Knowing how to find an email address by name is one of the most important things that every salesperson must know. 

In the early days of my first company, I was spending 6 hours per day looking up e mail addresses and sending cold emails. 

It worked. 

But then I started having another problem.

I must know how to find someone’s email as fast as I can.

I had to service clients and couldn’t spend 6 hours a day just for email address lookup and cold emailing. It was just my luck that I have the perfect tool to help me how to find an email address by name. 

To find someone’s email address, LeadFuze and I set out on a mission together.

Use LeadFuze

Imagine taking everyone on LinkedIn, but getting their email address also?

Almost every business professional has a LinkedIn profile these days, but you can’t get contact info if you are not connected with them.

That’s why you have to maximize your email search.

What if there was a way you can get contact information for just about anyone on LinkedIn without being connected with them?

Well, that’s where LeadFuze comes into play. 

You Can Find Leads Segmented by:

  • Job Title: I want only people who are VP of Marketing
  • Location: I want only people in Phoenix
  • Industry: I want only people in the Automotive industry
  • Business Size: I want only people who work for a company with 50+ employees
  • Technologies used: I want people who use Hubspot
  • Ad Budget: I want companies spending more than $1,000 per month on Adwords
  • Hiring: I want organizations that are hiring for marketing people
  • Skills: I want people with specific skills in python development
  • News: I only want organizations that have recently launched a new product

LeadFuze is an email hunter and gatherer that helps you build lists of accurate leads automatically while integrating with sales outreach tools to allow you to contact those freshly verified leads.

find email address

LeadFuze in action. Sign up to get 25 leads for FREE.

You can get super targeting when combining filters.

Imagine wanting to target:

The CEO of companies that use Hubspot, hiring for marketing help, spends more than $1k/mo on Adwords, across the U.S., with 50+ employees, who just recently launched a new product.

One way on how to email addresses is using account-based search to find someone at a specific company. 

You can look up a specific person’s name…

OR, you can upload an entire list of companies or domain names and then target specific roles at those organizations and in one click, get all the right contacts, and find the email for all of them. 

find email address by name

Imagine that.. Find anyone’s email…

…VPs of Marketing.

…HR Directors.

…Biotechnology founders.

The sales possibilities are endless!

Pretty cool, right? You should try it. Just sign up and immediately get 25 Leads for free!

REMEMBER: The selection of the list you are going to use is by far the most important decision you are going to make in this entire equation. It doesn’t matter how well you do everything else.

Use Email Lookup Tools

Email lookup tools are used to find the email addresses of known persons or business partners. It is possible to use a public search engine to search for an address, but these would normally yield several results and may appear as outdated information.

So, here are the best email lookup tools you could use when you’re not sure how to find an email address by name.

1 Datanyze

Datanyze is an initiative,  simple-to-use, Google Chrome Extension that allows B2B sales and marketing professionals to pull B2B contact information, including email addresses, direct dial phone numbers and company details directly from LinkedIn.

Using a proprietary, automated machine learning process that scans every conceivable online source alongside human research and development teams and trusted third-party sources, Datanyze offers the most accurate, robust B2B database on the market.

Datanyze also offers Directory pages, where users can also tap into featured icebreakers related to what’s happening in a prospect’s world— curated from personal social media feeds, local news publications, and more! Datanyze helps you start meaningful conversations that lead to sales.

By helping B2B professionals prospect and export contact details directly from their web browser, Datanyze helps bolster your sales pipeline and increase productivity.

2 works by searching for a person’s name on several popular social networking sites. If it isn’t found on those, Hunter will try to find the user’s profile on other websites that use an email address as a username, including Twitter and LinkedIn.

Enter the first name, last name or username of the person you’re trying to contact.

In general, is simple to use

What makes unique are its bulk features. These considerably expedite the outreach process.

Knowing how to find an email address through the bulk process is useful if you have a large number of names and corporations but no email addresses, which should be an extremely rare occurrence.

Unlike many of its competitors, Hunter includes additional data with the email to assist you in making a more informed decision while conducting your outreach.

Those of you attempting to push the boundaries of your outreach processes may find this additional data highly beneficial.


Because it assists you in determining which emails are most likely to respond to a marketing request.

By understanding the position of the person you’re contacting, you gain some sense of their ability to accomplish the thing you need them to do.

The majority of other scraping solutions do not include this data element, which makes your outreach less targeted and conversion-oriented.

