your company.

I put a lot of effort into my cold-calling strategy. However, I didn’t consider that it is not only the time when we get on the phone with prospects but also how to prepare for these conversations beforehand.

Sending the right voicemail messages to prospects sends a positive message. It shows that you are worth their time, and that deep down, they know it is possible for them to do business with you.

3. It’s an Extra Touch

A best recruiting voicemail is a great way to get people on the phone. A well-done voicemail can not only be an initial contact, but also serve as a reminder of urgency and professionalism.

You might even use guilt to help with the eventual sales call. All of these are useful tools for a salesman.

4. Voicemails Eventually Lead to Callbacks

Researchers have found that the more times you are leaving a voicemail script, the higher your chances of getting an answer are. The first time it’s about 10%, and each subsequent call boosts your odds by another percentage point.

  • I used to think that voicemails were enough, but they are actually not.
  • I found that voicemails are worth following up on because when I left a second one, the callback rate went from 8% to 22%.
  • The third time I call someone, my callback rate is 33%

Zoominfo’s research shows that on average, 4.8% of people will call back after one phone call. Click To Tweet

However, with more calls you can be confident in the increased likelihood for success.

11 Most Common Sales Voicemail Errors

Voicemail messages are a one-sided conversation, so it’s important to know the pitfalls of leaving voicemails for your customers. Here are eleven mistakes I see in all my experience running training.

call voicemail

1. Selling over the phone.

It is common for salespeople to use voicemails as a way of pitching their product or service. It’s not that they are trying to avoid talking on the phone, but it has become an easy habit because this is how most people communicate with them during business hours.

When I would try to sell by voicemail, my conversion rate was about 1%.

Here is an example of a real estate agent voicemail scripts and recruiter voicemail that might be used in the following situation: “Hi, my name is Jonathan and I’m calling from Acme Corp. We’re looking for new clients like you to help make your business more successful. Is this a good time to talk?”

Hi Max. LB calling with Factor 8. Im excited to announce our new product, The Sales Bar which will be a great opportunity for all different sizes and industries of companies. Our inside sales teams have been around for years but now we want the chance to work with any company that is looking at how they can improve their revenue or customer service

Feedback: Honey, I have to be honest with you. We all stopped listening when we heard about your new product because it sounded like the same old story. You need to meet them where they are interested in going before pitching anything too heavy or otherwise uninteresting.

2. Speaking for more than 20 seconds.

The more you limit your video, the better. 10 seconds is even better.

The sales voicemail examples recording below is what it sounds like when you go the opposite direction. This is a real voicemail I received from an old client who I used to work with, which really illustrates how important this type of call can be.

Woof! Way too long.

3. Not using names.

In addition to addressing the recipient by their first name, you should also make sure that they know who is sending them a letter. To do this, say your own name twice in an easy-to-understand way.

A recent study has shown that using your prospect’s name, along with other words and phrases like “Hi” or “Good morning,” can lead to better sales results. This seems obvious, but I’ve heard voicemails without names in them!

4. Discounting the urgency.

Sometimes I just leave a message with my staff and say that there is nothing urgent to discuss.

Unfortunately, I have not yet received a call from the recruiter.

When you leave a message for someone and it says You can do this whenever, they will know that your call is not urgent. After all, people have more important things to worry about than if their carpet should be cleaned or the kitchen needs new appliances.

The goal is to generate enough urgency that the prospect feels like they cant wait to call back. The key here is authenticity. Don’t overstate your sense of urgency, or make it sound as if you’re in a life-or-death situation.

5. Leaving random data behind (rambling).

Ive found that when I just wing it and start speaking without a plan, the person on the other end of my message will quickly regret listening to me. If you don’t have anything specific to say then they won’t want to hear from you again.

A voicemail that we recorded of a salesperson not being able to think on their feet was just one example where I have seen this problem occur.

I had this happen to me recently. I was trying to get a prospect on the phone and they wouldnt answer, so I sent them an email asking if we could chat soon. The next day my voicemail inbox exploded with messages from people who were furious that someone would be rude enough not only refuse their call but also send something like that in writing.

6. Leaving only one voicemail.

We all know this, weve read it before and some people continue to not give up even after two tries.

When trying to make a sale, it is important that you persist. You should send seven or ten messages before giving up on the prospect and call them back after they have time to think about your message.

7. Rapidly going through your phone number.

When someone is interested in what you have to say, theyre really listening. Don’t make them listen twice and take a risk of forgetting the number if it’s an important one! Say it again so that there are no mistakes.

The impression you want to leave with is that they were the only person who was called, not one of many. This way your voicemail will be seen as more personal and memorable.

