How Marketing VPs Utilize Sales Call Recording To Become A More Effective Sales Partner

Recording sales calls is a great way to get more insight on how the sale went and what can be done better next time. For example, knowing the words that sell or listening as much as talking!

Marketers are known for their persuasive skills.

If you’re familiar with DISC assessments and have ever reviewed team profiles, you know that marketers will likely exhibit a high “I” (influence) on their reports. Enthusiastic, warm, and persuasive people who thrive on engaging with others may be the perfect person for marketing jobs because they enjoy convincing others to see it our way. But sometimes listening will help us better understand what we should do next.

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I know this may sound crazy, but hear me out.

We’re doing a good job of collecting data, analyzing, and then executing strategies based on that evidence. Gold stars all around!

Importance of Sales Call Recording 

A strong sales team is already using sales call recording as part of their ongoing training practice. They use it to make sure the messaging is accurate, that processes are followed and people are improving.

Marketing needs to be more involved with the sales call recording process.

Here are three ways marketers can use recorded calls to help their sales teams.

1) Appropriately Assess Your Buyer Personas

You should validate your buyer personas every six months for companies that are early in their life cycle, and once a year or more often if there has been no significant change to the product.

The simplest way to validate your buyer personas is by going through the calls that your sales team has with them. First, read their documented buyer personas and then listen to three or five of these conversations.

After the phone call, I like to ask myself these questions: was this a successful conversation? Did they sound like their resume says they should?

If the answer is no, this isn’t something to be ashamed of. Buyer personas evolve and it’s your job as a marketer to now respond and ensure that you’re marketing strategy is aligned with what you want in terms of buyer persona-based marketing. The worst thing that can happen if someone doesn’t reevaluate their approach when they change their target customer base would be for them not doing anything at all which will only dilute an overall sales effort.

2) Enhance Your Company’s Communication

The better half of the buyer’s journey is without a salesperson. This means it’s critical that your website message matches up with what people think you do, or else they may miss out on potential new customers.

A simple audit could look like this:

In order to build a list of sales-qualified leads, look for those who have been on your website and viewed 3 or more pages before submitting their information.

You can even review someone who has since become a customer. The goal is to find people who have looked through your website extensively before meeting with you.

When listening to the first call these individuals had with someone at your company, you need to ask yourself if they needed clarification about what your company does or how it benefits them. If so, then there may be room for improvement in terms of website messaging.

3) Look for Sales Enablement Opportunities

A lot of sales reps stop by my desk to ask for flyers that explain _____.

Marketing has a huge impact on sales enablement. Marketing encompasses the processes, content and technology that empower teams to sell more efficiently at higher velocity rates.

Rather than respond reactively to requests from the sales team for enablement materials, start by listening to sales call recordings. You will then be able to see a crack in the customer’s marketing-to-sales experience that demands more than just another piece of product marketing.

Work Collaboratively (with care and caution)

When first introducing sales call recording, make sure to address the subject with your sales team. They may be uncomfortable if they know that all their conversations are being recorded and scrutinized.

Sales call recording is an effective training tool because the sales leader has built trust among his or her team. As marketing, you may not have yet been a part of that circle of trust. Don’t try to force your way in and just do it all on your own–instead partner with sales leadership and explain what you want to do and why they should go along with it too.   

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