If you’re like most people, the phrase “cold email marketing” probably makes you cringe. The thought of sending out a mass email to a list of strangers seems impersonal, desperate, and just plain icky. But cold emailing can actually be an effective way to reach new customers and grow your business if done well. This blog post gives you effective cold email marketing tips to help you improve your business. 

What is Cold Email Marketing?

Before we get to cold email marketing tips, let’s start off with an explanation of what a cold email is.

Cold email marketing is a way of reaching out to potential customers or clients through email. It can be an effective way to build relationships and get your name in front of people who might not be familiar with your business.

A winning strategy for cold emailing is one in which not only are your emails read, but you receive responses from them. This will help you build a relationship with your prospect and find out more about their wants and needs.

Cold email marketing is a type of direct marketing that involves sending emails to customers and prospects who have not given you permission to contact them. The goal of cold emailing is to generate leads and eventually convert them into customers.Although it may seem like a daunting task, cold emailing can be an effective way to reach out to new customers and grow your business.

The Basics of Cold Email


Follow the same best practices for every email you send, whether it’s to a prospect who doesn’t know your company or one who already does.

Both cold and warmer email approaches require the same basics: a compelling subject line, a clear call-to-action, and a clean, professional design.

Before you dive into these advanced techniques, make sure you have a firm grasp on the basics.

Before you get too far ahead, it’s important that you research your prospect and their company. It’s also important that you look into their online presence so that you can reference something specific that they’ve done. By personalizing each message, you’ll make a bigger impact.

Prevention is better than a cure.

Now, onto the cold email marketing tips!

Just like with door to door selling, you’re going to hear a lot of nos when sending out a cold email to people.

If you’re interested in learning how to craft effective sales emails that get responses, then keep on reading.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your cold emailing campaign, you’ll need to make sure your message is on point. With an average open rate of just 14-23%, you’re up against some stiff competition. Make sure your email stands out from the rest by bringing your A-game.

Email is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing, with statistics showing that it has an ROI as high as 122%.

If you want to perform at your best with emails, you need to approach them differently than other sales reps.

7 Effective Cold Email Marketing Tips

Here are some helpful hints for crafting effective cold emails that get responses.

1. Perfect Your Subject Line

Too many salespeople send emails with terrible, spammy, and generic subjects that get ignored.

Generic email subject lines, such as “The Leading Cloud-Based Software in Hyper-Local Social Media Marketing,” are a dime a dozen.

Your potential clients are on the hunt for solutions that will perfectly fit their requirements, so your cold emails need to address them directly and personally. This enables you to clearly state your intentions without sounding too sales-y.

Try to sum up what you want to say to your reader in 5-7 words. Be sure to let them know what action you would like them to take.

Including your contact’s name in your greeting is a great way to personalize your message. Here’s what that might sound like:

Hi Brandee,We would love to have you on HubSpot’s podcast!

“Source for your marketing trend article”

2. Clearly state why you are contacting them

Don’t make your recipients feel like just another name in your contacts list. Instead, try to personalize each email you send.

Try to help them feel involved by asking them questions.

Don’t just explain who you are and why you’re contacting them — highlight what attracted you to them.

Prove to them that you understand their importance. Tell them you appreciate their worth.

If you were asking someone to come on a podcast, be sure to mention how their audience would benefit from hearing them speak.

To write effective emails, make sure to research the person you’re writing to. Make sure to personalize it, too.

3. Show them Social Proof and Point to Results

If you have a trusted source that can vouch for your email outreach, it can give your cold email a boost and increase the likelihood of getting a reply. Having social proof can be helpful in getting your message across to potential customers.

If you can point them towards some of your clients or partners that have seen success with your product, it could help seal the deal.

Statistics can be a great way to show people how effective your product or service is.

Your emails can be well-written and witty, but some readers will be more interested in the benefits you offer.

4. Keep It Short

The most important rule to remember when sending cold emails is to not waste the recipient’s time. Keep your message short and concise so that they can quickly understand your purpose.

Be clear and concise, but avoid rambling.

This is an example of an email that’s too long for cold outreach. The long block of text and the lack of personalization makes me want to close the email immediately.


This is a very long message that does not give me much information. It seems to be only focused on the sender and not on me.

To be more effective, it needs to address more about what the prospect needs, and focus more on the benefits of the product.

Here’s an example:


This email is short and to the point. It includes all of the necessary information and if the prospect has a burning need, they are likely to respond.

This email is too short to persuade anyone who isn’t actively looking for a shredder.

Emails need to be concise and to the point.

5. Make sure your intention is clear

Before you start drafting a cold sales email or message, you should first know why you’re sending it to the prospect. Are you trying to make a sale? Are you trying to get them to sign up for your newsletter?

What are your next steps? How can you act on what I have to say?

If you send an email with no clear purpose or call to action, your prospect will most likely respond with “who is this?” or “what do I want?”. Always have a clear purpose for your emails and a call to action.

Maybe you’re looking to set up a quick demo of your product, or speak with a higher-up at the company.

Maybe you just want to have a quick conversation with them to understand more about their specific needs.

Before you write a cold email, make sure you know what you’re trying to accomplish. Your objective should be clear, and it should be tied to your larger business goals.

