Sales Development Consultants will be in high demand this year.

The role of the sales development consultant has changed because they are now seen as more than just a scheduling assistant.

Im not joking about this new paradigm and the evolving role of an SDR. Its a real thing, created by me.

A sales development consultant and sales development representatives are two different types of people. By looking at the difference between these two paradigms, we can see how this new type of person has become more popular.

I believe that in the future, many companies will hire a demand generation consultant to help them with marketing.

The old sales development consultant job description:

There is a clear delineation of roles:

  • SDRs have ownership of pipeline creation Account executives (AEs) have ownership of the closing process;
  • SDRs are the ones who create and manage pipelines.
  • AEs are the ones who handle closing sales.
  • Sales Engineers hand over a list of accounts to SDRs and tell them that they need meetings in these accounts.
  • The relationship between the AE and SDR is characterized by getting along well, working together.
  • To measure excellence, we count how many meetings were set with contacts in target accounts.

Under the new demand gen consulting account job description:

  • Sales managers work with account executives to close deals.
  • The account team is responsible for defining the strategy to penetrate target accounts.
  • SDRs are the experts on-demand that consult with a broader account team to generate and drive pipeline for members of the team.
  • Sales development reps are responsible for researching a companys ability to help their customer in some way.
  • Salespeople are in a trusted advisor position when they speak to prospects and customers. They need to uncover the critical business outcomes their company is looking for, then deliver on them.
  • If you want to be successful, its important that your account team exceeds expectations and is able to sell a lot of products.

Challenges to the new demand gen consulting paradigm

To be successful, the SDR team needs to have a mind-shift both among management and field staff.

I predict there will be pushback when SDRs step in and take more of a lead role with the account team. People are going to say, Youre just an order taker.

I dont need my SDR to come equipped with a point of view on the account. I just need them to set me meetings, and give me the opportunity to sell! 

Many of the sales development representatives who Ive hired have actually started out as reps themselves. They were products of a time when people would get paid for total dials, and entire teams would turn over every six months.

But its not just the old-school AEs that will stand in our way of adopting a new paradigm. The hardest part is finding talent for demand generation consultants.

Adopting the new paradigm to drive success

We only hire the most talented individuals at MuleSoft.

We have a very low candidate throughput rate at MuleSoft. Weve been able to increase this by hiring people who inspire each other and help the company grow.

They can talk about their company and why people should work with them.

They have a conversation and they connect the dots. They say, this is what we want to do and then they show how it can be done.

Successful sales development consultants have a vision and are not just focused on prospecting. They evangelize for their company, drive high quality opportunities, exceed customer expectations in every interaction.

As leading sales companies introduce more complex, strategic engagements, old models of prospecting will soon become obsolete. Demand Generation Consultant paradigms are rising to the top.


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