How to Write Sales Emails That Get Responses

While anybody may read blog posts about different sales email templates, not everyone is capable of writing one that converts. Consider this: the typical worker spends over a quarter of their workday in their inbox, making email a critical component of communication, particularly in sales. 

However, email may quickly become irritating, unproductive, and impersonal. To assist you in breaking down such obstacles, here are some tips for writing the greatest sales emails in your sector. Emailing leads will no longer be a bother. Make sure to always: 

  • Make Your Sales Emails Brief and Simple
  • Put a CTA
  • Never Be Afraid to Establish Timelines
  • Take Full advantage of New Technology
  • Customize Your Sales Email!

Sales Prospecting Email Templates

1 Congratulatory Sales Email Templates 

Today, more data on prospects is accessible than at any point in the history of marketing. That means there are several potential success stories available for you to discover. Check your prospect’s website for financing upgrades, Google for industry news, and LinkedIn to learn about the prospect’s professional experience. Add all of this info to your records.

Once you’ve identified the ideal moment to congratulate the prospect, refrain from pitching them. Simply provide an authentic complement.

Hello there, [Prospect].

We congratulate you on your recent fundraising round.

What you are doing will have a significant influence on the legal profession.

I’m interested in seeing how you’ll utilize your additional resources to expedite the process.


[Your given name]

2 Give Some Value

Determine a strategy to add value upfront, even if it is only your own knowledge. Simply avoid being critical in your initial email. Beginning with a compliment might help lessen the blow of the critique.

Hello there, [Prospect].

Your site’s design is flawless. Visuals improve your message significantly, and the substance compels action. I’ve sent it to other people who I believe might benefit from your services.

While I was browsing your site, I discovered an error in terms of search engine optimization. It’s a rather straightforward repair. Would you like me to draft it up and send it to your web team? If this is a pressing matter, I can also make a call.


[Your given name]

3 Offer Specific Help

Bear in mind that the purpose of the initial email is to elicit a response. Keeping this in mind, the prospect’s urgent fix may not be connected to the items or services your firm offers. That is not to say you cannot give assistance. This is how you can do it:

Hello there, [Prospect].

My family and I had a lovely supper last month at your new Sudbury location. I loved the scallops and the risotto. I will surely return.

I drove past your restaurant quite late last night and initially assumed it was closed. I noticed a few patrons in the bar, but the lighting in front of the restaurant was quite dark.

This is not my specialty; however, I do know an excellent sign man. Would you want a brief introduction?


[Your given name]

4 Build Rapport

Salespeople should, without a doubt, include Facebook in their investigation. However, this does not imply you should begin with “How was your grandchildren’ Sunday football practice?” This will oblige them to seek a restraining order rather than responding to your email. Rather than that, begin with safe topics such as shared personal interests.

Hello there, [Prospect].

I was surfing LinkedIn. It appears as though you and I are both in the [business], and we are both snowboarding enthusiasts. Have you ever wished for an industry meeting to be held at a ski resort? Yes, I have.

Have you traveled this year? I visited Loon last month. The snow was incredible.


[Your given name]

5 Connect with the Lower Level Employees

While there is a wealth of information on possibilities available online, nothing matches knowledge from a reputable source. This is important whether you sell to finance, information technology, or other back-office workers, as it is impossible to examine or watch how they perform their tasks from an external viewpoint. The idea is to initiate discussions with the goal of eliciting intelligence.

Every business has workers that interact with customers. Begin with the sales staff and inquire about what they are doing well in their jobs and where they may improve. They are likely to reply in unison.

Then, follow up with the results to determine how your product or service might assist. If the firm believes it can achieve certain goals more successfully by implementing the program you provide, the sales staff may be prepared to forward your information to the appropriate contacts.

Hello there, [Prospect].

According to an informal poll I conducted, your salesmen appear to be having difficulty obtaining new clients. Specifically, they are having difficulty initiating conversations with prospects the way they used to.

Is it a priority for you to enhance their ability to generate new opportunities?


[Your given name]

6 Respond to the Propect’s Published Content

Keep an eye out for what your prospects write online. They are disseminating huge amounts of information about their current activities, which provides excellent opportunities for discussion.

Hello [recipient’s name],

Your CEO just published an essay on worldwide expansion, which speaks favorably of the job you are doing. According to a short LinkedIn search, I can tell that you’re the guy who’s most likely responsible for making it happen. Congratulations on your accomplishments. I understand how difficult it is to replicate the success of the main office.

Managing directors are typically involved in budgeting and are under pressure from CFOs to keep initial costs low. I am an expert at assisting businesses in reducing these sorts of expenditures.

I spend my days conversing with folks like you. Would you be interested in receiving a checklist of cost-cutting measures?