6. Touch on a Real Pain Point

This point is about getting as much information about your potential client as possible. Understand their current situation, their needs, their business, and the industry they operate in.

Avoid writing emails that have nothing to do with your prospect. Instead, focus on issues that are relevant to them.

Try to put yourself in their shoes. Think about any similarities you may have with other customers.

From there, identify the real problems they’re facing and use those as the focus of your outreach.

It’s important to personalize your outreach emails to them. Take the time to understand their business and how you can help.

7. Follow up 

A cold email can be too short to grab prospects’ attention. Sometimes prospects may not get back to you or miss your email. Sometimes they won’t be interested enough to set up an appointment with you. This is normal. This is why you should always follow up on any response.

A follow-up email is mandatory in cold email strategies. However, it is possible to send two or three. Follow-ups should not be considered reminders that you are waiting for the prospect’s reply. You can add value to them by linking to a case study or inviting prospects to a webinar.

A Sample Cold Email Template


Now, I’ll share with you a cold emailing sample that you can model your own emails after. Notice how it’s formatted similarly to the templates we covered in this guide.

The Cold Email Formula

Hi there! I hope you’re doing well. I’m reaching out because I wanted to let you know about a great opportunity that might be of interest to you. We’re currently offering a free trial of our product, and I think it would be perfect for you. It’s a great way to get started with us and see if our product is right for you. Plus, our team is always available to help you get the most out of your experience. To get started, all you need to do is sign up for the free trial on our website. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to access our product and start using it right away. I hope this is helpful, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

How to Implement a Pain Point Checklist

Hi ,

[Your Name] here, the [Title] with [Your Company].

I noticed you recently joined [your company]’s mailing list. Have you had a chance to read our [company]’s recent ebook, [title of the e-book]? If so, do you have any questions about it?

We created a checklist that outlines the steps you need to follow to implement our [solution](link). What we found is that most business owners don’t realize how common [the problem is], nor how straightforward [the solution is]!

Our [productservice] has helped [client] get [desired end resultbenefit] in [short period of time].

If you’re interested in learning more about how our checklist can help generate results, let me know and I’ll send it your way or we can set up a call.

Just let me know if you’re interested in getting this, and I’ll get it to you.

Can’t wait to hear from you,


If you have any other questions about this, let us know.

I can help you figure out your next steps.

The Best Cold Email Marketing Tool for 2022

You can quickly scale up your cold email marketing efforts by having the rightcold-emailing software in your toolkit.

GMass is the best software for this job.


GMass is a robust cold emailing and digital automation software that works completely within Gmail. It is widely used by employees at powerhouses like Google, Uber and social media giants like Twitter and LinkedIn.

This cold email tool is great for solopreneurs, small businesses, solopreneurs, solopreneurs, B2C and B2B sales professionals, and many other types of marketing professionals.

GMass allows you to:

  • Automated personalization of plain text and HTML emails at scale. This includes the subject line, paragraphs.
  • To maximize recipient engagement, automate your follow up cold emails sequences
  • Analyze the performance mass email (for instance, reply rates and bounce rates). To determine where you can improve.
  • Save any email to a template for future use.
  • Connect a Google Sheet to send a email merge advertising or sales campaign in just seconds
  • Send behavior based campaigns depending upon what actions your recipient took in your initial or previous email.
  • Send a drip email to get your recipients to reply to your cold emails.
  • Schedule your Cold Emails to reach the recipient when they are most likely to respond or engage.
  • Log your outgoing cold emails into your CRM system easily by integrating with Salesforce and HubSpot.
  • Access all Cold Email Marketing and Automation features from your smartphone using the GMass add-on to the Gmail Android App.

To get started with GMass for cold marketing campaigns, download the GMass Chrome extension then sign up for free using Gmail.

Visit the GMass pricing page for more information on paid plans.

How do I market my cold email list?

There are a number of ways to market your cold email list. You can use traditional marketing channels such as print, television, and radio. You can also use online channels such as search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, marketing on social media, and email marketing.

The most important thing is to make sure that your marketing efforts are targeted towards your target audience. You should also make sure that your marketing messages are clear and concise.

What’s the one best tip when it comes to cold emailing?

There are a few things to keep in mind when cold emailing in order to make the most of your efforts. First, always personalize your emails as much as possible. This means addressing the recipient by name, and if you have any relevant information about them or their company, be sure to mention it.

Secondly, keep your emails short and to the point. No one wants to read a long sales pitch, so get straight to the point and explain why you’re emailing them. Finally, be sure to follow up! If you don’t hear back from someone after a few days, send them a quick follow-up email just checking in.

Is cold email marketing effective?

There is no simple answer to this question as effectiveness depends on a number of factors, including the quality of your list, the relevance of your offer, and the strength of your email copy. However, cold email can be an effective way to reach new customers and grow your business.

To increase your chances of success, focus on building a targeted list of high-quality leads and crafting compelling cold marketing emails that offer value and are relevant to your email recipients.


There you have the cold email marketing tips to help you grow your business. By using these tips you can start creating your content – remember, perfect your subject line, keep it short and precise, be unique, and follow up!

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