Outsourced Lead Generation: Does it Make Sense for Your Business?

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outsourced lead generation

Outsourced lead generation, when done properly, can add a new revenue producing channel.

A lot of businesses live and die by lead generation. Generating interest about a product or service that you are offering is the single most important thing you’ll be doing in the business world. Ironically though, a lot of business owners forget that they can use outsourced lead generation to achieve an even better outcome – in a more affordable and faster way.

How can outsourced lead generation help you?

Lead generation can be a real struggle. Most entrepreneurs learn this from the very beginning. People are flooded with information from all sides and their attention spans are getting shorter by the year. In such a marketplace, where traditional advertising methods are buried in the sand of ignored content, businesses are struggling to attract the attention of potential customers.

Have you thought about outsourcing your lead generation? There are three main reasons to consider this option – saving time, increasing quality and saving money.

Outsourced lead generation can save you both time and money

Saving time

Time is the most precious resource we have at our disposal. Outsourced lead generation can save you a tremendous amount of time. Has cold calling and being rejected 95 out of 100 times started taking a toll on your psyche? And what about spending an entire afternoon every now and then looking for email addresses, contact info and figuring out what to write and when? Let’s not forget the need to create specialized spreadsheets that hold contacts, scour social networks, write personal notes, etc.

All of this amounts to countless hours that could have been spent on something more important, like developing a better product/service, or taking some time off and going away for the weekend. You can see where this is going, can’t you?

Now, imagine what would happen if you put your lead generation in the hands of professionals with many years of experience. Obviously, you’ll regain all those minutes and hours lost in trying to figure out how to get a contact’s email address, how to create quality email content and much more.

But, you’ll also free your mind from the constant worry that you might not be doing everything you can to generate interest in your business. In other words, you will not work overtime and get stressed. By recharging your mental batteries, you can do wonders in all the areas that truly matter to you.

Of course, you don’t have to employ a person in-house to achieve this, especially if you are in the B2B sector. This is where outsourced lead generation comes into play. For example, we, at LeadFuze, have developed software that lets you automatically find email addresses from contacts inside a particular branch and social network you’re using. You can use LeadFuze as a web service and a Chrome extension, and get relevant contact info related to the contacts you are seeing on your screen.

An automated email finder can go a long way, but you still need some time to generate all the communication yourself. Therefore, the most important thing that LeadFuze offer is the special package called Done-for-you. It is exactly what you need if you are really short on time.

outsourced lead generation

How does it work? It’s very easy. The only thing you are required to do is provide us with an explanation of your business, what type of business leads you are after and any extra information you want to share. That’s it! We take over after you are done with these quick steps.

First, we use our specialized software to search for the contact info of all potential clients that match your criteria. Then, we create a tailor made email series that is focused on conversion. Once you approve the content, we contact the potential clients by email. If they don’t respond after a certain time, we follow up every few days to get them involved. The moment they respond, we forward the hot leads to you and then you take over.

As you can see, this would otherwise take hours and hours of your own personal time. In addition, you would probably fail to attract the same interest and quality with a campaign on your own – after-all we’re specialists. That is why you should leave the matter to us.

Increasing quality

Have you noticed that the quality of your leads is sub-par? You probably know the reason why – it’s because you can’t spend the required amount of time building these leads. It’s not that you don’t know how to do it; It’s just that you lack the time necessary to produce the lead generation results that will make you happy.

We, at LeadFuze, know that you may be struggling to keep on creating great products and services, keep up with the deadlines and figure out how and what to advertise. As a result, we are here to help you with our software that makes finding quality leads easier than ever before.

If you outsource your lead building to a team of professionals, you will receive the expected result – quality hot leads. Moreover, this will contribute to the quality of all the activities mentioned above. Imagine that you realize there is no need to advertise anymore, since the forwarded hot leads reach enough clients at the moment. That way, you will have more time to meet deadlines, improve your products or services, and get in touch with contacts.

Saving money (in the long run)

There is nobody in the world that can achieve everything on their own. Huge accomplishments are usually the result of collective action between multiple participants working together and sharing a common goal. This means that spreading the effort between more agents will result in a bigger return on investment (ROI) in the long run.

Yes, you will be investing a certain amount of money to actually outsource your lead generation. But, it is something that will benefit you in the long run. Instead of chasing after the leads yourself and letting everything else suffer in the process, they will be waiting for you daily, while you continue improving your business in many other aspects.

outsourced lead generation

As you can see, outsourcing your lead generation is a smart idea. It will save you time, money and nerves, while increasing the quality of leads and other business activities you undertake daily. And, you won’t have to employ dedicated staff members for this. Therefore, we wholeheartedly suggest that you consider outsourced lead generation for your business.

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