8. Unaware of the tone of voice.

When you are on the phone all day, it can be easy to get in a monotonous state. When this happens, do something that makes you feel more alive and happy! Take a break from your work or stand up for five minutes at least once an hour. You will then have the energy needed to return to dialing.

Pretend you are talking to your favorite aunt on the phone. She is sending money, so make sure to thank her and be polite.

9. Sounding begging.

Some salespeople make the mistake of assuming that their prospect is not interested and then try to push them into a purchase by offering bigger deals or more exaggerated claims.

They end up sounding completely desperate because they assumed something from the start and it ended up being wrong.

One of the worst scripts I’ve seen recently is:

“Hello Max, I’m LB with Factor 8 Sales Training. We’re running a special right now and we’d love to show you what our company is all about.”

Feedback: The whole point of a sales conversation is to get people interested. You can’t have a real dialogue in an email, so dont assume that your customer has any specific thoughts. Dont bother leaving voicemails because they’re basically just ads.

10. Making everything about you.

Ive had the unfortunate experience of getting voicemails from salespeople who sound like they are reading off a script. They talk about themselves and their company, but don’t mention any way that I can help them.

One example of a voicemail script that is ineffective, and focuses on the caller:

“Hey Max! LB here with Factor 8. We’re the Nation’s leading sales training company for phone sellers working with companies like Allergan, Microsoft, Infor and more.”

I have learned that feedback is essential for sales. However, I should not just force my customers to listen when they are in control of what information enters their inbox.

11. Ignoring the purpose of the voicemail.

When I first started hiring salespeople, my goal was to find people who would be able to close deals. But what’s the point of having a great resume if you can’t get an interview? Voicemails should intrigue and entice because it shows that they are interested in the company.

Voicemails can be ineffective because they don’t have a clear purpose.

  • Get them to call you back.
  • I need to make a good impression on them so they remember me when I call back later.

What else can we learn from this article? Let us know in the comments.

Scripts for Sales Call Voicemails That Guarantee Callbacks

Voicemail Script #1: The Lever

When cold-calling, a way to avoid being seen as a salesperson is by using leverage. Leverage can be anything that helps you build rapport with the person on the other end of the line and lets them know who you are before they hang up.

You want to give the person youre calling a chance, so try not to sound like an automated call.

Sample Script:

I would like to discuss the following with you. I have been working for Outreach for 3 years and need your opinion on this matter. Please call me at [phone number]. My name is Lauren, Factor 8

Here is an example of a lever script, where the leverage isnt someone else but instead what was said before.

Hi David. This is Cindy from [company]. We spoke on [date] regarding a quote for the purchase of our productservice, and I wanted to follow up with you about it since weve heard nothing back yet. If possible, please get in touch at my email address or phone number below so that we can work out pricing before too much time goes by. Again, this is Cindy at ____(Company) – (Email Address), ([Phone Number]). “

Voicemail Script #2: The Mystery

It is a shame that most of us feel compelled to return phone calls, even if we know they are from telemarketers. The fear and curiosity often associated with receiving an unknown number on our caller ID may be the reason for this phenomenon.

call voicemail

Sample Script:

“Hi Max. This is Lauren from [phone number]. I’m at the same phone number.”

Phone calls are a good way to make contact, but they can take up a lot of time. If you spend an hour leaving voicemails and talking on the phone with your customers, that’s 60 minutes out of every day! You could save some valuable time by writing shorter emails or texts.

Voicemail Script #3: The Value

The only person who will call you back for something is your mom. Everyone else wants to know what they get out of it, and thats where the term SWIIFT comes in: So What’s In It For Them?

Voicemail messages can be used to show the value of your product or service by saving them time, money, and answering questions.

When I’m making calls to prospects, the value script is more of a risk. It’s usually reserved for conversations with existing clients and partners.

Sample script:

I’m Evan Fleming from [phone number] and I would like to help your company increase their reorders by 20%. Please call me back at my phone.

In order to create a value script, you must also follow through on what is said. Heres an example of the words that should be used: “Hi! This is _____ from ______ Company calling for Mr.Ms.______ and I was wondering if we could talk about how our company can help with (insert customer need here). Could you tell me when would be a good time?”

The feedback on the sales call was positive because it didnt try to sell anything. It instead focused on providing value and understanding a prospect’s needs, which showed that Evan had been successful in his career so far.

Voicemail Script #4: The Urgency

When we increase the urgency in our messages by including a timeline and mystery, it increases their chances of receiving a call from us.

Here is an example of a voicemail script that I found from [link]

“Hi Bob, this is Lauren from Factor 8. I’m trying to reach you before the end of day and give you a call back at [phone number]. Thank You.”

Its important to create a sense of urgency with your prospects. You can make it up if you need, but the idea has to come true eventually.

