Day in the Life of a Sales Rep Trainee at LeadFuze

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A recent LeadFuze sales trainee shares his day in the life of a sales rep.

Editor’s Note: Part of our hiring process is vetting for writing quality. This is because we want all team members to contribute content. In this post, Will Fowls shares his first day in the life of a sales rep here at LeadFuze and then goes on to share his thoughts on our sales training program as a whole.

Before My First Day

Day in the Life of a Sales Rep

It all started with a phone interview with Damian Thompson, our Chief Customer Officer. We had a 15 minute conversation where he asked several questions.

“What is your favorite SaaS app? What was the last book you read? What do you like to do in your spare time?”

And several other questions in rapid fire succession.

When we finished our conversation, I completed a personality assessment.

The next step was meeting in person. We met at Starbucks down the street from the office and talked more. This was the most laid back in-person interview I’ve had to date.

I didn’t have to wear a suit and tie. We were at a coffee shop, not an office.

I contemplated wearing a suit and tie though, which would have been hilarious considering Damian was wearing basketball shorts.

I was asked to visit the new office a couple of days after that. While touring the office, Damian and I talked more.

He asked about other opportunities I was looking at. I was looking at several different jobs, had an offer from several, but I wanted to work for LeadFuze more than those other companies.

Before leaving that day, I was asked to write a response to two different questions.

Damian told me word for word, “There are no minimum/maximum length requirements, but be sure to put your best foot forward (spelling, grammar, etc.). Imagine this is a proposal for the biggest deal you are ever going to close. Impress me!”

The biggest deal I’m ever going to close? Those words held serious weight to me. The first thing that went through my mind is, “It’s on!”

If it were the biggest deal, there were going to be several important factors to consider. Timing, effort, and the message itself are a few that came to mind.

I wrote the responses to each question within a day. The biggest deal is urgent!

It was also thorough and detailed. Damian will be the first to tell you I was too thorough and detailed. I could have simplified my responses from five paragraphs to two.

I reread my responses almost 100 times and got family and friends to help proofread.

Once I sent my responses, I was asked to visit the office again. It was here that Damian invited me to the first class of the LeadFuze Academy in person.

What a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that was!

There were dozens of people that applied. Here I am, one of a few who were asked to come in!

Before our first day, everyone being brought on board met at the new office. I was in a great company with great company.

These were exciting times to say the least!


First Day in the Life of a Sales Rep Trainee at LeadFuze

Day in the Life of a Sales Rep

Training day one, we met our founder and CEO, Justin McGill.

One of the very first things he did was go over our core company values. These are:

  1. Get shit done
  2. Thirst for learning
  3. Words are important
  4. Fun to be around

All of these values created an environment that was fun but still conducive to work in.

Justin’s approach to LeadFuze made living these values even easier:

  • We were sitting at a conference table that turns into a ping pong table.
  • We were wearing clothes that we normally wear; no dress code.
  • There was plenty of food, water, and caffeine to keep us going and keep morale up.
  • Don’t forget about the foosball table.

What about brainstorming with booze on Fridays from 3:00 to 5:00 pm?

This is when we get together, have a beer or two, and talk as a team about specific aspects of our customer development and customer success processes and how we can improve them.

While it was fun, it still wasn’t a time for messing around.

If all of these aren’t examples of a work-hard and play-hard environment, then what is?

After we talked about core values, Justin asked us questions to get to know us better personally as well.

Once we were acquainted, he talked about his vision for the company to automate lead generation for our customers. Everything we do must revolve around the question:

“Is this helping our customers generate new prospects, automatically?” Click To Tweet

What he said gave me a much better idea of our company goals. It also gave me an understanding of how we help customers turn leads into prospects into sales.

This wrapped up my first day in the life of a sales rep trainee here at LeadFuze.

The Rest of Our Two Month Training Program

Day in the Life of a Sales Rep

The excitement of the interview process and first day was huge.