3 RocketReach

RocketReach enables you to search their database of 250 million professionals for email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts.

After completing the sign-up process, enter the name of your target or their LinkedIn profile. 

The advanced search option enables you to target prospects based on their region, industry, job title, and business. 

The tool displays their email address search result along with their relative levels of confidence (of how accurate the email probably is). After that, you can save these contacts for future use.

Rocket Reach offers an unlimited free trial period during which just three queries per month are permitted. Its premium subscriptions start at $49 per month (for 170 email lookups) and go up to $299 per month (1150 email lookups).

4 Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert was created for agencies and business owners who require the identification of hundreds or even thousands of email addresses. Additionally, it’s a useful tool for solopreneurs and small firms who require the verification of a dozen or more emails per month.

Voila While you type, Norbert will try to guess the correct URL.

Finding the appropriate email address normally takes a few seconds; hovering your cursor over the name displays a confidence rating.

If you click on the email address, you can obtain extra information on your prospect. Additionally, there are two hotkey buttons: one for sending an email message and another for adding the email address to a list.

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn has revolutionized the networking process and satisfies all of a person’s and business’s needs! LinkedIn is a top choice for B2B marketers looking to find emails due to its high conversion rates and low cost per lead when compared to Instagram, Facebook, and other popular platforms.

Thus, knowing how to find an email address by name from LinkedIn and targeting them is the most efficient way to maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign; thus, LinkedIn is the best option for obtaining emails and sending campaigns.

Whether you use it for email marketing or recruiting candidates, LinkedIn extractor tools enable you to quickly create a list of emails from LinkedIn.

To obtain the emails from LinkedIn, send the individual a connection request. It has been observed that individuals accept connection requests even if they are unfamiliar with you! If the person is already connected to you, it’s already a win-win situation.

Simply access his/her LinkedIn profile and click on “Contact Info,” as seen below.

When you click on it, it will display all of the information that an individual has entered.

Frequently, you will find these emails full of information, since people frequently post such facts. Bear in mind that the primary goal of LinkedIn is to connect professionals from various industries. This is the most often used approach for locating LinkedIn emails.

Ask for the Email Address on Twitter

Using social media is another great way on how to find an email address by name.

Twitter in particular, because people will often share their email addresses in their tweets. However, in order to avoid spam bots, they won’t always list their entire email address.How to Find an Email Address - twitter

In most cases, they’ll replace the @ symbol with “at”, and the dots with the actual word “dot”. You can take advantage of this by using Twitter’s advanced search.

Go to the advanced search section on Twitter and search for “email” and “at” in tweets from your target account.

You can also reach out to the person on Twitter and ask them for their email address. Most people will be happy to give it to you, assuming you have something legitimate to offer.

Now, let’s talk about how to find an email address through other means. 

Find an Email Address by Subscribing to Prospects’ Contact Form

If you can’t seem to find the email address of the person you’d like to reach, but you have access to a general email address on their domain name (e.g.,, shoot an email to that address and ask to be connected with the person you need to contact.

Those types of email addresses are often managed by support teams and VA’s, most of which will be happy to connect you with the right person.

Dig In with Advanced Google Search

Enter your prospect’s name and “email address” on google search and you may strike gold.

However, if the individual you’re looking for has a popular name, this may prove challenging. Even if they have an unusual name, you may not make much progress.

You can assist in narrowing the search by using a few Google search operators. These are quite simple to use. Simply enter the operator into Google and begin your search.

You may use this:

  • name + “email” 
  • name + “contact information”
  • name+ “home address”
  • name + “company where they work”

Make a Guess and Look for a pattern

Most businesses follow a pattern on how to find an email address.

This means that, if you know the name of the person you’d like to reach, it’s fairly easy to guess their email address.

Most email addresses consist of a combination of the prospects’ first name, last name, or initials. (e.g. or

You can also use a tool such as an Email Permutator to list all possible combinations for a particular email address.

Simply enter the first name and last name of the prospect and the website’s domain name, and the tool will generate every possible list of email addresses out there.

This will usually result in 30+ different people email combinations, which you can then test out until you find the right one.

For example, here’s what you’d see if you input my name and domain name:

find email address


Learning how to find an email address by name is not that hard, is it? Go ahead and try to see which one will work for you!

Did this help you learn how to find an email address? Tell us in the comments!

Have other tips you want me to add? Connect with me on LinkedIn and let me know.

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