Account-based marketing is a growing phenomenon, and it involves combining sales and marketing to generate and convert high-quality leads.

Something I’ve noticed when learning about ABM is that many marketers and salespeople alike overlook Quora.

As an avid Quora user, who appreciates the multitude of benefits that this innovative platform can offer, from helping you to generate leads through to boosting your brand authority and beyond, I feel like this is a massive wasted opportunity.

The platform offers free accounts for anyone looking to ask or answer questions, as well as the option to pay to advertise.

It’s Quora adverts that are possibly the best way to generate quality leads that are likely to convert, but you need to use them correctly.

If you ‘ re unsure about using Quora ads to generate leads, then read on, and I’ll explain why you should be using the platform in your lead generation strategy and how you can go about it.

What Are Quora Ads?

Quora is a popular question and answer platform that offers users the chance to ask and answer questions on practically any topic. As long as it ‘ s not offensive or illegal, Quora has content on it.

Established in 2009 , Quora was relatively late to the advert party and only started offering adverts as a beta test in 2016 with limited options.

Since then, Quora ads have taken off, and the platform is now offering a wide range of options including promoting an answer, adding images and much more.

While you might be put off by the fact that the platform hasn ‘ t been offering adverts for as long as other solutions, it ‘ s actually a good thing.

Think about it: Quora isn ‘ t stuck in its ways and has proved itself to be committed to adapting to the wants and needs of its advertisers. The result is an ever-evolving advert platform with cutting-edge features.

Similar to Facebook, Quora offers advertisers a bidding system, where they can bid on target keywords and set a daily and overall campaign budget.

Quora also allows you to target specific audiences, and use its algorithm to determine the best targets for your advert.

How Do Quora Ads Benefit Your Business?

Quora ads offer a wide range of benefits for your business and its lead generation strategy.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Quora users are interested- after all, they ‘ re asking questions
  • The bidding system is cost-effective and allows to control and monitor your advert spend
  • The Quora pixel allows you to track advert engagement
  • Quora offers a range of advert options, including promoting an answer or adding images, so you can engage with your audience and give them the information they want
  • Quora has over < 300 million active users every month, so you ‘ ll have access to a vast audience
  • You can add the option to include your advert on the daily Quora email digest
  • The platform offers a variety of targeting options- more on this below

Quora adverts offer a range of options to allow you to target the specific audience that you want. These include:

  • The platform’ s audience targeting allows you to target specific audiences that you create from users on your site. You can upload a CSV with emails and info on it and target them if they ‘re on Quora. You can also allow the algorithm to find the perfect targets for your adverts
  • You can upload an email list to exclude so that you don’t accidentally target your competitors or existing clients and waste money
  • Location targeting allows you to pick specific post codes, cities, or even countries where you advert will be shown . You can also do the opposite, and exclude some countries so that your ad isn ‘ t shown there
  • Broad targeting, as the name suggests, will set your ads to target the widest possible audience of Quora users
  • Question targeting sets your ads only to appear next to a specific question of your choosing
  • Desktop and mobile targeting allows you to choose which device types you want your ads to display on as well as the specific mobile platforms you would like to target, with the option of either iOS or Android

Lead Generation Begins With Engagement

If you’ve decided to use Quora ads to generate leads and drive your business forward, then the first step is to create an engaging advert.

On Quora, most users will be using a free account and seeking answers to their questions, so try to create an advert that either answers a question or solves a problem.

Consider offering a free resource, such as an eBook, video series or article that provides more information, to draw Quora users in and encourage them to click on your advert.

Install the Quora pixel before you start your campaign – without it, you won’t be able to monitor the results and check out who has engaged with your advert .

Encourage Website Users To Provide Their Email Address

Once you ‘ ve got them to open your advert, you need to get your new leads to enter your sales funnel. You could track them across the internet and bombard them with more adverts, but the end goal will be the same- get their contact details and start engaging with them on a personal level.

To do this, you ‘ re going to need them to provide their email address. A great way to do this is to ask for their email address in order to send them the resource they ‘ ve clicked on the ad to receive.

If you only allow them access to it if they put their email address in, then you ‘ ll be more likely to get their email address and enter them into your sales funnel. You’ll also show them that you’re committed to giving them information and support for free.

Once you’ve got their email address, you can then send them targeted emails and elicit a response, at which point you can engage with them and encourage them to build a personal relationship with your business.

Even if passing Quora visitors don ‘ t engage with and click on your advert, it will still boost your brand recognition and help you to expand your business ‘ s reach.


Ultimately, Quora ads are a great way to find quality leads and quickly enter them into your sales funnel. It takes a lot of time, effort and persistence to achieve success on any advert platform, especially one that ‘ s so new to the market.

Every new technique you use requires a little trial and error, so prepare to experiment with your Quora adverts to find the formula that works for your business. You won ‘ t be disappointed!

Hannah Stevenson is the Content Marketing Manager at UK Linkology , the UK ‘ s highest-ranking link building agency. As an avid Quora user and experienced content marketer, she understands how the Q&A platform ‘ s advert offering can be used to generate quality leads, promote your brand and much more.

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