10 Key Rules on How to Scale Sales

In this post, well go over 10 ways to help you grow your sales a lot faster than ever before by knowing how to scale a sales organization.

#1 Decide What Kind of Business You Want to Run

What types of businesses do you work with?

Be careful not to work too far outside of your comfort zone. Its important for you to have empathy when working with different types of organizations.

When I first started Betterworks, my focus was on smaller companies. But as time went on, we realized that our sales success would be better if we focused more upmarket and targeted larger businesses.

#2 Prioritize Your First Customers

I was never satisfied with 100 outreaches to 10 conversations. I had a target of getting 1 customer from every outreach, and after going on the hunt for prospects, we found that it took more than just emailing or posting careers online.

Early on at Betterworks, I learned that the CEO has to do some of the sales. As you grow and gain more repeatable customers, its ok for you to start hiring a few extra people in your company.

#3 Always keep an ear to the ground and fine-tune your message.

As you get started with sales, keep working on your messaging and dont use too much jargon. Dont bother with buzzwords or complicated language.

If you cant explain what your company does in a way that sounds simple and easy to understand, its time for some more work on the messaging.

Rather than pitching a complicated idea, just come out and say what it is you do.

Betterworks has been able to use this clarity in the name of their company, and its helped them become a successful business.

#4 Inbound Leads are Required for Scaling

You need to have many pieces of content in order to get peoples attention. You should blog, post on social media, use PR and newsletters along with whitepapers and eBooks.

The inbound content engine is what really helped us get our business off the ground. It took about a year to launch, but when we did, it was much more successful than just having a landing page.

#5 Outbound Sales are Required for Scaling

If you want to be successful with outbound sales, you need to find a better way to target your audience. By narrowing down the type of people that will buy from what I am selling, I can make more accurate personas and reach them.

I know that I can turn one-tenth of a conversation into dollars. There is so much opportunity out there.

With inbound leads, the business already knows they have a problem and is looking for someone to solve it. With outbound leads, you need to identify that theres an issue before identifying how your company solves their problems.

With just two sales people, we set out to start our outbound call center.

#6 Calculate the Costs

When I first started my business, people would ask me how much ____ is worth to a customer. If you havent come up with a pricing model, the best question to ask your customers is How much would it be worth for someone like you? Keep it simple and charge something.

In order to get the most out of a service, you have to know all of its features. You need these terms: per user fees, commitment term, volume tiers and payment terms.

We recommend that you use a similar service to compare prices. If not, set your price at $20 per user per month.

#7 Invest on Customer Satisfaction

The best way to drive word of mouth and referrals is by investing in customer success. This will help you create case studies, get references, and make sure your customers stay with you as long as possible.

#8 It necessitates a significant amount of effort.

With a startup, youre starting from scratch and it takes work to become successful.

#9 Focus on customers, and you’ll attract investors as well.

We invest more time and energy into our customers than we do for those who fund us.

When I first began hiring salespeople, I just assumed pay along with commissions and bonuses would be enough sales motivation. With my first few employees, though, it was clear that the commission structure wasnt as motivating as expected; there were other factors at play in their work ethic which needed to be addressed separately from compensation like feedback or training opportunities. More and more companies are focused on diversity during the hiring process because they know people bring different perspectives to a workplace environment: this not only helps diversify workplaces but also allows employers access to new markets of clientscustomers willing to take risks without being too cautious about risk-taking behavior since they have been viewed favorably by an organization before even stepping foot inside its doors!

#10 Metrics and Goals 

When youre a startup, its important to have goals. Your five goals should be focused in the following areas: operational excellence and continual improvement.

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