Social media is a great marketplace to engage with leads, attract them and draw them to your business.

Millions of businesses use social media daily to reach businesses that can help them solve their pains. 

However, despite using social media and other marketing channels, generating leads is a top challenge for companies.
Data on challenges facing companies
Source: Hubspot

It is essential to know how your leads consume and use social media. It will help you capture their attention and draw them to your business.

Do you know the best strategies to engage leads and generate them for your business with social media?

Well, if you don’t, we will help you. This blog will highlight the best ways to generate leads on social media

Importance of Social Media to Get Leads

Build More Trust With Leads

You will not just get potential customers to buy directly from you when you reach out. Instead, they take their time to learn more about your business, build trust and engage with the company. 

Social media is the best way to help build that trust. Since you know your target audience and understand their pains, you can share content related to their pain points. 

You become helpful and offer your thought leadership through different social sites and communities. With time you arouse their interest in your business and engage them.

Increase Awareness

Most of your target readers don’t know your business or you. To increase your business awareness, you should have great social media management and use these platforms to reach more target customers. Place your business in front of them in ways that engage them in the company.

The target audience gets to know more about you through your post content and even visits your website to see what you offer. Most of your target customers use social sites to engage businesses that help them solve their pains. 

They can convert and become your regular customers if they know about your brand and what you offer.

Increase Website Traffic

You will be sharing content on social media to engage potential clients. Some of these content types will be click-through links to your website. 

As the leads engage with the content, they will click through to your website to learn more about your business products or services.

To increase click-through and engagement, ensure your content aligns with your target reader’s needs. 

Provide the value and show target readers how to solve their pains. They will want to visit your website to see more valuable content and build trust with your business.

 Also, ensure you distribute your content to different target readers on many social sites to reach more target customers who can see and engage with the content.

9 Best Strategies For Lead Generation

1. Share Social Proof With Target Readers.

As potential readers engage with businesses on social media, they are looking for ones who understand their pains and help solve them. 

You can share your social proof to help prove that you can give the best and solve their pains. Let target readers see the value you offer through what your current or past clients say about your business products or services. This will also help you identify your product-qualified leads.

When target customers read or hear from other people who had similar problems and used your business to solve them, they will like to know more about you. 

They want to see if you can solve their pains as you did for the others. You can use different social proofs to prove your content and business value. You can share testimonials, case studies, and white papers. 

When your target readers see the value, you have been providing and how other customers with the same problems used the products to satisfy their needs, they will like to use the business to get the same results for their pains.

2. Try Influencer Marketing

Generating customers online is centered on trust. When you target customers who trust you, you can easily convert them into customers. You can use influencer marketing to gain their confidence in your business. 

If influencers in your market niche endorse your business, target leads become curious and want to know more about it and if they can use it to solve their pains.

Influencers have been in the market and gained the trust of millions of followers on social sites. If they recommend the business, it signals that you offer high-quality products and services to target customers.

Target readers trust and follow influential people in the market. They will engage more with your business if it is recommended by a person they trust and follow on social sites.

Also, with the help of a social media QR code, you can take your influencer marketing campaign offline. The QR code will help you understand how people are responding to your offline marketing efforts.

Research shows that influencer marketing ROI is higher than other channels.
ROI for influencer marketing compared with other channelsSource: Mediakix

3. Use Social Listening Tools.

You want to hear what your target customers say about your business to themselves and others. How do they value your business?

Listening to what they say on social media can help you get closer to them, engage them with the right content and convert them into leads.

Use social media listening tools to monitor and analyze your lead conversations about your business. It gives you a sense of the value you offer and how you can engage them for your business. 

Using the data you obtain can help you give the best user experience to potential customers as they engage with your brand on social media and draw them to your business. You can post the right content that they want to engage them more and draw them to your business.

4. Have Professional Business Profiles

Professional profiles help leads know that your business is real and can solve their pains. It gives them a business overview and strengthens their trust. 

They can also have your business location and contact details to visit and engage with real people if the prospective customers are near the area. 

In your business profile, provide all the details that target customers may need to know more about your business and engage with it. Here is an example of a Hubspot business profile on LinkedIn.
Hubspot LinkedIn profileSource: HubSpot

5. Use Captivating CTAs

You want your target readers to take action with your content and engagement on social media. Take action that can bring them closer to your business and engage. 

You need to use captivating and attractive CTAs that will compel them to take action and engage your business. The color of your CTA buttons also affects how prospective customers engage with the content. 

They can click through to your website and engage with your content, knowing more about your business and what you offer. Using ai writing tools helps in crafting good copy.

As you engage them on the social sites, give them value first, then direct them to take a specific action that will provide them with more benefits and help them solve their pain points.

6. Run Webinars And Podcasts

You already know about your target customers and their pains. Organize webinars around their hottest pain points. Give an in-depth guide and address their needs while presenting the best way to solve them.

You can also start a podcast to address your target customer queries. Record a podcast episode for each type of query or issue your target customers face; as they keep coming up with more concerns about your product, educate them via updated podcast episodes.  

Cover topics your target audience loves most or is searching for when looking for information about their pains. Also, post your content at the right time and day when the target audience can engage with them live. 

Research by LiveWebinar shows that Thursday is the best day to host a webinar and engage more people.
Data on the day people prefer to attend webinarSource: LiveWebinar

Use the right webinar platforms with all the right features to give quality webinars and integrate with social media channels for ease of sharing and engaging target customers.

7. Host Live Videos

Target readers engage more with video content, and to capture their attention, you can host live videos about content related to their pains. Research by Social Media Week shows that 55% of people watch videos daily
Percentage of people who watch videos daily

Source: Social Media Week

Create quality video content and engage them to live videos, and let them see what you offer and the value they will get. 

It’s a great way to reach more target readers and engage them in your business. They can also easily consume the videos and engage more with your content to build trust.

You can also use video ads to capture their attention and drive them to your business website. Use captivation words for your attractive ads and address pains to arouse their curiosity and engage more.

Apart from the video content, share other content types to engage your target customers. For example, ensure your content shows readers their pains and actionable steps to solve their pains when using your business products or services.

8. Join Relevant Groups

Your target businesses are in different social groups and forums, and they search for the right companies that will help solve their pains. They ask or answer questions within the groups to find the best brand to use. 

You can join groups where target leads hang out to gain their trust and show your expertise and thought leadership. Be helpful in those groups. Answer questions and show prospects how to solve their pains.

It’s the first step to building trust and capturing their attention to your business. Next, you will arouse curiosity and make them want to know more about you as they can see your expertise. 

9. Run Ads

Ads are best to engage the target audience of your business. As you plan your ads marketing strategy for social media.

 It is essential to know your customers well and the best channel to engage them through the ads campaigns. Also, consider it the best social site with the highest number of users.

 Also, know the kind of ads that engage target leads more. For example, many people engage with video content more, and it’s why Youtube ads’ revenue is high.
Net advertising revenue for Youtube from 2018 to 2022 in USASource: Statista


The growth of your business starts with generating and nurturing your leads and converting them into customers. Once your social media strategy is optimized, make sure to continue this process with your email marketing strategy.

Generating leads for B2B business takes time and hard work, involving different decision-makers. However, having the right strategy can help simplify the process through social media sites.

If you’re running a B2B brand, use the above strategies to reach more target leads through social media and draw them to your business as you nurture and convert them into customers.





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