If you’re like most salespeople, the thought of writing a cold email pitch makes you cringe. You’ve probably been on the receiving end of some pretty awful ones yourself. If you want to know how to write a cold email pitch that will actually get noticed, here are some tips and best practices that will help you.

How to Write a Cold Email Pitch

Cold email is the key to building a business, securing sales, and reaching your goals.

It can be difficult to get someone to respond to a cold email.

I will show you how to write a cold email pitch that will get high response rates. 

Sales teams should focus on creating good first impression when reaching out to new contacts. If they fail to do so, those opportunities will slip through their fingers.

We reached out to some experts for their tips and best practices for writing the most effective sales emails.

Ahmed GabAllah.

The business development executive at Athena capital.

If you’re looking to get noticed when sending cold emails, experts say there are a few key things you can do. First, make sure you never buy a list of contacts – it’s important to build your own list of people who you know would be interested in what you’re selling.

Secondly, scrub your list regularly to ensure the accuracy of the contact information you have. And third, use personalization in your emails to stand out from the rest.

Finally, follow up with your contacts regularly and go omnichannel by also connecting with them on social media and LinkedIn.

The CEO of RingCentral.

Sales manager at leadfeeder.com.

“Don’t forget the importance of your Subject line.”.

If you want your email to stand out, you need to craft a catchy subject.

If your e-mail subject is [poor], your prospect will delete your message without even opening it. Even if your hook is personalized, your call-to-action is low-risk and your offer solves the pain points your prospect has, if your subject line is [lousy], your recipient will delete the email without reading it.

If you’re not getting your cold emails opened, it doesn’t matter how great the rest of your email is. Your subject line is key to getting noticed and making a good impression.

CEO of Proposify.

“Be specific.”.

One surefire way to be ignored in people’s inboxes is to send a generic, impersonal message. Instead, make your messages personal by addressing them by name and mentioning something specific about them.

“Subject lines that create intrigue are often the most successful in getting people to open an email. However, it is important not to give away too much in the subject line so that the recipient is still curious enough to read on.

“The first sentence of your email should be personalized to the specific person you’re emailing. Something like “Hi [first name],” or “Hello [last name]” works well.

The second line of the email should be a very brief statement about what you do. Then, in the third line, mention how you can help them specifically based on what you know about them. This is where you get to show off your research and demonstrate that you understand their needs.

Finally, close with a CTA, preferably something that’s low-commitment like scheduling a call or grabbing coffee.

”Hi there! I hope this email finds you well. I saw you speak at an event recently and was impressed by your insights. I work with businesses to help them improve their online presence and thought you might find my services helpful. Based on what I heard from you, it sounds like your company could benefit from some targeted content marketing strategy. Would you be interested in scheduling a call so we can chat further? I’d be happy to answer any questions and see if there’s a fit. Thanks for your time!

The purpose of an email is to find out whether a prospect is a good fit for you.

“If the prospect is interested in your solution, they will ask for a call.

Instead of asking directly for a referral, try making a very casual, light request: “Any chance of you helping me out with an introduction?”.

“The key to getting noticed in your cold email is to be specific about who you want an introduction to. Asking for a vague introduction or worse, asking who in the company you should talk to, will not have the same effect.

If they’re not the right contact, they will let you know. If they are, you can email them an introduction.

“To end the call, simply ask: ‘What are your thoughts on that?’ If they want to discuss further, they will.”.


If you want to know how to write a cold email pitch that will actually get noticed, these tips will help you. Remember to be short and precise and always follow up with your prospects. Good luck with your business!

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