[Your given name]



7 Show Your Company’s Content

Prepare material that tackles the particular difficulties of each position or persona that may impact your sale. You’re working intelligently, not laboriously. Instead of producing totally fresh sales content to send to this target, you may forward marketing materials that have already been created and are pertinent to the prospect’s requirements. 

Increase the effectiveness of this strategy by including a tracking factor in the blog link. Even if they do not react to your email, you may check to see whether they opened the link to read the content on the back end.

Prepare material that tackles the particular difficulties of each position or persona that may impact your sale.

Hello there, [Prospect’s name].

Your blog post on [subject] was fantastic. Your article on the subject was much more excellent. The paragraph on [certain section] was incredible for [reason].

However, I had to navigate quite a bit throughout your website in order to locate the ebook. Have you ever considered including a call to action on your blog post encouraging readers to download your relevant whitepaper?

Here is an article that explains how to do so: [link]

Kindly inform me of your concerns.

[Your given name]

8 Ask Prospects to Be Featured on Your Content

If you’re going to publish material, solicit comments on your drafts. Additionally, you might solicit quotations from prospects for inclusion in your piece.

People love being asked for advice or for their perspective on a subject. This may not seem like the ideal approach to begin your next big sale, but it is an effective method to elicit a response.

[Name of Prospect],

We value your LinkedIn connection with us. Given your amazing professional progression from salesman to sales director in less than five years, I’m thinking you have some really important advice.

I read a couple of your testimonies and saw that a good number of them said that you prioritize people. Many of them stated that you constantly stop what you’re doing to respond to your frontline salespeople’s problems and recommendations.

Would you be prepared to contribute to an essay on that subject that I’m writing?


[Your given name]

9 Seek a Prospect’s Advice

As previously said, the majority of individuals like giving advice. Requesting advice satisfies their self-importance.

Asking for advice is a difficult request for most of us to simply resist.

[Name of prospect],

According to your LinkedIn page, you’ve worked in aviation for 20 years. I’m assuming you were involved in several engineering advances throughout that time period.

I’ve only been in the aviation business for two years, and so, I lack much of the historical knowledge you probably have.

I’m currently working on a new product. Would you be prepared to provide comments if I shared some of my findings?


[Your given name]

10 Lay Down Some Insights

By giving your own insights, you give valuable information to the target customer. Adapt this strategy to every new initiative or project undertaken by your prospect. This might be the information they require to verify their efforts.

[Name of Prospect],

It appears as though you established a blog but never published anything. Oftentimes, businesses deprioritize blogging when results do not materialize immediately.

However, did you know that businesses who blog on a consistent basis get 67% more prospects than those that don’t?

[Your given name]

11 Solicit Your Prospect’s Opinion

Make inquiries with your prospects regarding what they think about your product. Simply be certain that you want to use their viewpoint in some manner – do not pose an empty inquiry. 

You might inform them that their comment may be included in future content published by your firm. Alternatively, you may be utilizing their qualitative input to corroborate numerical data from a survey you conducted.

[Name of Prospect],

It appears as though your marketing efforts are assisting a sizable sales staff.

We recently conducted a study of B2B buyers at HubSpotLeadfuze. We asked them to describe salespeople in one word. By far, the most frequent response was “assertive.”

Are you in agreement or disagreement with this statement? Do you believe your consumers believe your salesmen are excessively pushy? Do you believe this has a detrimental influence on the efficacy of your marketing?


[Your given name]

12  Ask for the Right Person to Contact

Aside from giving advice, people also have a natural desire to assist others. Make the most of it by sending an outreach email asking, “Could you assist me in contacting the appropriate person?”

You’re absolving the person you emailed of responsibility. Because they understand you’re looking to speak with someone else and simply require their assistance, they’ll gladly refer you to the appropriate person.

[Name of Prospect],

I’m attempting to contact the person responsible for marketing software configuration at your company.

I’ve assisted businesses like yours in increasing marketing qualified leads by up to 30%.

Could you assist me in contacting the appropriate person?

We appreciate your time.

[Your given name]

13 Connect with the New Hires

Because new hires are more on top of their emails than older workers, you’ll have a better probability of your email being opened and read by this category. Congratulate them on their new position and assure them that they made the right call.

While it’s easy to react to greetings with a simple “thank you,” by including more info in your email about your purpose and why you’re writing, they may be more inclined to accept your invitation to meet.


Congratulations on your new position at ABC Recruiting. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about the firm and am confident you’ll like working there.

I work with [Your company name] to assist organizations like yours in increasing employee retention by up to 35%. I’d love to speak with you about how your business may achieve similar outcomes — and how I can assist you in making an impact in your first few months.

If you’d like to schedule some time with me, here’s a link to my calendar: [Link to the calendar]


[Your given name]

14 Offer A Gift

Have you ever received a gift voucher to your favourite bar or a buddy paid for your lunch? It is a rare event, which makes it all the more significant when it does occur.

