In the psychology of cold calling, I know from doing research that most salespeople would rather be outside shoveling snow than on the phone with a stranger.

When was the last time you came into work on Monday morning and got excited about starting to make calls? These types of salespeople are rare.

When I think about psychology of cold calling, my thoughts are that it feels like a waste of time. It’s not actually the phone calls themselves or even the potential business won or lost on them, but more to do with how you feel and what your self-talk is when you’re doing these types of things.

Negative emotions we link to sales tend from either a lack of authenticity or an attempt at protecting the ego.

In the world of sales, you don’t have to take a call and risk death. You can’t live or die by your last phone call.

psychology of cold calling

Salespeople have the ability to reframe things in a way that motivates them. For example, if we see an investment as risky and too costly, we can motivate ourselves by thinking about how much more money it will earn us than other investments. If instead of seeing cold calling as something scary or difficult, we think about what growth might happen from our calls even when they don’t work out – then maybe cold calling won’t seem so bad.

When we take the time to focus on the process and not just results, it’s easy for us to let go of our dependency.

A pushy, needy or desperate salesperson is the worst. They call you out of nowhere on a Monday morning and want something from you right away.

A lot of people don’t realize that you can tell a person’s psychology through the sound of their voice. Article: I was not happy with my first salespeople, but they were good at what they did.

The more you sell with passion, the easier it is to convince someone else. If you’re only 90% sure that a prospect would be worth your time and money, then don’t waste their time.

If you don’t believe in what your selling, then think about something else. If you do and can use that to help motivate people when talking to them, it will be worth it.

When you detach from the outcome of your interactions, it has a positive effect on how people see and think about you.

psychology of cold calling

When you are about to make a cold call, it can be difficult because of the outcome you need. You feel like if this one doesn’t work out then your whole day is ruined.

It’s frustrating when a prospect hangs up early because you’re attached to the outcome. You might be thinking “I should have done better, I need to know I’m good at sales.”

You need to control what you can and stop worrying about the things that are out of your hands. Start by changing how you talk to yourself. Also, learn the psychology of cold calling.

Instead of blaming yourself or the prospect when things don’t work out, ask what you can do to improve for next time.

Not having a goal doesn’t mean you don’t set goals. You can still have process-oriented and long-term, growth goals to reach for. But if your mindset is “I need this call to close,†then you are going be very frustrated in sales.

See the diagram below of the psychology of cold calling below:

I just got off a great call with SOAR!

psychology of cold calling

Terrible call: CRASH!  

psychology of cold calling

It would be exhausting to get on a call and tie your self-worth to it. It’s critical that you realize cold calling is a skill set, not who you are as an individual.

psychology of cold calling

Remembering this will allow you to stick with the process long enough. It will keep you from getting down on yourself and burning out because it’ll remind that there is always a chance for success even if something doesn’t go your way.

What if when you go on a call, your brain focused on bringing value to the prospect and practicing this skill set instead of worrying about whether it would be successful.

How might you feel going for that outcome? How does a mental shift like this affect how you sound and connect with the person on the other side of your call?

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