Voicemail Script #5: The Urgency + Mystery Combo

Once you have mastered the four basic scripts, combine them to create your own. For example, this script combines a sense of mystery with urgency.

I sent a voicemail to Bob at Factor 8 today, and I’m hoping he’ll call me back soon.

Keep working on your script and see which one works best. See what is most likely to get the customer’s attention, so you can work on improving that.

Here is a script that combines the two: “Hi, I’m your mystery appointment for this afternoon. We need to talk about how you can be much more successful in achieving all of your goals.”

“Sharon, it’s Lauren from Factor 8. I just saw a report that needs to be discussed immediately.”

Prepare for the call ahead of time! If you don’t know what report they’re asking about, then it’s going to be hard when they call back and ask.

Voicemail Script #6: The Referral

A voicemail message that’s given to a prospect by someone they know is better received than one from an unknown. If you are trying to reach out, mention your referral before stating the purpose of the call.

Building rapport with the prospect is easier when they are comfortable.

One example of a voicemail script is when you are following up with referrals, for instance: “Hi Mary. This is John from ABC Company and I’m calling to follow-up on your referral last week.”

“Hello, Joe. It’s Lauren from Factor 8. I’ve been told by X that you are looking for new clotheslines? The best way to get in touch with me is through [phone number]. Again, it’s Lauren.”

Voicemail Script #7: The Friendly Script

If you want to get a callback, be enthusiastic and sound excited. The prospect might actually listen until the end of your voicemail.

Here is an example of a voicemail script for salespeople with the intent to be friendly.

I have a great idea for you! You work so hard and deserve to get in shape. My fitness routine is perfect because it only takes 5 minutes, 3 times per week.

Voicemail Script #8: The Professional Script

Some prospects will want to know that you are a professional and the only thing they need is straightforward answers.

When your voicemail is being ignored, you need to be clear and concise.

A professional voicemail script might sound like this: Hello, _______ speaking. This is John Smith from XYZ Company calling for ______ with an important message.

Voicemail Script #9: The Skill Demonstrator

You may decide to show off your skills by leaving a voicemail message for prospects.

This is a perfect approach if you’re selling your skills and expertise to customers.

For example, one of my first salespeople had a voicemail script that said:

I recently had a call from [name] who called to ask me about the marketing strategy guide I downloaded. She said that she can help figure out what would be best for my business and wanted to know if we could talk on the phone.

Voicemail Script #10: Uncovering Competitor Info

For sales voicemail scripts, even the smallest details matter. The more you customize a message to your audience and focus on what they want or need rather than yourself, the better response rates will be.

You can use the knowledge of your prospects competitors to get them interested in what you have to offer.

This voicemail script is a great way to attract new clients for any company that has competition.

Script Sample;

Hey Jowie, I was looking at the website for our competitor and noticed that they have T-Mobile. If you are interested in trying out their service as well, I will send an email with a chart where you can find contact information on someone who is responsible for big data within this company.”

In Six Easy Steps, Create the Perfect Sales Call Voicemail Plan

Here are a few tips to make your data-driven process more scalable:

1. Pick the call voicemail strategy that best suits your list and offer, then write a unique message for each type of voice mail you send out.

To be successful, it is important to use different sales techniques. It does not matter if you are more comfortable with one type of technique or another because there are many that can work.

call voicemail

Log your voicemail message and keep track of the callback rate for each type. Next time, try a different strategy.

I wanted to mention that you should be sure your messages are not only true, but they also relate. This is because if the urgency message mentions an imminent expiration date for example, it would be awkward for them to receive a call from you later with some value.

You will be shocked when you get a call back. Prepare what to say before the conversation starts.

It is important to prepare a starter for any situation. For example, if you are interested in talking about your potential fit with the company then be excited and mention that when starting the conversation or ask them how they feel before an event.

I am going to try this for four days and see which strategy is the most effective. I will email you after that with how many callbacks I got.

I love the voicemail strategy because it is so effective and I never skip a call anymore.

Now, go forth and unlock warm calls with a splendid call voicemail!

The best way to use call voicemail is not rocket science, but it does take some diligence and a well-thought out approach. You might be missing out on potential sales if you are not following the right guidelines for your message.

The key to voicemail success is consistency and practice. Click To Tweet

If you want your reps to be more effective on the phone, train them in what they need for tips and tricks by reading this article or creating a workshop that can help them improve their skills with voicemails. Share successful examples of how someone has done well with voice mail frequently so other people will see it as an opportunity for themselves too.

If you can avoid the big mistakes, execute well and test out a variety of voicemail strategies then your success rate will be much higher than 80% of companies.

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  • With the role of HR Manager
  • That has only been in this role for less than 1 year
Just to give you an idea. šŸ˜€

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