Conduct some research to determine the prospect’s preferred restaurant and purchase an electronic gift card. This could be out of range for every target depending on your sales team‘s budget, but for those you believe are a good fit for your service or product or someone you’ve been introduced to, try out this email template. Use an attention-grabbing subject line to ensure they don’t miss the free present within.

The tried and proven reciprocity principle never fails to lead us in the right direction. A good deed produces another good deed. Your prospect will likely express gratitude for the present and compliment you on your novel approach.

[Lunch is being served by [Your company’s name]. 

[ Here is a $30 gift certificate.]

Hello there, [Prospect].

Today, don’t forget to take a break for lunch. Today’s lunch is on me, compliments of [insert link to team and organization name].

[insert link to e-gift card]


[Your given name]

15 Give Out Genuine Compliments

You might offer your prospects free money. That may pique their interest. Or you could just offer praise which tends to cost nothing.

These frameworks offer kind words and helpful tips. People enjoy hearing appealing declarations about themselves, and obtaining a specific solution to a problem in addition to the flattering statements ensures a response.

Hello there, [Prospect].

We appreciate you sharing your knowledge with the business world.

I adore your wit and sense of humor. While I’m laughing out loud, I find myself smiling and nodding with your advice.

I was really inspired by your blog entry the other day about the three email templates. I forwarded the information to a few of my clients. Some of them have really been failing to connect with important prospects, and we’ve put in place your recommendation. A prospect they’ve been attempting to reach for a while now did respond within an hour.

Would you want to see how my customer utilised your advice?


[Your given name]

How to Build Prospects List and Send Sales Emails

You need to invest in lead creation software that is capable of creating tailored lists to whom you must send your emails to. Lucky you!  LeadFuze can help you in streamlining the procedure.

LeadFuze may aid you in a variety of ways in cutting down your search. It helps you to identify organizations or individuals who may be interested in your brand’s offerings.

This program enables you to acquire customized leads for whole market segments, particular accounts, or specific individuals. It is the technique most commonly used by marketers when building their ideal lead list.

LeadFuze can deliver the most recent leads to you.

sales email templates


It’s never been easier to automate prospecting efforts!

LeadFuze is a lead-generating system driven by artificial intelligence that interacts with Fuzebot.

Additionally, you may automate the generation of targeted email leads for agency customers that you add to a list by employing Leadfuze’s cold email feature.

Utilizing email templates enables you to prevent human error, save time, and engage your prospects. Certain customisation elements may be included in the templates while yet remaining reusable or reused.

To get started with email automation, undertake an analysis of your sales reps’ normal sales tasks. Determine which emails are sent the most frequently each day, how much time your team spends preparing and sending emails, and the level of personalization utilized in each email.

Your material should be customized to meet the prospect’s needs.

For instance, Mailshake enables you to send a huge number of personalized, cold emails concurrently. As a sales interaction solution, Mailshake emails prospects automatically utilizing their existing email platform.
sales email templates

It interacts with most of the third-party CRM platforms successfully and includes a VoIP phone dialer. You may schedule follow-ups, track the success of campaigns, and bolster customer relationships.

sales email templates

Manually transferring data across many platforms may be time-consuming. Automating this process is feasible by connecting Mailshake to other apps using Zapier.

LeadFuze has partnered with MailShake to provide a 25% discount to new MailShake customers. Therefore, if you’re contemplating combining LeadFuze with MailShake for list development and email marketing, this may be worth considering!

How to Personalize Your Sales Emails

The first and most critical stage is to develop a detailed description of your target market. This stage should not be taken lightly if you are advertising your business via cold emails. To customize, you must first determine the type of consumer you are seeking.

Consider the following questions: Is your product or service gender neutral? Which age group do they represent? What is their line of work? What unsatisfied requirements or desires do these clients have that your product or service can address? Bear in mind that ideal clients possess unique traits and circumstances that qualify them as possible purchasers of your organization.

Following this step will help you minimize time to waste and maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Apart from that, you’ll be able to craft an email that addresses their specific concerns and offers a solution.

Leadfuze helps you to generate personalized leads for large market groups as well as for specific accounts or individuals. It is most frequently used by salespeople when developing their ideal lead list.


With so many different templates to choose from, we know it can be tough to figure out which one is the best for you. But don’t worry! This list of 15 sales email templates should cover all your needs and then some. All you have to do is pick the template that’s right for you and copy-paste or use our handy fill-in function on each page.

Remember, just because these emails were designed with marketing campaigns in mind doesn’t mean they’re only good for business owners trying to increase their bottom line. The same principles apply whether you’re selling something online or not – if something works, use it! 


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