Training helped me make a lot of positive changes, but I’ll keep it to two:

  • become more self-aware of my words and actions
  • continue to educate myself outside of work

Self-awareness when it comes to words and actions is important to succeed in life, not just at LeadFuze.

Knowing what you’re saying and understanding how it comes across goes along with our third company core value that “words are important”. Not only was I becoming more self aware of what I was saying and doing, but the fact that revenue depended on it was a great motivator to learn fast!

If I said the wrong things to the right people, I’d scare them away from giving us revenue we would have otherwise won. Also, I could say the right things to the right prospects, in the wrong tone of voice, and still scare them away from getting a service they clearly need.

I had never realized the power of words in previous roles.

What is said, how it’s said, and how it’s delivered are key to getting the responses you want. Click To Tweet

How my words impacted our business, customers, and potential customers led me to put much more effort into the process of learning self-awareness.

The indirect message sent by not taking certain actions is equally as important to the words spoken as well.

By not contacting customers as soon as they sign up, by not following up, by moving too slow, I’m indirectly sending the wrong message to users who’ve just signed up.

That’s the main reason I stayed on top of contacting people as early as possible.

Developing an improved sense of self-awareness of our words and actions is a lifelong challenge that we all face. Becoming self-aware of maintaining self-awareness is half of the battle.

It took me most of training to develop a fuller sense of self-awareness for my words and actions. Some learn faster than others, so this required patience of me and will require patience of you if you’re trying to become self-aware.

Continuing along to my second lesson from training, furthering my education outside of work is the second positive change I made.

When you hear the words “continuing education”, you may already be thinking along the lines of school. I’m so thankful that I can educate myself outside of school. I’m so happy the internet is the massive portal of information that it is.

I never liked school. The first day of school I ever went to, I came home and my first words to my Mom were, “Do I have to do this every day until I’m 18?”

The LeadFuze Academy and learning on my own outside of work was much different from school.

Even though I was learning every day, I was still having fun and looking forward to coming in. I can’t say the same for college, high school, or any educational experiences prior.

I learned more here in two months than I learned all four years of college. Realizing that earlier could’ve saved me my entire college fund. I don’t want to talk about it…

Anyways, during the first days of the Academy we were learning in a classroom environment while taking notes. We were also sitting in on calls that Damian was having with potential or paid customers.

At night when I got home I was studying, reading books, reading blog posts, listening to podcasts, and learning more about our market.

Later on during the academy, we moved from the classroom to the floor. Part of the reason why we weren’t here already is because we were still in the process of getting furniture for the new office.

One way Justin made continuing education easier was by giving us all brand new kindles to download books. Having a thirst for learning goes with the idea I’ve had my entire life that no matter how great we become at something, we can always improve.


While I was training to become a Customer Development Specialist for the LeadFuze team, I learned more than I can fairly describe in a blog post.

I don’t think that I would have been as receptive to everything I learned if I was not encouraged to be myself by my coworkers. This encouragement doesn’t exist as much as it should in a traditional workplace.

Finding an environment like ours that is structured, laid back, and productive is the best thing that could have happened to me at this point in my professional career. There’s something about our style of work environment that helps teams get more done quicker.

The level of experience in sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, and customer success around me has been a huge positive influence as well.

Justin’s expertise in marketing and sales, as well as his enthusiasm for knowledge has inspired me to learn more about lead generation, marketing, and sales to become the best resource possible for potential customers who’ve signed up for a free trial.

Damian’s expertise in marketing and sales, as well as the people skills that come with this expertise has challenged me to be mindful of how I approach my interactions with prospects, friends, and family every day. Customer-centric conversations are essential to success in sales. All interest is self-interest.

Brian McDaniel’s expertise in customer success along with advice on how to approach and assess certain situations has also made a major impact on my self-awareness for conversations and how I come across. I know Brian will be sharing his reflections on the training program soon as well.

This is all special training and attention that I didn’t get at other positions, and wouldn’t have gotten elsewhere.

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